Wednesday, November 28, 2012

[Wednesday's Weekly Check-In] Week 32

Weight: 18+

Healthy!  Still suffering from some chapped cheeks and patchy skin.  And has picked up a strange habit of holding her breath and then trying to force it out her nose.  Can't really describe it. Weirdo.


Aside from being a tad thrown off after Thanksgiving day travel, she's on a pretty good schedule.  Bed at 7, dream feed at 10:30, wake around 2-3am (going to wean this feeding soon), and up between 6-7am.  She naps about twice a day.  Sometimes 3, but usually an hour in the morning, maybe 30 min around lunch and then 90 minutes in the afternoon.


Thanksgiving was the big social scene for us this week.  We went to Bopo (my dad) and Yaya's in the Poconos.  Yaya's kids and their families came up from South Carolina, so Ashlynn got to meet her 4 cousins.  Dinner was yummy and A did great being off schedule and napping in my arms when needed.  She wasn't too happy about leaving at bedtime, but we figured that would have been better than keeping her past it.

We also went out on Black Friday, but not for shopping (see milestones).

Added string beans (LOVES them) and just stuck with apples, pears, carrots, peas, and butternut squash for the week.  Picked up a mango to try next.

Been really happy this week. Cried for 30minutes straight after leaving Bopo's on Thanksgiving (it was at bedtime).  Only meltdown I can remember.

Officially under contract!  Holding our breath as we still have to get through the inspection and hope the deal doesn't fall apart like the last.  I also have about half our house boxed up.... ::tear::

The "mamas" just keep on coming.  She even has said it like she's meant it a few times.  Once when I went to get her after a nap, she looked right at me and said Mama and smiled and did that a few other times too.  I'm not sure I believe it, but it melts my heart.

Typically, Black Friday is my day to decorate for the holidays - not shop!  Since we are moving and not decorating this year, we went to the park on Friday since the weather was beautiful.  A was a little unsure of the swings at first, but then loved it.

Rolling machine.  I can't put her on her tummy without her immediately rolling back and forth, over and over.  She does look like she's trying hard to scoot when something is out of her reach, so I've been trying to teach her to get her knees under her.  Not sure why I'm so eager for her to get mobile, especially when we are moving to Nana and PopPops unbabyproofed house!  She's also able to stand against objects if I set her there.  She's learning to use her arms a bit for balance, but it doesn't last long.  I don't think pulling up will be too far off either!

First Thanksgiving, First Christmas PJs (after Thanksgiving, natch), and First Snow!



  1. OMG. Where did you get that last outfit (last photo)? Gap? They have the cutest stuff. The photos of her in the swings are priceless.

    So cute she likes her toys. I thought Max hated soft toys until around 15 months when he got attached to his monkey and lamb. He's taking his monkey this weekend to The Health Museum for their "Teddy Bear Check Up" event - so cute. I hope I capture good photos (sometimes hard if I am by myself!).


    1. I got it at Baby Gap (jacket, jeggings, and booties... onesie is ON). I got it back near the end of summer, might be able to find on a sale rack in store?

      It's def the first soft toy she's been interested in, not clingy yet, but I bring it with her everywhere so maybe the comfort will start to stick!

  2. ADORABLE as always!!! Owen LOVES Mangos.. I bet she will too! :)

    1. Eh, A hasn't really taken to them. She gobbled them up when mixed with carrots one night, but didn't really care for them solo yet.

  3. how is she so adorable!? I'm loving her jacket. of course it is baby gap. all good things come from baby gap. :)

    1. no truer words. For the price (meaning after one of the daily promotions) you can't beat the cuteness from BabyGap!

  4. Love her little outfit in the last picture, the coat, the shoes, the leggings, precious!


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