Monday, August 27, 2012

[diapees + wipees] Cloth Diapers, 2 Months In

I'm now more than two months into cloth diapering so I thought I'd post another follow up since we are in a nice groove.

Feel free to get caught up with our original diapering method and my experience using cloth diapers after the first two weeks.

I'll start with updating my notes from my last post...

- We've had no leaks.  We've had leaks.
- We've had no blowouts.
- We've had no issues with stink or build up.
- We have had rash problems.  
- We have had stains after washing.  

While we haven't had many leaks, we have had a few.  Usually it happens with diapers that have exposed fleece on the leg opening (Happy Heinys) and it usually only happens in the morning when she is a heavier wetter.  It doesn't happen every time, only if I don't make the diaper tight enough or check to make sure the absorbent fleece isn't exposed.  It's also mainly happened when bringing her into bed with me after a morning nursing session to snooze and snuggle.  If I turn her on her side it's almost a given the sheets will end up with a wet spot from the transfer from the fleece to the sheets.  I've learned to throw a burp cloth (aka, a prefold diaper) under her now.

We've had some close calls that should have been blowouts, and probably would have been in a disposable, but the snug fit of the cloth has kept everything in where it belongs.

The rash problems I've gone over almost every week in my weekly updates.  They aren't diaper related,  but moreso diet.  The few times I've noticed a different rash, a more typical 'diaper rash' of dry chaffed skin, it's been quickly healed with some naked time and moisture of Angel Baby Bottom Balm or coconut oil.

I haven't experienced any staining like I did in the beginning.  I'm wondering if maybe I just hadn't fully prepped the diapers before that first use.  The BumGenius 4.0s especially come out clean everytime, which were the ones I had some issues it.  The bamboo lining of Blueberries and organic cotton of the BumGenius Elements (AIOs) come out with some discoloration, but they are easily bleached out with some sun time.

Thoughts on Brands

Not going to go brand by brand like last time, just my quick general notes.

BumGenius 4.0s OS Pocket Diapers are by far my favorite.  The only time I experienced a leak was because I didn't snap the waist tight enough.  She's a bit in between snaps for sizes at this point, so I just have to make sure I have the legs pulled up tight if I'm going looser at the waist.  User error leak, not product.

I love the colors.  I love the snaps, only 2 instead of 3 like some brands. They always wash back to white.  I actually added 6 new ones from Kelly's Closet Buy 5 get 1 Free promotion.

I did try out two FuzziBunz Elite OS diapers and wanted to love them.  I loved how narrow they were between the legs.  Loved the soft minky inserts.  And LOVED the soft fleece lining, but I just couldn't get a good fit on A.  The inner elastic was great in theory for me, but I just couldn't get it to work no matter what combination I tried.  After a week's use, I realized I was avoiding using them so I resold them for nearly their full value (excellent barely used condition, no staining, fully prepped, all accessories included) and took the money to add two more BG 4.0s to the stash.

I still favor the Rumparooz at bedtime.  The inner gussets and inserts seem more absorbent than using a BG 4.0 over night and I don't mind that they are tad bulkier at that time.  The Blueberry's come in at the same ranking, no issues outside a bit of discoloration after wash.  BumGenius Elementals, the all in ones, fall behind those.  I just prefer the pockets, even with the annoyance of having to stuff them. The Elementals take forever to dry, are usually a bit discolored - not stained, after wash.  The Happy Heinys and Bum Cheeks are my least favorite.  I'm actually considering selling them as well.  I use the Kawaii freebie I received at night with no issues, it's just too bulky to use during the day at her current size.  And the EconoBum 2IOs I never touch.


I have been using Rockin Green detergent exclusively.  It's a bit expensive at $14.95 a bag, but I've washed diapers every other day for the last 2 months and am just now running out.   I use about 2 heaping tablespoons for each load, so I'm sure I could use less (like it recommends) and extend it even further.  Either way, $7.50 a month for diaper wash doesn't seem too bad to me.  And I could always switch to Tide Original Powder, which I have a box waiting for when I do run out.

