Wednesday, November 7, 2012

[Wednesday's Weekly Check-In] Week 29

Things are CRAZY right now, readers.  I'll do a separate post to catch up, but bear with me right now!

Probably 18lbs

Great.  Got her flu shot on Monday and didn't even have any side effects.

For the most part pretty amazing.  She goes down for naps about three times a day (9ish, 12ish, and 3:30ish) and because of turning the clocks back she somehow got all rescheduled and now bedtime is 7pm and she's getting up for the day closer to 7am.  She still wakes around 12-1 to eat and a few other times for the pacifier.  Not every night is perfect (last night I pulled her into bed with us around 3 because I didn't want to play the pacifier game), but its going so much better.  I have to thank solids, right?

Occasionally some of her 3-6, specifically tops. And 6-12 otherwise. Loving living in jammies with the chilly weather.

Grandparent Weekend.  Saw Bopo on Friday Night, even staying up past her bedtime.  Mom-Mom and Great Mom-Mom on Saturday, and Nana and PopPop on Sunday.  And of course she was a ham when we went to vote on Tuesday.  All the little old ladies loved her.

Added peas, avocado, and applesauce to our menu this week.  We did avocado on Saturday and she could not eat it fast enough, literally shoveling it her mouth.  It was funny to see since you might remember avocado was my big pregnancy craving.  However, the next day I cut up another to mash, and she was gagging.  Literally, tongue out dry heaving.  I guess she only likes very ripe avocados!

Next up butternut squash.

Overtired meltdowns thanks to the clock change.

Nothing crazy.... Election Day, more new foods.  Getting a little better when other people hold her, as long as I'm near by to reassure her.


  1. I've been wondering about you guys? Are you getting snow??! So funny about the avocado, Owen literally did the same thing. Loved it the first time then gagged every other time. Weird huh? Can you believe Owen slept through the night last night?! First time in months!! Glad sleep is going better for yall too!

    1. No snow here thank goodness, not ready for it! Soo funny Owen did the same thing!! Woohoo Owen for sleeping through the night!

  2. She is so fashionable! I love her big smile.

  3. Hi I am a new follower to your blog! Your little princess is SO adorable! I can't wait for my little man to get that big! He's only 2 months right now! I will for sure be following you as she grows and your adventures in mommy hood!

  4. LOL at her long jeans covering her feet! Solids? They could be the magic cure for sleep? GENIUS!

    1. Just like her mom, supermodel jeans never fit! And so many people said solids would help, but I wanted to wait for a few reasons, now I'm a little upset I didn't start them sooner. I'm only doing one feeding a day around 11am, but thinkng of adding another around 5pm see if it gets her through the night. Maybe not, but worth a shot!

  5. Why are things crazy? Hope all is well.

    I'm sleep deprived and behind on blogs with a 2 and 1/2 week old!

    She just gets more and more cute every week. I love all of her expressions! Thanks for sharing.


  6. Oh my word Erinn she is just too cute!! And her outfits, I love all of them!! So glad her sleep is getting better, yay!! Well crazy isn't good, I'm hoping its because you found a house!! Everything you have pinning on Pinterest made me think you have some serious decorating to do, haha!! Take care, xo!!


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