Wednesday, October 10, 2012

[Wednesday's Weekly Check-In] Week 25

16+ (probably pushing 17, real weigh-in 2 weeks).  I swear some days I wake up and she just feels heavier!

Good.  GI issues don't seem to be causing any problems.

Hit or Miss.  It seems we are in a pattern of every other night is great with the in between being a mess.   Naps are becoming a bit more consistent, but still only about 20-30 minute stretches and if she's taking one in the crib, it takes about that long for her to fall asleep.  She does better napping in the Rock N Play, but being that she's trying to sit it probably should be retired before an accident happens.  It's also downstairs and the dogs have uncanny timing of want to play or just be assholes in general when she's got a nap going on.

Overall, I know I need to start back up with the sleep training, but I guess I'll do it when I'm truly bothered by what's going on.  While this sounds pretty annoying, it's somewhat tolerable for now, so long I have a some coffee going in the morning.

Mainly 3-6.
Moving in to 6-9 for sleepers and pants.  Upper body is still doing fine in 3-6.

A got to meet Natty on Saturday, which was a blast and she came bearing presents (aka Jules' handmedowns).  Ashlynn is all set for her 12-18 months wardrobe!

Sunday we headed over to my girlfriend's house to watch the Eagles game, though I think only the husbands caught the game.  Us girls got to catch up and let all the babies play... and sleep...and cry.

Milk, but girlfriend is def ready for solids.  She's nearly drooling watching me eat.  I can no longer carry anything in my hands within her grasp, she actually grabbed some paper towel from my hand and it was in her mouth faster than my dogs eat something falling on the kitchen floor.  Like the dogs, I had to dig my finger in her mouth and pull it out before she tried to swallow it.  Lesson learned.

I'm also thinking I need to offer both sides at feedings.  She's always been a one and done girl, but she's been nursing almost every 2-3 hours during the day, when at this age she should be closer to 3-4 hours. I'm wondering if maybe she's not getting full enough meals.  Maybe this would help with her sleep?

Baby Gear Love:
Since Ashlynn hit a big milestone this week, she only wants to be upright.  Unless she is sleepy and about to nap, the Rock N Play is purely hated for it's reclined position.  We've been using the Boppy, Bumbo, Exercauser, and Keekaroo High Chair if not being held or sitting on my lap or supervised on the floor.

I also purchased a white noise machine that can play all night.  I was noticing that she was waking at the same time the sleep sheep was turning off.  Sadly, she's still waking, but the classical music definitely helps wind her down for naps and white noise is nice through the night, especially muffling out sounds from downstairs before we head to bed.

The worst cries and crying episodes seem to accompany teething pain.  She's also started to cry out in frustration when she can't reach a toy or dropped something she wants.  And of course, when over tired.

Little A is sitting!  She woke up Friday morning and all of a sudden could sit without too much assistance, just close guard for when she decides she is over it.  She does the lean forward and holds her weight on her arms and she can also sit up and balance for short bursts without flopping back or to the side like before.  She's loving the new perspective of the activity gym and she's learning how to go gracefully on to her belly (so some day she'll crawl).  Every day she sits sturdier and for longer periods. I was still cautious to take pictures so I threw the Boppy around her and she was a pro!


  1. She is soooo cute! Lucky to get those darling hand me downs!

    1. I'm really pysched, so many cute things and half of them have the tags still... she's always getting spoiled!

  2. Awww! I loved meeting her! She is sweetest and it was great seeing the way she looks at you guys and immediately smiles. So glad you like the clothes! Always great spending time with you and P.

    I am IN LOVE with that pic of her smiling. BEYOND.
    Ps...thanks for the Link within. I don't know if my blog can handle this sort of traffic.

    1. I love that pic too! I got a new favorite last week (the last one in her fb album), but this one is being added to my favorites! And of course I give link love! Your blog is an inspiration, and effing hilarious :)

  3. omg. I want to eat her arms! SO CUTE!

    1. The 'Pop-Eye Arms' I wonder when she'll outgrow them... I hope not for a while!

  4. She is so cute! We love our sleep sound machine. Allows me to vacuum or blend baby food etc.

    1. Yes! I was always so scared using the blender at night or making too much noise in the kitchen during naps!

  5. Such a cutie as always! O started sitting up this weekend too and girlfriend he loves his solids, so I'm sure A will too! Great idea putting the Bobby around them like that. We have officially outgrown the Rock n Play as well, it use to be the perfect place for him to hang out while I was getting ready too! Boo!

  6. Ok, clearly I was exhausted when I commented, Boppy, not Bobby! ha Wow, I think the lack of sleep is catching up with me!

  7. How amazingly fast children grow, because in the first few years of their life, they learn everything that an adult needs and receive more than a third of the knowledge that they will receive throughout their lives.


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