Thursday, October 4, 2012

[Pretty Face] Make Up Switch Up

At the beginning of the summer, I grabbed some Dr. Brandt BB Cream.  Between all the blogger buzz over BB Creams the last year and becoming a new mom with little time for getting ready, I was sold that it was primer, moisturizer, foundation, skin tone evener and brighter all in one.  And Dr Brandt's version was a one size fits all color that changed to match your skin tone - meaning no need for summer make up and winter make up.

The problem was it never really did match my skin tone.  It was always a few shades darker and a bit grey, instead of too orange or too pink (strange).  On top of that, because I have dry skin, I wasn't able to use it as a solo product.  I had to moisture and then prime if I wanted it to go on smoothly and not absorb in unevenly.  Basically, it was too much work and not the right product for me.

I headed to Sephora to return it (love that) and instead was sold into buying Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Creme Compact.  Like the BB Cream, it includes a SPF and is a tinted moisturizer.  What I love is that it's a compact.  In college and years after, I used a Clinique compact powder as my main source of make up.  However, it really wasn't the best for my dry skin.  This tinted moisturizer goes on smooth and quickly evens out my skin tone.  I love that it's a compact and comes with sponge to apply instead of being a tube of moisturizer since I usually never get the amount just right in liquid form or I'm prone (and paranoid) of streaks left behind.  It's also totally portable for touch ups.

On top of it, I already use Laura Mercier's Secret Camouflage and Foundation when wanting to do up my look a bit more (and/or have the time).

It's been quite some time I did a Beauty Favorites post, so I'll be back with a what's currently in my bag!

Have you tried a beauty fad and realized it wasn't working for you when it apparently works for everyone else on the planet?  BB Cremes?  DiorShow Mascara? Green nail polish? Clarisonic?


  1. I initially tried the Garnier BB cream, and when new ones started coming on the scene, I tried a couple of other ones figuring that there was NO WAY that the Garnier was the one I would like best. Well, it turned out that it was, which was kind of surprising to me. I just finished up my latest tube of it, and I actually rebought it, which I usually don't do because I have total product ADD.

    Once the weird in-between Pennsylvania weather goes away, I am going to switch back to my fall and winter regimen, which is the entire moisturizer/eye cream/serum/primer routine. I am going back to mineral makeup this year after using a liquid foundation last year, so I am hoping that I like that as much as I remember.

    Anyway, as for your question, I did buy a Pretika when the Clarisonic was big on The Nest, and I ended up not liking it enough to keep it. I sent it off to a Nestie because hers was broken.

  2. I've heard good things about the garnier! I used Halo mineral powder for years, but last winter the color wasn't right and I wasn't getting enough coverage for my pregnant (uneven) skin. So I switched to LM foundation. I've never been a foundation person, but I was sold on the coverage and the fact I could get on without looking cakey. I love how quickly I can get the new make up on.

    I LOVE my clarisonic... love! I know a lot people feel differently, but it's a must for me!


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