Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I'm a list maker.  Groceries, dinners, chores, house to-dos, wishlists, I could seriously go on, but you get the point.

Anyway, I made a list earlier in the year when I was pregnant for a post I never wrote.  I wanted to write down all the things I was looking forward to with having a daughter.  Obviously, it still applies now.

(because every post deserves a picture)

(in no particular order)

- beach days
- ice cream cones and mini golf
- trips to disney world
- bathtime
- when the dogs are her bffs
- stroller runs on trail
- phillies games
- lil kickers (toddler soccer)
- swim lessons... and cute little bathing suits
- pigtails
- sleeping through the night -  ha, I laughed reading this one
- mickey mouse pancakes
- homemade fruit popsicles
- fixing boo-boos with kisses
- gummy smiles
- finger grabs
- baking cookies
- first steps
- memory, guess who, chutes & ladders, checkers
- finger paint (and the smell of finger paint)
- 1st birthday smash cake
- naptime cuddling
- planting a garden with mimi
- first innocent curse word and trying not to laugh
- bed jumping
- going to the nutcracker in the city during the holidays
- sledding and snowmen
- bedtime stories

... I feel like I could easily add on to this list, but saying looking forward to this life kind of says it all.


  1. Going to the Nutcracker is on my list too!

  2. That picture of A is adorable!!!

  3. Ok this is the cutest list! Love this! And your new blog design looks AMAZING!!! xo


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