Wednesday, August 15, 2012

[Wednesday's Weekly Check-In] Week 17


We had a doctor appointment last Friday.  I thought for sure she would get weighed in, but the doctor decided to wait until her 4 Month check up this upcoming Monday.  My guess before I left was 14lbs 4 oz. I thought it might be being aggressive, but seriously, she's such a load!  I honestly wouldn't be surprised if she was 15 pounds now.  She's always surprised us, gaining 2lbs and 9oz from birth to 1 Month, and another 3lbs 6oz from 1 to 2Months.  Since it's been two months, a 4 pound weight gain wouldn't really be that unbelievable.  

We'll know next week!

So, we met with the doctor to discuss her dirty diaper issues on Friday.  She wants me to keep up with the elimination diet and keep my eye on a few other things we noticed.  She's still as happy as a clam, so I'll just see how things change, or don't, over the next few weeks.  

The half and half swaddle is where it's at.  She's still able to suck her thumb and gnaw on her sleeves if she wants, but also doesn't wake herself up.  Bedtime routine is down to clockwork for the most part.  Bath at 6:45, lotion and jammies at 7, half swaddle, close the curtains, and milk at 7:15, rock for 10 minutes after falling asleep during milk (bad habit I know, but it's working now, so I'm not messing), and down in the crib she goes until about 2:20am on the dot.  More milk, back to the crib.  Wake sometime between 4-5am.  Asleep again to 6:30 or 7.   Then she's all smiles!

Aside from Monday when we were having that crazy no sleep, let's eat all day phase, naps have been par for the course.  The days we stay in, she's on a steady Eat, Play, Sleep schedule going in 3 hr increments.  The days we go out always throw us for a loop since sometimes she'll nap while out and other times stay alert.

Clothes:   3-6

After our doctor appointment on Friday, we headed out to meet Daddy for lunch.  He was leaving for a Bachelor Party weekend that night, so we had lunch at Whole Foods (somewhere I can actually find dairy and soy free meals), and then A got introduced to his coworkers.  

Saturday we headed to little girlfriend Collins' 1st Birthday party!  Ashlynn woke up when we got there, stayed alert taking in the fun for a bit before getting hungry and taking a cat nap.  After that she got to hang flirt with Baby Rory.  He's one month older and it was the cutest thing seeing them check each other out and then get their big ol' gummy smiles going.  During the forty five minute car ride home she entertained herself watching her little butterfly stroller toy bounce around, I almost thought she was going to full out laugh.  Until we hit the 5 miles of highway before our house where it started again.  The meltdown.  I got off an exit early and pulled over on the backroad that would take us home, after a quick check and pop of the pacifier I drove another half mile before the face was back to purple.  Another backseat nursing session. I hope whoever's house I was parked in front of didn't get a show... thank god for tinted rear windows!

Daddy came home on Sunday morning.  The weather was gorgeous so we took a family walk down by the bike trail near our home.  A hung sweetly in the stroller taking in all the trees and blue sky and we got a nice little relaxing workout of sorts.  

Mimi came down yesterday (tuesday) and we've been getting in some QT since.

Monday was ridic.  If I placed her down, she'd scream bloody murder.  I can now cook, pour, and eat my steel cut oatmeal one handed.  I also have an awesome bicep on my right arm. 

Other than that needy day, she's par for the course.


When we got home from our family walk on Sunday, I fed the baby.   And while she gazed at me pausing every few minutes,  when we got our first belly laugh.  We've been getting lots of "Ha's" the last few weeks, and smiles so big you'd assume sound would go with them, but this was no doubt that first real laugh.   I'm so glad the Husband was home to see it.  Another top day for the books.


  1. Adorable! She is growing up so quickly.
    Do they know why you are loosing some of your hair? Do you think it might be related to your dairy allergy?

    1. Thanks Rosa! Unfortunately, it's a normal pregnancy hormone side effect. Basically an estrogen drop, this explains it better than I could

  2. Your daughter is absolutely adorable! You have the sweetest little outfits for her.

    My husband and I find out in a little less than 3 weeks if we are having a boy or girl, I can't wait to start shopping!

    1. Thank you! Congratulations to you, so exciting!

  3. I thought I had missed the hair-falling-out thing, but mine actually started about the same time as yours. There is a light at the end of the tunnel though, even though I still have some shedding - it's not nearly as bad as it was for the past month. Good thing I have a lot of hair to lose, but it made Hubs a bit concerned ;)

    1. Ha, I'm the same way with having a lot of hair to lose! I'm not worried about going bald, just the damn mess I have to constantly clean up! :)

  4. that face is just toooo precious!!!

  5. Ah yes, the hair loss at 4 months was SO nasty last time. Can't wait for this time around:) And don't be surprised if chunky monkey slows her growth down just a bit sometime soon. I remember thinking Truman would continue to gain 1-2 pounds per month for the first year. But right around 4-5 months, breastfed babies start to taper off their growth which is totally normal, but some pediatricians start to push formula because of that. And I know for sure Truman's (massive) weight gain declined when he got more mobile around 6-7 months, too. Either way, she is SUPER cute and I just love her rolls.

    1. I heard it's not as bad the 2nd time from a friend, hopefully it's that way for you! I definitely think she'll slow down growth wise soon, I mean she can't keep this pace up forever... I just can't get over how heavy she is. We'll see on Monday!


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