Wednesday, December 19, 2012

[Wednesday's Weekly Check-In] Week 35

Sorry for the extended absence readers.  It's been a busy week moving out of our home, moving into the in laws, and holding our daughter extra tight.

Since I'm at a loss with coming up with the right words, nor feel the need to publicly grieve, but also don't feel right carrying on with zero acknowledgement... Please know that my heart has been so heavy that I truly cannot find the way to express my feelings in ways I haven't already read on all my favorite blogs.   My thoughts and prayers are with Newtown, CT.

Additionally, I have no pictures this week.  I have the weekly photo, but not uploaded, and its just been so hectic otherwise, getting this post together was tough.

18+, GI appt on Friday and we'll find out how much she's gained since her 6 month appointment 2 months ago.


Pretty awesome.  I totally forgot to mention last week in her sleep and milestone section that I actually let her stay on her tummy after she rolled during her sleep.  She usually wakes and cries when she rolls, but she had settled herself and actually slept longer than normal.  She's probably done this about 2 more since, she's mainly a side sleeper now.  Either way, it was a bigger step for me not to be panicked. But she's 8 months old, is great at rolling over, and a lot of people let their kids tummy sleep much earlier.  It was easier to be relaxed over it as compared to if she would have been doing it 4 months ago when she couldn't easily roll belly to back, now it's no problem.

We officially moved into the In Laws on Monday.  We'll be here until we settle on our new home at the end of January.  Surprisingly, A has been sleeping great!  Penny (boston terrier) has had the hardest adjustment crying at the door to get of room at 3am... therefore waking A when she probably would have kept sleeping.  I fed her and we went back to sleep and we both slept until 7:20 when the Husband woke me because we had to head back to our house to meet the movers.  Amazing!  I don't remember the last time I got up after the sun!

We also dropped the crib since we had it apart and A isn't far from pulling up on her own.


Nothing new this week, but upped consumption easily eating up to 6oz a day.  Not every day, but up to.   Lots of carrots, green beans, zucchini, pears, banana.  Planning on starting chicken and broccoli soon.

She's been awesome.  Barely crying even when tired, just hanging out sleepily until bed no fusses.  Change of scenery has done her well.

Last Friday, she did her first rock on her hands and knees!  No crawling just yet, she does a wiggle version of the army crawl.  Instead of pulling her arms, she rocks side to side to move forward.  She also pushed herself backwards last night, but it wasn't really on purpose.

She's also standing sturdier at her activity table (we put the legs on).  And while I still play spotter for when she's ready to fall, she'll stand and play for long periods at a time, like easily 5-10 minutes before trying to move further along and falling over.

And the last almost maybe was a wave.  Nana walked in the room and waved and she raised her arm.  Again not sure if intentional or coincidence, so I'll just watching until she really does!

(35 Week Photo to Come)


  1. Glad the move went well and she's still sleeping good for ya! What recipe do you plan on using for Chicken and Broccoli? We've introduced some finger foods and O's not loving most things we've offered him...

    1. I plan to puree. I'm so clueless over BLW and she still doesn't seem too crazy over them. I have been giving her some banana or ripe pear in chunks in the mesh baggie teether thing, but she spends more time using the handle as a teether. She downing her purees, had 4oz for dinner tonight, new record! I am starting to make them a little chunkier, maybe when she starts getting some teeth she'll "chew" a little more

  2. moving with a babe has gotta be tough! and right before xmas! you are one brave mama. :) can't wait to see that weekly photo.


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