Wednesday, October 24, 2012

[Wednesday's Weekly Check-In] Week 27

6 Month Official Stats - 17lb 5oz, 24 3/4", and 16.5" head circumference

Doing great.  She was a tad cranky Monday night after her shots, but otherwise no side effects.

She's been getting a touch of eczema, so our doctor recommended nightly oatmeal baths.  The patches have been getting worse in the last two weeks.  I've tried coconut oil, CJ BUTTer, Earth's Best Extra Rich Cream, and all only provided temporary relief.  Sometimes when the "green" alternatives aren't cutting it and go for the more conventional remedies so I picked up the Aveeno Baby Eczema Relief Oatmeal Bath Wash and Lotion and it's already clearing up.

Getting better!  For naps, I'm now able to put her down in the crib with her pacifier and lovie, turn on the sound machine to classical music and leave.  She'll quietly put herself to sleep.  She still doesn't nap longer than 40-60minutes, but it's improvement.  Since she's been doing this on her own with little "sleep training", I'm hoping the naps will continue to lengthen and I'm not going to push it (yet).

Night sleep isn't great, but better overall.  Bedtime is 6:30-7pm and she stays asleep until about midnight.  Usually she'll wake again after, but a pop of the pacifier and she's good to go.  I usually give two night feedings, but am looking to cut her to one given after midnight and not another until after 6am.

However last night was pretty awesome.  She was asleep from 7-2:30, fed, back down at 3 until 5:30, fed again, up at 6:45.   Can't complain about that!


Saturday we did the pumpkin patch and Sunday we had a friend's 1st Birthday Party.  Although it started at 3:45, which I knew might cause a problem since A is usually crankiest from 4-6pm and normally takes a mini nap somewhere in there.  I call it her 'appetizer nap'.  We get to the play place and she did great for 15 minutes, then either she had enough of the noise, stimulation, overtired, teeth, who knows, had the melt down of all meltdowns.  She wasn't just crying, she was screaming.  I took her outside and she probably could have been heard for blocks and nothing was distracting her.  Since I didn't want to be that mom with the screaming kid, I just went to the car.  She finally settled down, but when I tried to get out to take her back she started again, so we basically skipped the party.  The husband thought it was because she doesn't get out enough - which she doesn't - but she's never had an issue at other friend's houses, birthday parties, or showers we've been too.  Hopefully it was an isolated incident because we have a Halloween party this weekend!

Starting solids this weekend!  Planning on making a batch of sweet potatoes to freeze either tonight or tomorrow, so excited!   We also started giving the sippy cup with just a little water in it for her to practice "drinking".  Since we don't really give bottles, I'm looking forward to just passing right over them.  She did great with the cup on the first try, getting it in her mouth and eventually even drinking a little.

Baby Gear Love:
Especially loving my Ergo as I find myself using it almost daily, either when taking out the dogs, getting the mail, just doing some chores, etc.

Also happy with our Dr. Brown's sippy cup, 6 month with a soft tip.

And for toys, A loves her Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Smart Screen Laptop and Sassy Fascination Station.

See social, wow.

Mommy Update:
Hair loss is starting to slow down a tad, still losing, but not quite as much.

I also noticed months ago, that I seem to bruise way easier than pre-pregnancy. Any other new mom's notice this??


No major development milestones.  Highlight of the week was the visit to the pumpkin patch!


  1. Nice sweater, my girl! It does my heart good to see A in some of Jules' stuff. I love it.

    Jules' eczema was INSANE. It would take up a whole side of her face at times. I tried all those things too and most of the time it worked. For those SUPER bad periods/patches the only thing that ever worked was Aquaphor. Greasy, but it was the bomb.

    1. A loves Jules hand me downs ;) The pedi recommended Cetaphil or Aquaphor. I like the Aveeno's active ingredient is colloidal oatmeal, which is the same of the CJs BUTTer, but for some reason the Aveeno started clearing it faster. She also said spot treat (haha she's laundry now) with hydrocortizone. Poor kid.

  2. Love all of her fun toys! And I just put two and two together that A and E are only 10 weeks apart...technically a month if A wasn't 5 weeks early and E wasn't 1 week late! ;)

    1. I know, so funny they were supposed to be so much closer together!

  3. So cute! I love that the dogs and her and getting along so well.

    1. Penny and Ashlynn have a mutual obsession with each other :)

  4. I have definitely noticed an increase in how easily I bruise as well! Weird!

    1. My right upper thigh is always covered in them from the infant carrier!

  5. She looks adorable in leg warmers, nothing better than chunky lil baby legs:) My baby girl is a few week younger but I think it must be the age with crying in public. I take Estella out somewhere almost everyday and she love to see people and look around but at the last two party's we've been to she has had complete meltdowns where we have had to leave! I think it was too loud in a small setting with too many people she didn't know coming up to her, I feel like they are definitely in a stage where they don't want to go to people they don't know! I'm hoping it won't happen this weekend because we are also having a Halloween party! Good luck with your party and I hope Ashlynn does well with all the people:)

    1. Awww poor baby! According to BabyCenter, I got an email around the 5th Month saying that it was normal for separation anxiety to start to kick in, couldn't have been timed better!

  6. I had not thought about the bruising but my legs have been covered in bruises lately, so you might be onto something!

  7. Such a little sweetie as always! How did the sweet potatoes go? Isn't it weird seeing them with a sippy cup?! And I totally bruise way easier these days, I have noticed that also.


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