Also, when I picked up the 2 FuzziBunz, I grabbed some biodegradable flushable liners, a hemp doubler, and some Bummis Fleece Liners.

The biodegradable flushable liners have been great when I need to use a heavier duty non-cloth diaper friendly rash cream.  It keeps the cloth diaper from absorbing the cream and therefore making it liquid repellent (the opposite of what they need to be!).  I originally was using some cut up pieces of a cotton receiving blanket, but since you should wash them separate from the diapers, to avoid residue build up, it was bit annoying to put a wet or dirty piece of cotton in a separate wet bag.  The disposable liner goes in the toilet and is gone forever.  I don't use these frequently, but I'm sure I will once we switch to solids.

The hemp insert is ridiculous.  I definitely plan on ordering more when she gets bigger and becomes a heavier wetter.  They are so thin, yet hold so much!  So much nicer to double with instead two regular microfiber inserts.

Bummis fleece liners are great for wicking away moisture. I haven't used them all that much, but try to remember to when she is show signs of rash.  Anything to keep her bum dry and less irritated, even though the rash seems to be caused by internal sources, not external.

That's pretty much where we stand today.  I have used one disposable diaper since starting this process and that was only because I forgot to pack a cloth diaper when we headed to a doctor appt one day.  It took a bit longer than expected and I knew she needed a change.  Basically I'm sold hard to the cloth, and am silently laughing to all the nay sayers of "yeah, see how long that lasts!"

Anything I missed?  Feel free to ask Q's in the comments and I'll try to put together a Q&A!


  1. i loved this post! i have BG 4.0 and had an overnight leak in them. I could stuff them with two liners but then her bum is HUGE and she's already a big girl! Her PJs are like busting at the seams. I'm thinking about investing in some Rumparooz like you recommended. Where did you purchase yours? I've really been enjoying cloth as well. It's not as bad as I thought it would be but I'll let you know how it goes after she starts solids next week...

    1. If I use BGs overnight, I use the larger insert and seem to be okay. Then again, I'm usually changing her sometime between 12-3 and then again around 5. So it's not an 8+hr diaper. The rumparooz with both inserts are SUPER bulky and they are less trim between the legs compared to the BGs since they are thicker inside with microfleece and double gusset. BUT if you use a hemp insert (or maybe bamboo, heard good things about them too) you'll get more absorbency but less bulk. I just ordered a few more to start in all the night diaps. (Hemp Babies Doublers).

      I got my rumparooz from Kelly's Closet. I have 2, one with velcro and one with snaps. While I usually like snaps, I like the velcro in the middle of the night. Quicker and I dont need a light to see.

      Holy crap, already starting solids... time is flying!

  2. Hello there! I've just stumbled upon your blog through someone I follow. I love it! All that breast milk you are donating is AMAZING. I just read about how you have had some problems with rashes on your baby, and how you're using two spoons of detergent. I just thought i'd mention that generally if you put more soap in then recommended rashes, and irritations can occur so that could be your problem! I know you probably weren't looking for advice, but I hope it helps!! :)

    1. Hi Emily! So glad you found me!

      And no problem, I'm always open to constructive comments! And you are so right about the detergent. When I first noticed the rash that was actually my first thought. I thought it was either a detergent or fabric allergy or irritation. After two weeks of playing around with different amounts, extra rinse cycles (I typically do cold wash, hot wash +detergent, cold rinse), I ruled that out since it was still coming and going. I finally was able to pinpoint it more to my dairy intake. When I started to cut it, it would disappear, if I didn't pay attention to labels or have something with cheese or other dairy, I'd see it flare back. I'm still waiting more info from our GI appt to see if there is more than just dairy as the culprit though.

      Either way, you are right that it could def cause irritation. Now that I'm just about out of my Rockin Green, I think I'm going to switch to tide, so I'll definitely be using a small amount!

  3. The creator of FuzziBunz was on Shark Tank tonight trying to get them to invest. She said that a ton of companies have stolen her idea and is suing them all. None of the Sharks made her an offer.


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