Thursday, August 30, 2012

In Pictures....

our  3rd Anniversary.

The husband took the day off work to celebrate with A and me. We headed back to my hometown, and even stopped at our wedding venue for an impromptu backseat nursing session for Littles.   We grabbed lunch at one of my favorite spots, a local's favorite.   I had dreamed of dipping A's toes in the ocean for the first time and naturally getting an amazing photo op.  Instead, she fell back asleep and I didn't want to wake her, or have her new baby skin in the sun for too long.  We walked the boards and then headed back as it was still a work night for the Husband and we wanted to get home before rush hour set in.

Girlfriend had some more playtime and we had Happy Hour.  Our 3rd bottle of Anniversary Wine, better known as our wedding guest book.  (Year 1, Year 2).

Another one down!  

Thank you for all the sweet comments and emails on yesterday's post.  I never imagined how many people it would touch.  Dreams do come true.


  1. Looks like the perfect day! Love A's little sun hat!

    1. It was absolutely gorgeous out! Great day for P to sneak out of work and go play at the shore! (her hat is baby gap)

  2. That's the best way to spend an anniversary. It's just perfect. Cheers to you and your family.

  3. Hi I just became a new follower. You have a really sweet blog here. :)

  4. You guys are too damn cute. Happy Anniversary! More your shirt.


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