Wednesday, November 14, 2012

[Wednesday's Weekly Check-In] Week 30

18 or so pounds

Fantastic.  I thought she was starting a cough, but it ended as soon as it started.  The eczema patches are coming back, definitely affected by the dry heat in the house.  As are her rosy chapped cheeks.

I think it was exactly a week ago, she went down for bed, and woke after 30 min, I went back up gave the pacifier and blankie and walked out still crying.  So picked her up.  Got her back to sleep and about 15 min same thing.  And again.  Finally, we just let her cry.  She wasn't hungry, cold, hot, wet, just tired.  I know I'm not doing her favors by running to her as soon as she peeps, so yes, finally we went with a little CIO.  Since she gets even more worked up when I check in, we just went cold turkey.  It was hell.  Thirty minutes.

She didn't wake until 4am, so I fed her and she went back down.  The next night she went right to sleep and again slept until about 4am.  Now she's going down, some times she rustles or cries out once or twice and goes right back to sleep.  Then she wakes around 1 or so, so she eats.  She occasionally wakes again around 4 and we let her cry again.  Usually only about 10 minutes before she goes back down and sleeps until 6.  I know consistency is key, so I try so hard to not run in.  I did last night because it was just breaking my heart and going on longer than normal and wasn't as intermittent as she usually gets when I know she's falling back asleep.

So yeah, I'm a big meanie.  I usually sit up watching the monitor the entire time making sure she's not getting too crazy worked up. But, sleep is better.  I actually go to bed around 10-1030 instead of 9:30 and (knock on wood) I haven't woken up at 5am recently either.

6-12.  Just ordered some more leggings from Baby Gap and few more onesies from Old Navy with the 35% promo (works on adult stuff too - GETSTARTED)

Lots of time spent house hunting.  Wanted to join Gymboree for the month, but being we spend almost every other day checking out homes, doesn't seem worth it for this month.  Next month for sure!

Added butternut squash, oatmeal, and bananas to our menu.  Love the squash and sweet potatoes.  Still hates avocado.  And prefers her peas with some applesauce mixed - who wouldn't??

Child hates her car seat.  Loves playing house hunter, hates driving to and from.  I think it might be time to put the convertible in, but it's nice to have her in the carrier for when she does fall asleep.  Maybe if we finish house hunting soon, I'll wait until we are done.

Refer to "Sleep" for the rest of the tears.

A few new foods, finally starting chewing on her toes when doing 'Happy Baby', and took a transitional "big girl" bath.  Still in the baby tub (in the big tub) but sitting instead reclined on the sling.


  1. OMG her chunky monkey arms are TOO CUTE! Max never went through a super chunky phase, I'm hoping Sadie does.

    I'm so sorry about your sleep issues ... I'm in the newborn (3 weeks old!) phase with Sadie, so I'm feeling the no sleep. I'm babying Sadie a lot more than Max (for multiple reasons), so I hope this all doesn't come back to bite me. I need to be stricter w/ the sleep I think.

    I read this blog today and thought about things you've mentioned about sleep issues, may be worth a look:


    PS: Love her last outfit!!!

    1. Thank you for the link, great article!! And don't worry about being strict with Sadie, it's too early for that! Give her all the snuggles in the world:)

  2. Her arms are to die for! I'm currently just 16 weeks pregnant with our first little one, and it's so fun to see what's in store. Thoroughly enjoying your blog :) Best of luck with your house hunting.

  3. man she is cute! those ARMS!!! reminds me of B's thighs... so B's cheeks have been a bit chapped too from the heater being on. I also bought some onesies and such at Gap/Old Navy. :) Annnnd I want to join gymboree and a music class but am thinking about waiting till shes about one since they fall right during morning nap time. :( lastly, B is STILL tubbing in the sink. She is way to big for it but it's so convenient. And she is still in her baby car seat because it's easy to just pop it in the stroller when I need to. sigh. i'm trying to keep her little in hopes that she stops growing! i can't wait to see what you have planned for A's bday!

    1. Our gymboree offers her level classes at different time each day, so I was hoping to go once a week at a time that works for her. Hopefully next month, I think it'd be so good for her (and me) since we don't really do too much playdate stuff. The baby seats are so easy, but it's getting so heavy!! And I know she'd love to be sitting up right, she hates being reclined. Has to see everything!

  4. Hi, Baby A!!

    please stop it with your arm rolls. I can't handle it, it's making my ovaries hurt, and I have a FIVE MONTH OLD BABY of my own. Thanks! ;)

  5. The arms and mostly wrists are my favorite. That pic of her putting her fingers in her mouth is the best yet. Oh....and one can never go wrong with a little Coco inspiration.

    1. I have to wash her wrists like she's a bulldog.

  6. Are you making all of your own food or buying any? I made all of mine up to this point, but baby is 8 months old and I'm kind of over it! I've been thinking of supplementing with plum, Ella's kitchen, etc.

    1. I am right now, so far it's just been individual fruits and veggies. Sometimes I add oatmeal if it's too runny or I'll mix peas and carrots or applesauce. I actually was just looking up more 'complex' recipes so unless it becomes too much, I'll probably keep up with it.


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