Wednesday, August 8, 2012

[Wednesday's Weekly Check-In] Week 16

Definitely in 3-6 clothing, so I going to guess she's def 14+ pounds.

Oy!  And we are back at it. As I mentioned yesterday, all dairy and soy is being cut from my diet for the next 3 weeks.  The green we were seeing last week stayed pretty consistent, this week we are getting samples tested for occult blood.  Luckily, A doesn't seem bothered at all.  The only other thing that could be symptomatic is her congestion, that the pedi originally said was normal, but I wonder if 10 weeks later it's still normal - probably not.

On a good note, still rash free.  Convinced that was dairy related.

Let's see.  We stopped swaddling 2  Sunday's ago and started using a sleep sack.  Instead of A's usual(ish) routine of 8-430, feed, back to sleep until 630.  She was up at 12, 3, 430, 6, ahhhh.  After 3 nights hoping it'd get better, it didn't.  I now am "half swaddling" one arm in and one arm out in the Aden + Anais blankets.  For the most part, she's back to her normal sleep patterns, thank god!  She has woken around 12 a few nights, hope that's not a new thing, since I go to sleep around 11.

Clothes:   3-6!

Bopo and Yaya stopped by on Friday for a bit before A's bedtime.  It was too bad they didn't get more time, but girlfriend was tired and we actually had a pretty easy night getting to sleep then, glad I didn't push her to stay awake longer.

Other than that, just more errands and to-dos.  We had a fairly relaxing weekend, turning down some BBQ invites, just to get some time together as the three of us.


Seriously, we had such a great weekend!

A found her feet!  Last week I was playing with them a lot, bringing them to her hands, bicycle legs, etc.  While she was sitting (unsupported!) on my belly while lounging back on the couch (the only way she can without support) she was staring at her toes!  She would look at one foot and the other would wiggle, so cute her trying to figure it out.  I brought her hand to her foot and she grabbed on.  Now whenever I sit her like that she looks for her feet and will put her hand on them if she leans forward enough.  Still won't bring them to her hands while laying down, but I doubt we are too far away!

Grabbing toys.  She's officially grabbing on her own.  Up until now, she would grasp something placed in her hand, but now she's not only swatting at toys on her activity mat, but grabbing them too.  She'll also grab anything I give her while in the bumbo and of course try to get it in her mouth.

I am --> <-- close to real belly laugh, she does a ton of gaspy "ahh" laughs and the classic silent laugh, but no real baby squeals yet.  We are so close though, he face has just been lighting up, with the biggest  grin you could imagine and it's like she wants noise to come out, but hasn't figured it out yet.  She especially loves when I blow in her face or hair.  It's coming.  Soon.

Rolling.  Still not there, but again, I know we aren't too far away.  Actually I feel like she's closer going from back to belly than belly to back.  We'll see which one she picks first!

Lastly, girlfriend has found her voice!  I may end up deaf in my right ear by the time she turns 2.


  1. Sophie is like baby crack! Can't believe how quickly she's growing!!!


  2. Dude. I swaddled Cee's little ass until she was like close to 1. She loved it soooo much (and so did I for the sleep) and eventually I did the half arm out thing like you and then did both arms out and just swaddled her around the waist.

    These weekly pics are the best...

    1. Did you get worried once she was rolling? A still hasn't so I'm not too too concerned, but I know it's not far off. She just like sucking her thumb or the blanket itself, so she bring it up to her face or over her head. I could switch to the velcro swaddlemes, but I feel like thats going backwards in her dependency on them...

    2. Yes, but she really just wanted it in the beginning of the night for comfort, then she would break free and roll over and be cool the rest of the night. We used velcro since day one, and I agree you don't want to go backwards. Soon she'll be at the point where you can maybe Ferberize her out of it, if it's still a problem. Uh oh. I mentioned sleeping training. The perfect mommy club will be after me.

    3. meh, dr.sears sleep trains too. My goal, or usual method, swaddle to start the night and get a decent stretch of sleep, feed when she wakes and put her back the way she woke w/ or w/o the swaddle. I also try to nap w/o it or just do it loosely.

  3. hmmm, this makes me wonder about my 2-year-old. She has bad diaper rashes and it has just dawned on me maybe it's dairy related? It's tougher to eliminate dairy when they are older because she has to eat what daycare gives her. We have been doing some potty training, but I keep thinking once she's out of diapers for good, her rashes will go away.

    A is so photogenic!

    1. It could be a ton of things! This rash was just a bit different from regular diaper rash like chaffing. It's more little raised red bumps the size of a pin, and they seem to flare and go as opposed to dryness, chaffing, etc.

  4. Awww she is SO cute! Can't wait for Ethan to start grabbing toys and being more interactive. The kick 'n play piano looks awesome too by the way!!

    1. It's so fun for them to be interactive, but my ovaries ache for those early days looking at pics of E!! The piano is great, she just loves to kick! I usually stick a crinkle book under her feet on the playmat or turn her so she can kick low items. This is just way better!

  5. I could comment on so many things here! I love her last outfit. Where did you get it? Max loves his Sophie. I wonder if I should get Sadie her own (or pass on his). I may have to buy that piano for Sadie too. Max never had those A&A blankets (we have a lot of Pottery Barn), so maybe I'll get those too.

    It's so cute when they find their feet! I remember the exact moment that happened w/ Max and got it on video (he was sitting on me). I don't remember ALL moments, but I remember that one!

    She's such a cutie.


    1. Thanks Tara! The jumper is from Janie and Jack, and Sophie is great so long as I can keep our dogs away from it, expensive chew toy! I love the Aden and Anais products, especially for a summer baby. They are lightweight, but keep her warm in indoor air conditioning and aren't stiffling in our house for swaddling. Just a nice alternative to fleece or flannel blankets during the hot temps.

      Aww, I know I try so hard to remember her milestones, thank goodness I keep this weekly log. It's already come in handy when filling out pages in her baby book!

  6. We stopped swaddling when my LO started rolling because I found him face smashed down and freaking out because he couldn't move. That was 3 weeks ago and we are just NOW in the past few days getting him used to having his arms free at night. At first it was so tough. He'd constantly smack himself awake! We still aren't getting the same length of sleep stretches out of him, but that could also be related to his newly diagnosed reflux. Apparently it can randomly ambush you around 3-4 months. Who knew?! I didn't. Gah, it sucks. But, I wanted to comment on you saying she is still really congested. I seem to remember you saying you suspected reflux before? Come to find out, chronic congestion and reflux are related. My LO still has the wart hog-esque newborn-ish congestion at 4 months old. It's never gotten better!

    1. Yeah, there is also that 4 Month Wakefulness period too, I heard it normally coincides with when they start rolling, they get too excited to sleep, so many your baby just wanted to stay up practicing his new trick! I hope the sleep goes back to 'normal' soon (using that term loosely, ha)

      She was refluxy up until about 2 months old. The congestion I definitely thought was a symptom then, but so far all her other reflux symptoms have disappeared, that's the only thing left. It can also be a sign of an allergy, so based on her dirty diapers that's what we are currently trying to nail down, Hopefully it doesn't take too long to figure out!!


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