Wednesday, August 22, 2012

[Wednesday's Weekly Check-In] Week 18

... how have 18 weeks gone by?  Seriously, summer is almost over and my baby is 4 months old.  I can't handle it.

Hold me.

We had the big weigh-in on Monday.  Turns out we got a bit overzealous and I was closer with my guess from when we had a doctor visit a week before (when we never saw the scale).  Girlfriend weighed in at 14 lbs 6oz and pushed the tape to 23" and 15.75" for her dome.

Overall, we (and her doctors) couldn't be more pleased with her progress...  She's on the short side for her real age (4 Months) but she's continuing along the curve great and her weight is in 53%! Shortie likes to eat!

Everything looked good at the check up, aside from her digestive issues.  We scheduled an appointment with a GI specialist for the end of next week.  I really hope we can get to the bottom of this, as I'm starting to think maybe it isn't the dairy or soy after all.

She also got another round of shots.  I held her hands and was making raspberries with her when they did the first and she didn't even notice!  She actually smiled at me and my silliness when it was done - whew!  Then the big one went in and the nurse warned me this one would sting, and boy it must of - A forgot to breathe!  Poor baby, her face turned purple.  I just wanted to scoop her up as fast as possible, but the nurse was still pulling the needle out and getting a band aid on.  I did get her to calm down fairly quick, but man, these things never get easier.

Sleep:  It's time.

The books are ordered.  And sleep training will begin soon enough.  While we have a great routine of her falling asleep nursing and then being rocked for a few in case she needs to be burped.  Putting her in the crib while asleep is great, but it's not teaching her to soothe herself or how to fall asleep on her own.  This is definitely why we have nap time issues.

I can't bring myself to "Ferberize" outright, so I ordered a few other books with some alternative methods.  I'm hoping I can find some sort of balanced sleep training technique with a side of 'cry it out', as opposed to just shutting the door and letting her cry.  I know it works and many moms have done it, I'm just weak and going in for 5 minute checks to say "Good night, I love you!" and not touching her doesn't work for me, or her, right now.  She doesn't settle down, she just cries harder.  For right now, since she's still recovering from her shots, I'm just sticking with out usual deal since she's now been staying asleep until 3am and then going back out until 6:30-7am.  It's actually not too bad aside from the fact she can't fall asleep on her own.

Clothes:  3-6

My mind is going blank.  Aside from the doctors and general outings to run errands we didn't have too much going on this week.  Just lots of play at home.

Happy Baby.  Only incident really involved the shots and the night she had trouble getting to sleep.  I think it's time to retire this section.


So freaking close to rolling.  She's actually really close when having some naked time, so I wonder if her fluffy diaper butt is holding her back.  She's also closer going to back to belly than belly to back.

We also had our first 911 call.  On Sunday morning we (A and I) were laying in bed and the Husband was downstairs.  I had just got up to take a sip of the coffee he had brought me when the smoke alarm went off.  I jumped out of bed with A and ran downstairs to see if something was burning.  We didn't see or smell smoke, nothing was cooking, and we definitely didn't see any flames.  The Husband went upstairs to turn the detector off, and when he did that, the rest started alarming.  At this point, I said let's get out of the house and make the call.  We live in townhomes and I was afraid maybe something was burning in the attic, the walls, or next door.  I'd rather be safe than sorry with a new precious baby in the house.

I made the call and they said they'd send a first responder, great.  The guy came took a look said he thought out detectors were just malfunctioning because of their age, most likely the originals to our 12 year old house.  He was going to have a truck come so the guys could come in with heat detectors and see if everything was okay in the walls and rule out an electrical fire.  At this point, our neighbors started coming out.  Then another truck came, and another.  Three trucks on our tiny cul-de-sac.  Thankfully everything was fine, just need to replace the detectors in the home.


  1. Oh I love your little shorty...too cute! And so scary about the smoke alarms going off! Eek!

    1. I love her too ;) Its so funny thinking some maybe are born at 21"-22" haha

  2. She's so adorable. Makes me really look forward to our little girl. I love those blankets - I'm going to have to order some.

    I'm sorry about your troubles beyond just dairy / soy - I hope you get to the bottom of it too!

    What sleep books did you order? Max wasn't too difficult for us, so I am bracing myself that Sadie might be! I found support from friends though to be most helpful (talking through things like sleeping training).

    Eep about your smoke alarm issue. We actually had a similiar issue when Max was tiny too. Ours went off, and my husband wanted to call 911 and get out (it smelled like smoke). Meanwhile I was trying to gather together photos and such. Turns out we were having heating or AC issues.


    1. I love the Aden + Anais blankets, there is seriously always one at arm's reach. I'm looking fwd to the visit with the GI specialist, I'm glad she seems happy and unaffected by it, but it's sad to see things I shouldn't in her diapers.

