Monday, November 19, 2012

Like Love

I've been meaning to write these down to journal for myself and A.  Here are some of Ashlynn's 'likes'... some are newer, some are still going strong!

- Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes (specifically, eyes, ears, lips, and nose!) - always gets a smile
- Raspberries on her neck
- Is now ticklish
- When I pretend to chomp on her toes
- Her curiosity cube
- Crinkle books
- Tags.  On her bib, her playmat, her softbooks, etc.
- Sophie
- Ellie
- Putting her Aden + Anais blankie over her face when napping.
- Peek-a-boo
- Blowing at her hair like a wind machine
- Sitting (hates being reclined or on her tummy)
- Penny!!  Goes after her with two hands and cracks up when she gets licked.
- Orange food -Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, Butternut Squash.
- Applesauce
- FaceTime with Mimi and Bopo
- Trying to chew on her board books during storytime
- ABCs
- Airplane
- Grabbing lips and cheeks, not hers, mine.
- Shiny objects, specifically trying to grab my engagement ring.
- Looking in the mirror (such a girl)
- Getting her nails clipped. Okay, might not like it, but lays patient and still for me. This girl will def enjoy getting pampered when she's older!
- Standing.
- Mommy (obviously ;) )
- Mornings and Daddy Time

 Can't wait to see how this list changes!!


  1. So sweet!! Great list...I know Ethan shares a lot of the same likes! ;)

  2. this is precious. Ashlynn is super adorable! she's a beautiful baby. :D


  3. Great list. Emma does a lot of the same things. I try to journal a lot of it for her.

  4. How sweet! That's great you wrote that down. I wasn't as good w/ Max's Baby Book ... I hope to fix that (eep how is he almost 2?)... I have a Baby Book and Calendar for Sadie... much easier w/ the calendar!

    What a cutie.


  5. I love this idea for a post! Agree--it will be so fun to watch this list change.


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