Wednesday, September 19, 2012

[Wednesday's Weekly Check-In] Week 22

16lbs, will get weighed this Friday at her follow up GI appointment.

Those teeth.  Aside from the pain she's having and a few side effects, she's healthy (just not always happy)!

Eek.   While I still do bed time routine, which has reverted back to nursing to sleep, after her first wake up she's back in the pack n play in the bedroom to make things easier for me.  It's a lot easier to nurse her in bed or pop in a paci quickly if she's in our room, as opposed to spending half my night watching the monitor, nursing in her room, and trying to get her to back to sleep in the crib.  She's gone back to waking the moment her head hits the mattress, so I have to make sure she's out.  (Is this week 12 or 22??)

Last night (for example)
Asleep in crib at 7:30
Wake at 8:30, change, nurse, back down at 9 in the PNP
Wake at 12:30, change, nurse, down around 1.
Wake at 2:30, pacifier and hold.
Wake at 3:30, popped the paci in a few times, finally up, change, nurse, down.
Wake at 4:30 - can't remember what we did, just know the news was on.
Wake at 5:55, up for the morning!

yeah. it's a blast.

Naps have been the bigger problem.  Some days I only get like three 30 minute naps or so, others are closer to normal.  Saturday she did take a two and half hour nap, that was amazing.  Amazing how productive I was.  I actually haven't been leaving the house much as I'm working so hard on her getting sleep during the day, so she can sleep better at night.  Sleep begets sleep in this house.

Mainly 3-6, but more specifically she's kind of all over the place.  Still fits comfortably in her 0-3 Gap chambray dress, 3-6M onesies have some nice growing room in them, 3-6M sleepers (anything with legs) are tight and her cloth diaper is creating some "fluffy butt" (an affectionate term to CD moms) camel crotch, and pants are mess.  She's so short, that 3-6 are too long, but her diaper is so bulky that the next size up isn't so tight.  We sort of avoid pants for this reason.

Oh and those baby UGGs are huge on her...

Unfortunately, A hasn't been too social.  With the nap refusal, up all hours of the night, teething meltdowns, etc. We've stayed home for the most part.  I actually missed one of my close friend's 30th Birthday party because A was too needy and I was too exhausted.

Poor baby.  We've had a lot of hysterical moments this last week.  We visited Pop Pop and Nana on Sunday for brunch and she cried almost the whole time :(  This was the first time she's cried "in public" (outside of the home or car).  She's usually so distracted by her surroundings she's so well behaved when we head out.  This time, she wanted to gnaw on something and she wasn't going to hold back!

A grabbed her feet on her own for the first time!  She's usually fascinated by them when in a seated position, but while I was changing her diaper the other day, she grabbed her toes herself.

Oh, and she turned 5 months yesterday!


  1. Sweet girl! This is definitely a reminder to keep our pack 'n play close by in case we have the same issues with E's sleep schedule. There are definitely some nights that I already wish he was right next to me so I could pop his binky back in. But she sure does make up her fussiness with all her cuteness!! ;)

    1. Yeah, we never put it away. I moved it to another spot in the room and it became a great place to dump laundry I didn't have time to fold, LOL! Now it's back next to the bed, and I'm hoping we can get back to some good sleep habits in it. Maybe even re-teach her to fall asleep on her own it and then go to the crib, wishful thinking!

  2. Did you read Cee's baby book or something? What is happening with A is EXACTLY what went down with her at around 4 months. I am sending you some solid sleeping vibes. Keep that cowboy coffee brewing.

  3. oh my gosh! she is soooooooooooo cute!!! look at those arms. that face is so precious. and those uggs are too adorable.

    Want to win a $30 coupon to Chicnova? Come and enter here! :D


  4. Happy 5 months sweet girl! Those cheeks are to die for. O loves those teethers too.. he is now on tooth number 2! Crazy! Keep your routine and follow your instincts, if AP is what works for now, don't sweat it!

    1. She took an amazing late afternoon nap yesterday and has been sleeping all morning! Maybe she's catching up and getting herself back on track, I wont dare wake her :)

  5. Love the uggs on her! Sooo cute!

  6. Love the adorable photos..she is too cute!
    So you are starting solids at 6 months? My Dr had us start at 4 even though she is mainly breast milk fed. She gets very few amounts of formula.

  7. The baby Uggs are just too much-I adore them!!!

  8. When she's done teething, and if you're up for trying sleep training again, the SleepEasy solution saved us at 5 months. Different from all of the other methods that are out there and it worked SO FAST.


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