      I ordered Nighttime Parenting (dr sears) and The Sleep Lady's Good Night, Sleep Tight. I also might pick up Lull-a-Baby and I have a borrowed copy of the No Cry Sleep Solution. That's what I tried to do, but haven't fully committed as it doesn't seem like it might be right for me at this time.

      Oh that's scary. We had just had our dryer cleaned 2 weeks ago, but it wasn't running when the alarm went off. I was still afraid maybe something got hit or moved up there (the attic where the exhaust goes through)... All I could think of while standing outside is that, with a baby in my arms I shouldn't go back in, but I really want a pair of normal shorts, her baby bag, my car keys, and my laptop/external hard drive!

  3. She's so beautiful! And from your last post, my little cutie has stinky sweaty feet too. She thinks it is hilarious when I smell them and exclaim "sheewie!" She doesn't wear shoes or socks so I don't know how they are sweaty. I love them. :)
    As for sleeping, you may already know, 4 months is a HUGE developmental leap and that always effects sleeping. Have you downloaded the "wonder weeks" app? It helps a lot for those developmental changes. I felt like I would never sleep again from 4-5 months. It does get better, especially if you help them learn to fall asleep on their own. We never did "CIO" fully either. I learned the difference between a little fussy, kind of complaining herself to sleep, and crying that she really needed us. She's 10 months old now, and almost always goes right to sleep on her own at night. We read books, cuddle, nurse, and she goes in her crib with her lovies (three of them) and her paci and she flops and moves and eventually gets comfy and goes to sleep. You'll want to start to teach her this, b/c when she's learning to roll, or stand, or anything else, they "practice" at night when they wake up. So she will roll over and wake up, or be standing screaming in her crib. At that point you will really appreciate just being able to go in and soothe and let them figure it out. She wakes up at night, but usually just puts herself back down. The other thing that helped me was The Baby Sleep Site- just google- they have consultations you can pay for but a lot of free information that really helped me figure out how to handle our sleep issues.

    1. Yes!! So far her sleep hasn't been to bad, save a day or two. I know when she finally does roll we'll have a tough few days/week etc. (And she's getting soo soo close!) But I do the same thing, if she's "fuss crying" I let her go. Most of the time she will fall asleep. It's the times she's more hysterical that are harder, especially because when I do finally go in to soothe her, she'll just freak out more since I'm not picking her up.

      Like you said, I know "this is the time" and that my life, and hers, will be so much better when she learns to put herself to sleep. I will definitely check out the baby sleep site, thanks for the advice!

  4. Oh my god. She is so 'strike a pose' in that last pic.

    Good luck with the sleeping stuff. She won't be 10 and not sleeping through the night. You got this. I have done several different methods all which were not hard core Dr. Spock let them cry it out for an hour shit. Every kid is different. I remember just wanting to bounce ideas off of people that had done it before... but it's hard to do that without someone giving you a big effing lecture/dissertation of their kid's sleep history. That will put A to sleep! Hit me up if need be.

    Ps...why is she 18 weeks already? That went sooooo fast.

    1. Oh there were at least like 3 pics that were total "fashion blogger" pose - hand behind head playing with hair, looking down, coy smile.

      Totes agree. I love reading other peoples experiences and seeing what they are doing/did and what worked for them. Every kid (and mom!) is def different. Definitely trying to find what works for us. I really dont think it will be too hard once we find the right thing. She's so good with sleeping and night routine, outside of falling asleep nursing, which I don't even mind. I just want her to learn mainly for naptime and for the times she does wake at night.

  5. Ah so so cute! Love all of the hair!

  6. I can't get over the cute-ness; she really is so adorable!! And I still wake up about every 5 minutes to check on my lil guy. I'm hoping I'll eventually get over that ;)

  7. Such a cutie pie! So glad everything was okay with the fire alarm situation! I would have been freaking out. We are "attempting" sleep training as well. I can't do the CIO method either, so I have been reading up on other methods too. Let me know what y'all end up trying or what books you recommend. We have kind of combined a few different ones. The thing that has seemed to work best for us so far is getting him in his crib sooner, like a 1.5 hour wake cycle then putting him in his crib before he gets too tired. I was doing 2 hour wake cycles but that seemed to result in more crying when we put him down. Oh, and at night giving him a BIG bottle of breastmilk! Hope this helps, sorry for the novel! ha

    1. Have you been putting him down drowsy/awake? Or in a milk coma from the bottle? I breastfeed before bed so she usually falls asleep nursing and then I transfer her to the crib. I think that's why naps don't work since she gets tired, but no boob, so she can't put herself to sleep.

  8. Yes, after I give him a bottle (about 6 ounces) I then put him in his crib, which by then he is usually pretty drowsy/in a milk coma. Occasionally he isn't and he will still go to sleep most of the time. Sounds like we are in the same boat. I was nursing my little guy to sleep too and we are also having trouble with napping. They just love the boob! The times he has "put him self to sleep" without crying like crazy are when I get him in his crib after he has only been up about an hour and a half.


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