Wednesday, October 17, 2012

[Wednesday's Weekly Check-In] Week 26

Holy Shizzz you guys, week 26... 26!  As in, half of 52... as in my child will be 6 months tomorrow!

Will find out next week, I guess 16-17ish.

(it's true, so much harder to take pictures when they want to get moving!)

Doing great, even the teething symptoms seemed to have chilled - outside of the crazy hand chewing and slobber.  The "pain" symptoms don't seem to be acting up.

Getting better!  This whole week she started staying asleep when put down at 7.  She used to wake within an hour to eat again, but now she's falling asleep and staying that one until about midnight when she wakes to eat again.  Midnight snack.

Then she wakes around 3-4 and sleeps to 6ish.  Yesterday, she slept later than I did!  I heard the Husband taking the dogs downstairs and realized it was 6:30 and she wasn't up.  I actually went in and checked on her.  She woke 15 minutes later when the sun came up.  I hope this habit continues for a while.

Naps, while still short, have been easier too.  I seem to always catch her when she's ready and with the classical music on the sound machine she falls right asleep.

6-12! I moved her up.  Its funny how you think things are fitting fine until you try the next size and see how cozy they look.

Still wearing 3-6 in tops (non-bodysuits) an her little shoes, which are still too big!

Saturday my mom came down to visit and brought her BFF since 8th grade who flew in from Cali to visit.  It was so great to see my 'Aunt' Wendy and have her meet A.  Sunday we went house hunting and A was a pro!

Milk, hopefully starting some solids next week!

Baby Gear Love:
Being a mommy who can't resist spoiling, now that Ashlynn wants to sit all the time I figured she could use some toys that aren't glorified teethers.

I picked up the Fisher Price Musical Activity Walker since it's something that she can play with now while sitting and hopefully in a few months when learning to walk.  And also the Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Smart Screen Laptop since they were Buy 1 Get 1 50% Off at Babies R Us.  So far both are hit, even if after about 5 minutes she goes in to eat them.

(no hands!)

She's been a pretty good girl, crying when overtired.  No other crazy meltdowns, whew!


About an hour after I posted last week's update I had A doing some tummy time and she started scooting a bit.  Granted not very far or very fast, but definitely trying to get herself moving forward.  She's also totally mastering spinning in circles or changing direction to grab a toy out of reach.


  1. OK her little outfit is too cute for words! Cannot believe she's almost 6 months...but then again, I can't believe Ethan will be 4 months soon! That is just crazy talk! So exciting to see her scooting around. Ethan kicks up a storm and I'm thinking of buying him that little crib piano for his feet.

    1. It's our 6 month photo pumpkin patch outfit :) We didn't make it last wkd, so hopefully the weather holds out this time! We LOVED the kick n play piano, not getting much action now, though I should prob bring it back out for her smack on her hands on while sitting

  2. Your daughter is adorable! PS-I think I wore the same outfit to work today! Girl has good style!! :)

    1. Thank you! And yes, it's def a 'mini me' outfit... <3

  3. I'm dying over her outfit! and so jealous that you even get to dress her up in warm and cozy things! it was 100 degrees here today... where did you get her bow? I love...

    1. Ugh, so glad our 100 days are over! The bow (and entire outfit) is baby gap :)

  4. Is it weird that I want the hairband in an adult size? Or the whole outfit?

    1. The hairband might not be possible, the outfit definitely is!

  5. Her bow..I die! So, stinking cute. Our lives are about to change with these babies on the go. O is grabbing everything, wanting to be only sitting up, and very very busy! I can't wait for A to have solids, it's so fun! Happy 6 months baby girl!

    1. We need to sell this house pronto! I do not want to babyproof twice!!!!

  6. She is so cute! My little one is 5 months old and his sleep pattern sounds almost identical to what your little one sleeps. I can't believe she's scooting and sitting up! They grow up so fast! Can we just hit pause for a while? Please!

  7. Love that she is sitting up sort of! Amazing! She is just too freaking cute and OLD---which means, my baby is getting old, too. Make it stop.


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