Friday, August 10, 2012

[BIMO] Emerald Prep

I'm back at it.   More baby clothes inspired outfits.

Using Ashlynn's 12 Week photo, it would have been easy to be inspired by the rugby stripes and do the same or another variation of stripes, but I wanted something less matchy-matchy since I'm not trying to dress like her, just be inspired by her.

Well, more like inspired by her overly cute and overly full closet.

So instead, I was inspired by the 'preppiness' of it.  And what's not more preppy than a crisp white collar, under a polka dot crew neck, and saturated colors like emerald and navy.  If you want, you can go all Blair Waldorf and add a plaid headband.  


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Was I on the mark?  Do you like timeless preppy styles or do you prefer more edgy, bohemian, or romantic styles?


  1. Great job! I think my style / taste has evolved over time, but I'm not sure really where I am at right now. I guess I haven't thought about it. I do most recently love being a jeans and shirt gal. (Although jeans not so great in the Texas heat right now!).


  2. I think that this is spot on! Perfect complement to each other!!!



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