Wednesday, October 31, 2012

[Wednesday's Weekly Check-In] Week 28

17.5 lbs or so

Doing great!  The eczema patches are disappearing and she just seems healthy otherwise.

With the hurricane I feel a little off on my dates.  I think some where around mid-week last week, she stopped falling asleep nursing at bed.  I'd place her in the crib (drowsy) like I do at naps, with her pacifier and blankie and she put herself to sleep.  Then one night she kept waking, screaming, and it took an hour of so before getting her to sleep.  Then there was a night somewhere in there where we were up from 12-2.

Last night she fought me going to sleep, she was overtired since I'm trying to push back her bedtime in hopes she doesn't wake so early in the morning, but she slept great.  Only waking at 1 to feed and back to sleep until 5:45.

Our big problem isn't initially falling asleep, it's falling back to sleep.   If she wakes from a nap after 30minutes she's done, she won't go back.  At night, it's the same.  Sometimes she'll eat and fall asleep right away, other times she'll toss and turn for 30minutes before waking herself and fussing and the battle will go on for over an hour before she really falls back.  The books really only seem to cover falling asleep in the first place, not the middle of the night wakings.

6-12, still wearing some 3-6 that I never packed away.

Well, we didn't make it to the Halloween Party and with the hurricane we've been home bound since Friday.

Sweet Potatoes (and milk)!  She loved them!  She's not quite eating 2 ounces, but I'm sure she'll get there quickly as she gets used to solids.  Next up, peas!

The husband suggested we let her cry it out a little when she stirs at night or after her short naps.  After talking with a friend who's 3 month old is sleeping through the night, he thought we should be doing better too.  Well, being that I'm the one who's up when she cries, this sucked.  I might not be doing her many favors getting to her when she starts to fuss, but I know I'm stopping hour long meltdowns from starting.  Once she gets going it's so much harder for her to stop and that's even less sleep for me (not him).  He apologized and said I'm free to do what I want, since I'm the one doing it.

I do think we need to start something, but being that she's a tad inconsistent, I'm going to go a few more days to see if she settles into a better pattern.  If not, I'll go back to official "sleep training".  Right now, what is working for me is working.  It's not what the books suggest or is "ideal", but we both seem happy when not deviating from the cycle.

The hurricane came inland and passed over us.  Thankfully, the force was nothing like what hit the Jersey Shore.  We did have sustained winds of 40-50mph and gusts up to 80 (I believe).  Again, we were lucky to only lose power for less than a minute and didn't have any damage.  The wind was so strong on the back of the house, where A's room is, I decided I'd have her sleep in our room.  I set up the pack n play, but she wasn't having it.  She will 'bedshare' in the mornings from time to time, but this was the 1st night she snuggled in bed with us.  She slept great.  We felt safe sleeping upstairs as we don't have any high trees over our home.

First solids!


  1. solids! how exciting!!

    And girl, keep on going with your gut for miss A and her sleep. There will probably never be a time when she is 'textbook' for very long--most babies are only predictable with one thing: being unpredictable. Heck, my 2.5 year old sometimes randomly wakes in the middle of the night. So just keep going with it and I wouldn't consider anything drastic until YOU feel like things aren't working. Not when some other baby is sleeping better or a book tells you she should be sleeping better. You are doing great!

    1. Thanks for the reassuring comment! I actually freaked a bit on the husband saying "but their daughter hasn't had the 4 month sleep regression!!! LOL. I usually have no problem doing my thing, but after the pedi pushed st again and then H questioning me too, it's hard not to question yourself and if you are doing what's best them. I'm glad I don't have to let her CIO, but maybe she would benefit more for longer stretches of sleep. Who knows. At least we both seem happy right now, all that really matters at the moment


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