Wednesday, December 12, 2012

[Wednesday's Weekly Check-In] Week 34

18+ ish

Baby was soyed.  I took a risk eating out and unfortunately saw the consequences the next morning.  Poor A.  Looks like I won't be adding anything back to my diet anytime soon or eating out again for a while, it's nearly impossible to avoid milk or soy.

In a strange turn, I felt terrible too.  Not sure if it bothers me now or if it was just coincidental that I had a stomachache.

About the same, 2 wakes a night, goes back down after each, waking for the day around 6:30.  All is fine with me.  Every time I feel we get a consistent routine and say "I'll wean a feeding" that night is thrown all off course.  I've been hesitant to sleep train since in a week we will all be sharing one room while we stay at my In Laws for a month until we move into our new house.  I know her sleep routine will be disrupted, so it almost seems pointless and way more work then worthwhile.


Friday we headed over to our friends house to meet their 3 week old daughter.  It crazy how easy it is to forget how tiny they once were!  We had a great time catching up and their almost 2 year old had us cracking up, she loved giving kisses to Ashlynn too.

Saturday we got word our seller accepted our inspection request so we went out to celebrate.  We headed to our local brew pub and of course took A.  She loved sitting in the highchair and keeping conversation with us with all her babble.

Sunday we went to my In Laws for Hanukkah dinner.  A loved her gift, and maybe even the wrapping paper more, natch.

Outside of some running around, visiting our neighbor's new baby girl, we've just been packing up boxes and living like pigs.  I seriously cannot stand living in a house that's been turned upside down!

Early this week she decided she had had it with solids.  Every time I put her in the chair and started to feed her she'd scream and cry after about 3 bites.  I would take her out since she seemed to be crying in pain, even though she wasn't.  I tried in the bumbo, just the same.  So I gave up.  I would try, if she wasn't into it, we skipped.  Her nutrition is still coming from her milk so I wasn't too worried.  Sunday night we tried zucchini for the first time and man, she loves it more than green beans!  I've never see her keep her face so clean, ha.  Since then, she's easily eating a minimum of 2 ounces at breakfast and dinner, almost pushing 3.  She used to barely take 4 for the day.  I'm planning on starting some 'Baby Led Weaning' style lunches.  Going to give her some banana tomorrow and see how she does.

Baby Gear Love:
Loving her Activity Table, though we are keeping the legs off for now.  She loves standing, but she's still a little short for the table height to play without holding on.  She also loves the Green Toys Stacker Cups I got her for Hanukkah.

As usual, mainly fusses when tired.  Also that whole 4 days of protesting food.  And lastly, she's a major mommy's girl.  She enjoys daddy time, but likes to know that I'm still around after a while, and if someone else outside of the two of us tries to hold her, forget it!

Ashlynn has been clicking "ta" with her tongue over and over.  At first I thought she was trying to "cluck" with her tongue and then realized her "ta" is her version of a kiss noise. I pucker and go "mwah " and she "ta's" back at me.   She will also now grab my face and pull me in for kisses.



Also, 1st time dining in a highchair instead of hanging in her carrier and 1st Hanukkah.


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  2. Such a cutie pie! Scarlett has started boycotting baby food in the past two weeks, off and on really. We found out that because we've been letting her taste soft chunks of food and putting it on her tray to pick up, that she doesn't want to eat from a spoon now! She's still a little young obviously for chewing chunks but she won't eat otherwise so I've resorted to give her little bits of bread and soft carrots along with purees and what do you know, that little pincer grasp sure does improve when it's something they want!

    1. I'm so nervous over the BLW thing! I'm sure its mainly FTM stuff and I'll relax after a few times, but I don't know how big to make the chunks, so afraid of choking!

  3. Simply adorable! Love her little outfit {as always!} and melting over the kissing comment. That is so sweet! And so fun she's sitting in a highchair now! She's growing up so fast! *Tear!*

    1. It was so fun to take her to the restaurant and have her kicking and hanging out. Since i used my shopping cover as a chair cover, I linked some toys to the loops and she was entertained the whole time.

  4. She is so adorable! I agree with you about sleep training when the sleeping situation is going to be changing so soon. I don't know if you have mentioned using a sound machine before but my little one sleeps with one every night. I think it helps when we visit family and all sleep in the same room to cover some of the sounds. I never noticed how much my husband moves in his sleep until I worry about waking up our son:)!

    1. We do a sound machine and you bet it's coming with us! A must!

  5. Love her kissing noises. So sweet! For the activity table, try putting only 2 legs on and leaning it. Works really well for that age so they can still reach.

  6. I can't believe she is giving you kisses. So sweet. We have that little activity table too. O is now pulling up on everything which is crazy! Love her little converse!! We've done some "baby led weaning" too, I think he was a little confused at first, but we tried banana first too.

    1. She still will only pull up on me since I have some give and she leans backwards, but I don't doubt she'll figure it out soon enough! I've been giving her banana in the mesh teether bag things, works pretty good until she gets more interested in chewing the handle!

  7. she is SO cute :) love the hugs and kisses,...can't wait for that!

  8. Such a cutie as always! And loving your pics as always. When you take her "weekly" pics - is there a TON of light in the room? Looks like it. You must get great light! Where did you get that outfit (last one?).

    I was spoiled with Max's sleeping, but I feel you on sleeping now... my Sadie (spoiling her) is not a good sleeper yet. I'm tired!

    And I feel you on the eating. Hang in there! Max was a good eater...until several months ago. Quite a struggle at his age.



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