Wednesday, August 1, 2012

[Wednesday's Weekly Check-In] Week 15

Sorry for the delay with the post, once again I'm dealing with a clogged duct  and it has me under the weather.  No fun.   No fun at all.

Not sure.  I've gotten a few comments that she looks 4 months old and she's just about out of her 0-3s so I'll say somewhere in the 14lb range.

Healthy!  I think I "milked" her last Thursday (wait, that sounds sooo wrong) when we tried this new recipe, as part of my 'new weekly recipe' promise.  Since I haven't cut dairy completely, having hidden dairy, but not obvious, I had cream of mushroom soup in this and substituted almond milk and rice cheese.  I guess the soup was too much for her belly, let's just say we were seeing green for a few days.   And I don't mean acting jealous or greedy.

My mom came to visit Wednesday - Friday.  Since she was here, it was hard doing bedtime routine so A slept in our room those two nights.  After she left, we went back to the crib without skipping a beat, sleeping from 8:30 to 6am.  

Sunday night was rough because we had a long day (more on that below), but otherwise nighttime sleep is good.  The naps are hit or miss depending on if we stay home or go out.  She's always good for a nap in the car seat, at home she's more all over the place.  Unless she's on me, then she's good for another nap too.

Lastly, I've started to quit the swaddle.  We always just swaddled with Aden + Anais blankets.  They did a good job and we're easier for night feedings and changings compared to the SwaddleMes with velcro closures.  A usually breaks her hands free by morning , but I always hoped that would make quitting them easier.  However, she's really starting to snuggle with the A+A blankets (or lovie, or burp clothes,  or anything made of their cozy soft muslin).  She'll wrap the swaddle in her hands and pull it over her face.  And while the fabric is breathable, it still worries me that she'll get tangled or worse. We are going to have to quit them when she can roll, so I figure why not start now.

0-3 Months, but I did the 3-6 Month wash on Monday.  I also did some "final wash" on some of the 0-3 that's gotten to tight.  Oxy-cleaned any remaining stains and prepared to pack them up!

Mimi came to visit.  We started with lunch at the Cheesecake Factory with her and Nana on Wednesday and Thursday Mimi hung with A while I got my hair cut.  Friday, Mimi left and A and I just took an easy.  Saturday we went to the Farmer's Market in the morning, but left quickly after getting some vegan tapenade and Guinness mushroom ragu since it was SO hot. We swung by Mom-Mom's and saw Great Mom-Mom too.  On Sunday, we headed to the Shore for a friend's Baby Shower.  Monday we ran errands and Tuesday we went grocery shopping.   Whew!  I feel worn out all over again!

Diet:  Milk!

Baby Gear Love:  
Nothing crazy new.  Maybe all the things A is really holding on to now like anything made by Aden + Anais, her Ellie, or my hair.

For the most part nothing out of the ordinary except for our Sunday travel day.  We headed to the Shore together for  a baby shower, the Husband was out and it was too long of a day to chance her not talking a bottle, so along she came.  We got down with minimal delays, and tried to leave a tad early since the weather was rainy and traffic is usually a mess.  I left at 3:45 and it took almost an hour to just get on the Expressway.  We finally made it to Philly and traffic was clear, however A finally woke up around Center City and was full on crying by City Line (sorry, details for the locals).  I thought maybe she'd settle down and I sang "You are my Sunshine" from City Line to Conshohocken at the top of my lungs trying to calm her cries, no dice.  By KOP (less than 10 minutes from home) I had to stop to settle her down.  It had been over 3 hours from the last feeding and she was never so happy to see me pull her out of the car seat.  So in a hotel parking lot, in the back seat of my car, I nursed A just 10minutes away from our home.  We finally got in around 6:30 and bedtime was thrown off track so it was a bit of a rough night.  Her naps were off on Monday, but we seemed back on track by Tuesday.

I got my hair cut!  Sorry no picture (bad blogger).  I cut some swoopy bangs again and its a few inches below my shoulders.  I couldn't bring myself to go short (above my shoulders) to donate. My mom and husband both love my long hair and it sort of talked me out of it.  I just told my stylist to do what he wanted, looks great, feels even better!

I feel like so many things are going on at once!

Ashlynn will now sit up without support, for about 10 seconds at a time, while sitting on me (not the floor).  I love watching her practice her balance.

Standing (supported) either on my lap, the floor, or changing table.  She's going longer than last week, sometimes for a really long time before giving out her legs.  I definitely think I need to pick up her exercauser from her Pop Pop's house to try.

Raspberries down pat.  Mimi (my mom) was working really hard with her while she was here doing a bunch of sounds and now A loves to do the raspberries on her own every day.

Holding toys.  She's still not grabbing things with purpose yet, but she will hold on to anything given to her.  And proceed to try to find her mouth, ha.  Babies.

We are still working on rolling during tummy time, getting belly laughs instead of the gasping smiles, and of course putting herself to sleep on her own.  All seem to be getting closer though!

Since it's August 1st, thought it was about time to take a weekly pic in a bathing suit!


  1. I love the ladybug outfit! It's so exciting. :)

    1. It's a bathing suit! So adorable... Little love bug!

  2. Aw adorable bathing suit. Her features seem like they change each week! Time goes by fast. Even now with Layla being almost 15 months, I'm clinging on to her "babyness".

    1. She definitely changed so quickly in the beginning, I feel like it's slowing a tad now, but still too fast for my liking! Can't she stay small enough to snuggle forever?!

  3. OMG...LOVE the bathing suit!! Too cute. BOO for blocked ducts, I am so sorry. I had the same happen to me and it turned into mastitis! It was awful. Did you cut out diary? I had too but then realized that wasn't helping much so had to cut some other stuff too. Anyways, she is such a cutie pie!

    1. Ugh, I thought I had Mastitis two weeks ago when the other side had a clog. I had all the symptoms, but in 12 hours and some tylenol they went away (aside from the duct, that lasted a few days).

      I have cut dairy. First it was for her reflux, it didnt seem to make a difference until I noticed a diaper rash that was persistant. Cut it again and its gone. Is there a correlation with dairy and clogged ducts??

  4. I have the Old Navy!! Can't believe how big she's getting! Wasn't she just born yesterday??? ;)

    1. Tell me about it! To sound like a broken record of every mom out there, it goes so fast!! I don't regret one single snuggle session where I lazed around on the couch with her instead of doing chores.

  5. Too cute! Love that she is wearing chevron!

    1. I couldn't resist! Now I just need to find some baby legs that don't irritate her skin to complete the outfit. And a headband of course (got to make sure people know she's a girl - I learned my lesson when putting her in blue. If she's in blue she needs a bow!)

  6. I think I recognize that bathing suit! She looks ridiculous in it. So cute. Hope you feel better soon!

    1. You bet you do! ;) So cute, figured she needed at least one bathing shot before she turns 1 year.

  7. OMG I love that bathing suit! Where did you get it? What a doll!


  8. She is just the cutest baby! I love her weekly check-ins!

  9. ohmygoodness!! The sunglasses - i die!!!


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