Wednesday, September 12, 2012

[Wednesday's Weekly Check-In] Week 21

For anyone who knows me, or reads this blog, knows I am not short on words.

However, this post will be.  To say we've been having sleepless nights (and days) seems like an understatement.  I haven't had many free moments to blog, let alone get my own Zzz's in.

Weight:  Over 15.5lbs

Teeth are definitely there, but the teething doesn't seem too bad.  Usually seems to bother her most around late afternoon.  That could also be because she's exhausted, but that's when she cries and is  only stopped by a teether or cold washcloth.

Her digestive issues seemed to be awesome, then on Saturday she was a bit pukey at night.  More than her usual spit up.  A day or two later I spotted some blood back in the diaper after almost 2 weeks with no signs.  Haven't seen it since, so hoping it was just something passing from before, not something new starting up.

Ugh. We had made so much progress last week.  By last Wednesday and Thursday, we were totally good with bedtime routine, feeding, and putting her in the crib drowsy and going to sleep on her own.  After night wakings I could do the same.  Then Saturday came where we traveled to NJ and she slept in the car both ways and seemed to be thrown off her nap schedule.  Despite the sleep, that night was a nightmare and it's been the same since.  4 Month Sleep Regression is finally settling in.

Last night went like this.

Bath at 6:30, lotion, jammies, feeding, in crib at 7:00
Crying, Crying, Crying. Finally rocked and nursed again back to sleep 8:00
Up at 11:30, quick change and feeding, back in crib at 12:00 (woohoo)
Up at 1:30, feed, rock, watch her thrust around in crib until asleep at 2:30
Up at 3:30, feed, put down cry cry cry, poop, change, cry, poop, change again, rock, feed, rock, down after 5.
Up at 6:30 and finally napping now at 9am.


Mimi came to visit on Wednesday and got lots of giggles out of A.  She babysat her for the first time on Friday night when we headed to a wedding.  A did pretty good going to sleep at bedtime, and good thing because that seems like that was the last time she did.

Saturday we went to a twin girl baby shower and she was a peach, as usual around others.

See "Sleep".


First Babysitter (Mimi)
First major sleep regression.

Monday was the anniversary of the day I found out I was pregnant (9/10/11).  It was a few days early to test, but I hoped the silly consecutive date would bring me some luck...  As a celebration I put Ashlynn in thee onesie.


  1. She's such a doll. Love the outfit. Get some rest!! I hope her and your sleep gets better - might be a quick phase. You think she might be getting sick?

    Sometimes that's been a sign for Max.

    Hang in there! Speaking of sleepy, I think I finally (6 weeks to go) hit my totally exhausted pregnant stage. EEP.


    1. Countdown is on! Hope is going quickly and that you can get some rest!

  2. Man girl, I'm sorry! I know it is so frustrating when you feel like they have made such great improvements, and then a set back! We've had a few of those as well. A couple nights ago, our little guy slept 10 hours, it was heavenly, then next night back to his usual 330am wake time. I know it seems early but O started teething really early and is now working on a second...Do you think that could be it? I'm planning on giving him a little Tylenol tonight before bed to see if it helps. Hoping you guys have a good night!!

    1. Wow 10 hours! At this point, I'd love if she slept til 330, I definitely think she's teething and that it's adding to the issue. Its just hard to know if I should be soothing because of her teeth, or training because its a regression. I guess I'll just stick with 'do what feels right'.. the AP in me...

  3. Oh man! This scares me so much...but I hear it's pretty common! Here's a post with TONS of comments...maybe there will be something useful in there?

    We're putting Ethan in his crib tonight since we finally got his baby monitor. Fingers crossed!

    1. I bet E does great in the crib and prob will be a great sleeper, has such calm and cool parents!

  4. I hope you get some sleep soon. It looks like you at least had a great time at the wedding. And she's adorable even when crying.

  5. Sorry about the lack of sleep. I totally feel your pain. Layla didn't start sleeping through the night till 9 months.

    Not sure if I read your last paragraph wrong or not but did you test this week or were you talking about last year. I was totally reading this as you are TTC already lol.

    1. Haha, no it was when I found out last year! No Irish Twins here!

  6. Hey! I just started following your blog and love it. When was your original due date? I think we may have been just about the same day. My due date was 5/23, but born on 5/24. I think we found out last year on Saturday the 10th as well! Love your little story about the onesie.

    Hang in there with the sleep thing. We had something very similar happen with Finn. I hated to have to do it, but I used the Ferber method and it got us sleeping through the night in one night. You can check out my experience here

    I hope you get some sleep. Hang in there.


    1. Hi Lauren! My EDD was 5/21. I was doing the sleep lady shuffle and got her on a nice routine, but like babies do, she switched it up this week. I really think its the teeth and just that period of where she just wants to be awake and alert all the time

  7. Not sleeping SUCKS! It is actually amazing how much it can affect every aspect of your life. Luca had a night like E the other day followed by the worst day we have experienced so far. Not pretty. Especially not pretty when I sternly said "LUCA! I am giving you EVERYTHING I have" and promptly burst into tears.

    Keep your chin up and know that you are not alone. At 3:30 am, there is an army of other new moms right there with you, sending you a huge group hug.

    1. I think I said the same words last night when tryng to get her to sleep... I fed her, I gave her a dry diaper, I was holding her, rocking, walking, singing, popping the bink in, etc haha...

  8. She's so cute! Don't get excited about any routines. Once you think you have it nailed, high five each other, etc... baby will flip the script. The thing you can count on is that things change. So when it's bad, just remember that. lol We had an awful time w/sleep. I slept w/Mini on the couch for the first three months. Me sitting up. Her sleeping on my chest. We've been blessed w/her sleeping thru the nite from 5 months or so onward. Woo hoo! ( high fives!)

    The laundry, etc will still be there. You'll look back on these times and the worst of them won't feel that bad at all. Promise :)

    1. Yep, I knew it was coming... guess I just thought the "routine" would last longer than a week! ha! Hopefully the tooth cuts (though I'll really miss that gummy smile) and she starts sleeping in longer stretches :)

  9. oh dear... this does not sound fun at all! i feel your pain (as i'm typing this B is refusing to go down smoothly for her nap. UGH.) praying this is a short lived phase! six months is (for the most part) a will get there!


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