Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lost and Still Not Found

To make a long and somewhat complicated story short....

(UPDATE:  Ummm, this is not short, it's long.  Read at your own risk.)

We bought a house!

Well, we went under contract with a house with a contingency to sell ours.  The negotiation process was smooth and things were great.  Then we found out little by little, 'oh, the washer and dryer aren't included. Or the Fridge.  Or the wood burning stove'.  Which wouldn't have been a big deal, and really wasn't, except we might have stayed at our counter offer knowing we were going to be $3-5K in the hole to put things in that weren't written explicitly in their exclusions.  Then the inspection happened, and while nothing came up that made us want to pull out of the deal, there was some major fixes to be had.  We gave the sellers the laundry list hoping to negotiate and have them take care of some things to we could have some money to buy the aforementioned fridge, washer, dryer, etc.

In the meantime, we sold our house.  In two weeks.  BOOM.

And it was a great offer, mainly because the buyers need to be in by the end of the year. Our planned settlement on the new house was middle of January, so a few weeks at the in laws, we'd make it work.

And then last Sunday happened.

The sellers had another offer and while we had "dibs" from our contingency, they refused to make any improvements on the inspection report (including not fixing the failed Radon test).  So we walked.  Financially it wasn't the right decision.  Also, something just wasn't right.  Thing after thing, we knew our door was shutting and we weren't supposed to go down that road.  After a lot thought, the Husband  even decided the town we were about to make our home probably wasn't the best since it was adding significant time to his commute, so back to the drawing board.

We saw 5 houses before we made an offer.  In the last 7 days we've seen another 8.   The inventory is LOW due to the time of year and our clock is ticking.  So as I box up our lives to live in storage, we continue to search high and low for the diamond in the rough.

I can't say I'm not beaten down.  We are afraid of "settling" for a home due to time pressure instead of buying a house because it's where we want to raise our family.  I'm sad to leave the townhouse we renovated to our taste and is just my security blanket, and well "home".  It's been a hard week with little time for anything other than baby and

So, there you go.  House Hunters: the Defeated. 


  1. Oh no! What a mess ... I wish the best in working it all out. We are probably looking to sell in about a year. I don't really want to go, but it is what it is (and a complicated situation).

    We already bought property and plan to build after that.

    Much luck! Hang in there.


  2. I hope that you are able to find the right house. It sounds like you made a good decision, but it is scary.

  3. I never know how this will be received, but every time I've been counting down the seconds (sometimes literally) before finding the answer to my prayers, truthfully God has come through and provided. Sometimes it felt like I had found what I thought was the ideal solution only to have circumstances just like what you're going through show me that what I thought was best really wasn't, and after reexamining and redfining my needs, something infinitely better I wouldn't have even considered before would appear. Prayers for a clear head and a light heart in the coming days. Be proud of yourselves that you're even in the position to be house hunting. (Don't you just hate perspective advice?? Ugh.. but it's true!)

    Love and good luck!

  4. Oh goodness. I remember this process and these anxious feelings so well, as we just went through this a few months back. It's not fun AT ALL. But, you seem to have the right perspective - you'll find the perfect house for your family, and it really will be perfect. I'll be thinking of you and your family during this time. Can't wait to hear the good news, and it will come sooner than expected!

  5. Learning more about the story, I really do think this is for the best. The house you were planning to buy just wasn't panning out and I would think of it more as of a gift that they were unwilling to fix the problems, so that you could walk away. I know it's scary not knowing where you'll go next, but something will work out and you'll be so happy it did. Keeping you guys in my prayers that you find something you LOVE soon! xo

  6. Want me to be an obnoxious Pollyanna? It's AWESOME that you sold your townhome so quickly in this economy! I know it must feel awful to be 'homeless' pretty soon but I have faith it will all work out for the very best. Good decision on letting the other house go, you have to go with your gut on those things. Will be thinking of you guys! Congrats on selling!

  7. I totally feel you, E! We have been trying to sell our tiny, but totally updated starter home for over 4 years!!! This market is horrible for sellers so congrats for selling yours so quick!! :) We finally found a great renter and we are moving next weekend...wait for it...into a 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment....all four of us....hubby, me and the two kiddos. Yikes!

    But it will cut down on our commute, be right by my parents and brother's family and in the area we want to move in. It isn't my happy ending but a step closer as we are out of our house and on our way to finding a new our own pace. Good luck to you and just remember, it could always be worse! But I totally feel you, I have been so down the last two weeks it ain't even funny. I totally have your back on this one. Prayers you find your dream home soon!!! :)

  8. You did the right thing backing away from the other house. Life give you little signs and it was telling you....there is something better out there! Don't settle if you can, but I think whatever choice you make will be the right one. There were many times when we thought we made a mistake with this house. Many improvements and things we missed that were wrong. But now, I can't picture being anywhere else. The girls are growing up here and we have made it a home. It has been a money pit at times, but it's ours. Good luck and keep us posted!

  9. Congrats on the quick sell, so sorry the house didn't work out. House hunting can be such a stressful time, and I am sure it's even harder with a baby! Fingers crossed you find the right one soon!!


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