Wednesday, September 5, 2012

[Wednesday's Weekly Check-In] Week 20

As of Friday at her GI doctor appointment, she was 15lbs 7.6oz and 23.9".  They apparently like to be very precise.  So yeah, 15 and half pounds and two feet long at four and half months, little growing girlfriend!

Met with the GI Specialist and as of right now, we plan to continue my elimination diet. I'm also dropping a sample off for some testing, and there is a chance of some sort of 'scopy' (forget the name) that would test for allergies.

At this point, I am starting to see some improvement, so I really hope its just a dairy and/or soy allergy that I can manage without switching her over to a Alimentum formula.

In other news, I'm not 99.9% convinced she is in fact teething.  Signs have continued and she's becoming fussier at certain times of the day where nothing seems to help, except for maybe something in her mouth.  I also see and feel the start of buds under her gums.  The problem is since she's only 4.5 months, she doesn't really have the finesse to put a teether in her mouth and keep it there.  Also, a lot of the teethers I have to to big for her little mouth. (faves so far in baby gear below)

I started sleep training, Sleep Lady method, last week.  The first night she did cry for an hour, since like most methods it wants you to put her down drowsy, but awake.  The difference is, I don't leave the room, or have scheduled checks (which always made her more hysterical).  I stay right there by the crib.  Which might sound like even worse torture for the mom, but it was easier for me.  Knowing she was only crying because she was frustrated for not knowing how to fall asleep - or get her way and have me pick her up, was easier for me.   I was able to soothe her the best I could without picking her up.  The next night, she was down as soon as put her in the crib, and I'd say on average the last few nights she'll fuss for 15 minutes before going to sleep.

I didn't plan on dropping a night feeding, but perhaps extending her 5am wake up to 6.  Now that she's teething, I figure I'll still feed her when she wakes, but keep at the part of not letting her fall asleep on me.

3-6, though I was able to get her in a BabyGap 0-3 dress without any problems since she's such a shorty.

On Sunday, the Husband had his Fantasy Draft, so us wives threw a surprise Sprinkle for the the first mommy of the group to expect baby #2.  It was so fun to get all 4 girls together (and 1 boy and 2 twin girls on the way!) It's crazy how quickly our group has grown in size!

Since her son will be sharing a room with her two year old daughter, the bedroom is done in the Hungry Caterpillar theme, with the baby have the caterpillar bedding and the toddler having the butterfly.  We played off that and did a Hungry Caterpillar theme (thanks pinterest)!

(not totally pinable, but I tried!)

Car ride home of doom.  While traveling back Sunday, as soon as we hit the bridge into PA, she started the meltdown of meltdowns.  I pulled over after the toll, and got in the back and the husband drove the rest of the way.  She was so hysterical we pulled over on the side of the road, I took her out of her seat (I don't know if that's even allowed!) to try to soothe her.  I tried feeding (even though I knew she wasn't hungry) and she just didn't stop.  I put her back in, and we got back on the road.  I was able to distract her with a teether and a toy in between cries, but man. Whoa.   Since then, we have a few inconsolable times throughout the day that aren't related to sleep or milk (her usual only reason for crying).  It's the teeth.  

I picked up teething tablets, but they have lactose in them (inactive ingredient), so we won't be able to use them.

Get this.

While making a run to Babies R Us with the Husband on Labor Day, A's paci fell out and she yelled... "maaa maaa!"  The family in the aisle, who weren't speaking English as their first language, all giggled as I proded the Husband with "Did you hear that?! Did you?!"  So they definitely heard it too!

Now, I'm not that crazy to realize she doesn't have association yet, but it was still nice to hear and made me gloat annoyingly all night long.   It was also a new constant sound, as she primarily sticks with Bs, Cs, Gs... I've been working on L's, so M was a surprise.

She also had her first trip to the beach.


  1. She is a cutie! We use these silicone teethers from lifefactory and love them! It was one of the only ones my son could hold onto at first.

    1. Ohhh, I actually registered for those! Maybe the next baby order I make I'll add them in! So glad you reminded me :)

    2. We have them too and love them for the same reason!

  2. I am a new reader and have a baby boy who is the same age as your sweet little girl (born 4/22). I love reading your blog because I could literally write some of the same things! From the teething to the diaper rash to the car ride! It's nice to hear some of your tricks and how you are handling things! Your little girl is adorable!

    1. Hi Kendyl! Glad you found me, and so funny that they are going through the same things! Can you believe how fast it's going by?! 20 weeks... can't wrap my head around it

  3. Does the sleep book give help on toddlers? I couldn't tell from the description. My daughter is two. Um yeah, sooooo, my daughter started teething at four months. Luckily she did not have a super hard time with it, but it seemed to hurt her most often in the night. You could try the wet rag on her front teeth, but ugh, you might have to just hold her while she suffers. It's tough, I know.

    I'm going to look into that diaper rash cream. We are potty training, but she's still wearing pullups. I've complained about her rashes to you before. haha! I maybe, maybe found a decent solution. Boudreaux's Butt Paste, but the RED bottle. It's for severe rashes.

    A is just so adorable and lovable and hugable.

    1. It does! I believe it goes up to 5 years. So far she seems fussiest in that 4-6 time period, but is waking up 2-3x a night. It's not awful, but it could be better. I feel like I should 'train' her to have less wakings but between her age and the teeth, I think I'll wait another month or two. Hopefully the teeth come in and she does it on her own!

      I don't think the butter would do much to a bumpy red rash, maybe it would, but for a dried out/chaffed booty its amazing!

  4. And when she DOES say 'Ma Ma' and really means YOU, it will be magical. For real. What a big girl you have there! Hate that you have to worry about your diet so much with her but proud of you for hanging in there with BF'ing despite the annoyances. Great job, mommy!

  5. I always love your photos and updates! I love BabyGap clothes too (esp when I snag them on sale!). I hope the sleeping gets better for y'all. I'm dreading that with Sadie. Max was easy, so I'm bracing myself for not so easy!

    And what a cute party! I love Eric Carle (I do art projects with my students using his style).


  6. I second the life factory teething rings - my little lady started teething early too at 4.5 months and these were easy for her to gnaw on. Also you can slip them in the freezer for some extra comfort.

    Good luck! She is just too cute!


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