Thursday, November 29, 2012

[Home Tour] Under Contract

Now that our home selling process is coming to a close with 3 weeks remaining until we say goodbye, I thought I'd take you on a tour.  Admittedly, these photos are from October hence the leaves on the trees and nothing packed up and stacked in a maze of boxes.  It's a shame Ashlynn doesn't walk as I'm sure she'd be having a blast.


(great room entry - dining area)

(great room)


(close up of details)

(EIK portion)

(powder room)

(master suite)

(guest bath)

(guest room)

(little room)


Was your first home a "starter home", a fixer upper, or your family home?  

I have a feeling I'll be quiet sentimental during the settlement process.  After the bathroom reno, kitchen upgrades, master makeover, and of course the nursery design, we've truly made this home our home. It's where we brought home Penny, started our life as a married couple, and brought home our first child.  Memories are endless...

Silver lining (one of many) I get to design another nursery!  Inspiration post to come hopefully sometime soon!


  1. What a very cute home! My first home, I still own, but am renting it out. I miss it dearly. I lived with just me and my two Chihuahua's. It was a three bedroom, garden home (like a townhouse, two stories, but detached) and it was perfect for us. I love the wall colors I chose and someday I want to hold on to it forever, but I know I'll likely never live in it again :( Well, never say never! :)

  2. Such a great home! Ours was definitely a fixer upper...I can't wait for the day we can move into a larger place, but I know I'll be sentimental too! Cannot wait to see the new place!!

  3. I'm sure it is bitter sweet, after all that work you have done and all the memories made, but like you said, so many great things to look forward too! Can't wait to see another great nursery!


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