Wednesday, September 26, 2012

[Wednesday's Weekly Check-In] Week 23

Officially 16lbs and 24" (weighed and measured on Friday)

GI Appointment went well.  Even though I started to see some blood again in the diapers, the doctor believes it's caused from an external source and not the intestinal tract.  I'm to stay on my dairy and soy free diet and we'll do a challenge at 1 year.

We have made some MAJOR strides.

After another few rough nights, I re-read the 5month chapter in the Sleep Lady's Good Night, Sleep Tight on Saturday and vowed to try again on Sunday.  It's like she knew.  Saturday night wasn't bad and we had decent naps on Sunday.  Sunday night I vowed to only feed her once between going to bed at 7pm and her "allowed" wake up of 6am.  A few wakes I just had to pop in her paci and she was good.

Monday we started naps in the crib.  And while they aren't very long and we need to work on consolidating, she doesn't put up a fight and puts herself to sleep on her own - which is huge!  So after lots of a good naps, she fell right asleep at 6:45pm.  She stayed down until 2am when she woke to eat and was back asleep by 2:30 and didn't wake until 6:45am!  Even though she didn't cry, she just was hanging out happy in the crib!  Tuesday was about the same, and Tuesday night she woke at 12, back down and was up at 5.  I gave her the paci and her blankie and let her fuss a bit until 6am when I came in to get her up for the day.

Of course I'm not completely sleeping through the night, since I'm still used to waking every 90minutes or so.  But it's been glorious!  I think she was really ready to get back on track and that's what made the transition easy.

3-6 (for the most part)

Once again we've been fairly tied to home with trying so hard to work out the nap schedule.  However on Tuesday, we headed into my office to officially sign my severance papers and go to lunch with a co-worker.

I'm officially a "Stay at Home Mom".  (I mean, I've been home since she was born, but due to my office closing and our lay off packages, I was technically still "employed")

We've been taking lots of neighborhood walks since the weather has been so gorgeous.

And I already mentioned my "news" of being a full time mommy!

Get ready....

She finally rolled belly to back on her own on Saturday.  She has down back to belly, though she's been fairly lazy and only does it when she wants... but for some reason the "easier" belly to back hadn't happened (she's too caught up in attempting to move forward then to roll to the side)  She hasn't done it alone since, but I'm sure she will more often because....

On Tuesday, she rolled over back to belly 4x in the crib!  So far she's only rolled while playing on the activity mat, but when I put her in the crib for a nap I was sitting in the chair facebooking or something on my phone and when I looked up she was on her belly.  I told her good job and flipped her back.  Within seconds she rolled over again.  Like I said, this happened 4x before she finally decided to cool it and nap.

First tooth!  (yeah, I probably should have mentioned this one way earlier, but it's not what you think!)  Technically, her first tooth is her right bottom MOLAR.  Um, yeah, MOLAR.  Except, it's not.  Part of the tooth has poked through the front of her gums super low. Naturally I googled, since a 5 month old baby couldn't possibly have a molar and it seems for other babies this happened to, the gums eventually swelled back over and it went back "in" and came up where it's supposed to when it's supposed to after about a year of age.   At least this explains why she's always chomping so far back and not in the front.  I think this is also why her sleep got a bit better.  She was so unhappy at the end of last week.  I noticed it on Friday and then it seems things turned the corner after that.


  1. OMG what a doll. Where did you get those jeans?

    Stay at home Mom! I'm jealous. I'm getting a little bit tired of my 10 hour work day plus work at home routine. Whew.

    She's super adorable. I hope sleep continues to get better.


    1. Hope you get some time to unwind before Sadie arrives!

  2. Gosh she's cute Erinn! Can't believe she cut a molar! That is crazy! And congrats on officially being a SAHM! I go back to work next week...can't believe my leave is just about over!! :(

    1. Aww, can't believe you have to go back too.. that went so fast!!

  3. Ashlynn is such a dolly! She's too adorable in baby jeggings, they have been my favorite fall purchase for my baby girl:)

    1. I just bought her teal jegging too, so freaking cute!

  4. She is so adorable and yay for the first tooth!

  5. Yay for more sleep.. now can you sprinkle the sleep dust our way too? Ha Teething does NOT help with "sleep training!" Eventually we'll get there..right?!

    1. No, it def doesn't! I have a feeling this will be on a long long on going battle!


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