Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Holiday Dress Up Favorites Continued

Christmas Eve - Dress, Booties, Bracelet
Christmas Morning - Top, Jeans, Flats, Watch
New Year's Eve - Dress, Heels, Earrings 


  1. Ooooooo.....new blog look! I love it! Great pic of you on the right.

    1. Thanks Lady! Had some help from a friend, still want to tweak a few more things :) And thanks about the pic, figured having the 3 yr old wedding pic is like a fat old dude on match.com having his al bundy HS qtrbk pic up, ya know?

    2. HAH on your Match.Com comment. I love the new blog look too! And your photo.

      I'm thinking about a new blog look too ... but really haven't made it a top priority (time!) to do yet. I love the looks - esp num 2. I need to go on a shopping spree. Post-partum clothes aren't currently working. Ick.




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