Wednesday, August 29, 2012

[Wednesday's Weekly Check-In] Week 19

Assuming in the same range as last week.  I know breastfed babies start to plateau and her weight gain will slow down.  She was pretty active this week so I wouldn't doubt she burned more calories than usual.  Assuming 14.5 pounds.

We can't possibly be teething,  can we?  I found my old baby book and it turns out I did get my first tooth at 5.5 months.  After going through last week's weekly photo, almost every one A was tugging on her ear.  She never had a fever and didn't have a cold or runny nose, so I ruled out an ear infection (she also had just seen the doctor a few days before).  She's been drooling like crazy, which I just attribute to her age and the fact she's more upright now.  Hands in mouth and sucking on fingers are also totally normal, but well just have to wait and see.  

Lastly, another sometime teething sign is diaper rash.  And holy hell did we catch a case like never before.  The persistent rash she always has is pretty mild and will come and go day to day.  Last Thursday is started getting worse and by Friday she was dry, bumpy, and red all over.  I actually went out and bought some disposables (I had drafted my cloth diaper post the night before for Monday- go figure!).  I started using more serious diaper creams and didn't feel like being extra careful to not get it on the cloth.  So slathering I've been and lots of quick changes and time spent naked.  Finally by Monday it was looking better and Tuesday almost back to normal.  I think I'll go two more days making sure she's baby soft before going back to cloth on the reg.

I finished reading the first of two books I ordered, Nighttime Parenting by William Sears. Yes, that Dr. Sears, the "Attachment Parenting" guru.  If it isn't obvious, I'm not 100% AP, but a pretty mainstreamed version of it.  I breastfeed on demand from the source, I wear my baby from time to time in the Moby wrap, I look to her for cues for when she's ready for naps, meals, and play, and I occasionally snuggle in the morning or take naps together in bed.  I don't plan on making any TIME Magazine covers, but I what I'm doing just feels the most natural and while I'm not following any specific book's suggestions, it's just what feels right for me.  

We don't bed share full time because 1. the Husband sleeps like a rock.  A screaming baby 2 feet away does not wake him.  2. We have a queen size bed so there isn't much extra room for safety.  3.  The dogs.  We bed share with them instead.    So while I definitely wouldn't bash or eye roll at anyone who does bed share, it's just not for us.  I finally have A fully transitioned to the crib for the entire night.   The book is strongly directed to bed sharing and giving into baby's cues and demands.  In a way, I felt like it was praising me for nursing her to sleep and allowing her to fall deeper past that first REM cycle before moving her from my arms in the rocker to the crib.  It didn't offer any advice on naps or how to get her to learn to sleep on her own.  If anything, just reinforced why I don't like when she cries and that I "shouldn't" allow her to cry it out.  In the end, wasn't the advice I needed because I don't really want to continue with what I'm already doing.  I want  her to learn to fall asleep on her own. 

I'm starting my next one now, The Sleep Lady's Good Night, Sleep Tight.

Clothes:  3-6

Momma's Milk.  

Baby Gear:
Well, saving our rears this week - quite literally...   

Earth's Best Diapers, Earth's Best Diaper Cream, a sample of ButtPaste, and doctor recommended A+D.

We had a few bipolar days, specifically Thursday.  One minute happiest baby on the block, the next inconsolable melt down for no reason.  Again, another hint towards teething?? Just being a baby? I'm not sure.    

We also had some really easy nights for bed, and then others that took two hours of putting down, waking up, crying, picking up, rinse, repeat.

I shipped off about half our freezer's worth of breastmilk.  

I also had my first Bad Mommy Moment last night.  While clipping A's nails I knicked her finger.  I think I was more upset than she was, but it broke my heart.  I'm so sorry girlfriend!

She did it!  She rolled over all by herself from her back to belly on Saturday!  I'm so happy the Husband was home and able to see her do it, too.  Of course now she likes to try to practice in her sleep, so after our middle of the nursing sessions, I get to go back to bed watching the monitor making sure she doesn't land on her face.   Time to work on going belly to back.


  1. Please please stop putting her in that exersaucer right now. As a chiropractor, I feel she is way to young and does not have the spine support and can get hurt. They are much safer at 8-10 months.

    1. Thank you for the concern. We were actually asked by our pedi if she was using one and it was suggested. She meets all the requirements on the product warning label, too. She really loves being upright and I love it too as it gives her sometime not laying down on her back (flat head) or too much Tummy Time, which a lot of babies can only do in increments. I am concerned a bit about the support she currently gets from it, so I usually limit her time and she's always supervised. As soon as she starts getting lazy with applying pressure to her legs and practicing "standing" I usually take her out. I want it to be used to help with her muscle development in her legs and core, and she just loves learning from the bright colored 'bells and whistles".

      Sincerely, thank you for your comment though! I will make sure I place a thin blanket or towel behind her if I feel she needs more support for when we do use it. (which at this point is still fairly limited)

  2. I hope you can find a book that helps you with sleep!

    Such a doll as always ... and love your photos (as always).


    1. the second book I just started and so far I love it... right up my alley!

  3. Oh no! We are in the same boat... My daughter learned last week to roll over, back to front.... Luckily whenever she does this, she doesn't last there long before crying... But the first few nights I was constantly checking the monitor... So stressful. The good news is, after the first few days she has stopped practicing in her sleep, but still rolls constantly while awake. We have been doing lots of tummy time in hopes she will learn how to roll the other way soon.

    1. Good to know about the rolling in her sleep. I strategically place her in the crib, in her sleep sack, so that she can't make it over. I put her on a diagonal so her legs are closer to the side, so if she kicks with the sack on she won't be able to get past her side... which is where I think she truly wants to be.

  4. My daughter is 4 months and loves her exersaucer. If we didn't own one, she would make me hold her sp she can sit or stand all day. If she is strong enough to do those things, I'm not too concerned about her spine in the exersaucer. It's not like she spends all day in there... No more than 10-20 minutes at a time.

    1. I commented above almost the same. I never leave her alone in it and only for limited time. Every baby is different in their abilities, especially their muscle tone. The toy is great for them learning cause and effect with the colors and music and using their motor skills, but also helps work their muscles for training for crawling and walking.

  5. Ok that last picture just KILLS me! How cute can one baby get? Gosh and can't believe teething is already happening...they grow up too fast!!

  6. I just love her so much. Kudos to you for still doing weekly updates on your little nugget. And I also adore your below post, too. It's amazing how much can change in a year---I've been meaning to write something similar for awhile now. Big hugs, lady!


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