Wednesday, July 25, 2012

[Wednesday's Weekly Check-In] Week 14

Sorry for the delay, still working on getting all sorts of things up and running on my new laptop.  Installing fonts, trying to find my old colors, downloading apps, and uploading pictures.  You know, normal first world problems....

Who knows, still assuming 13ish pounds.  With all her chub, could easily be more.

Good.  Had a bit of a heat rash last week, but no other concerns.  I'm doing great staying away from dairy and using substitutes in our meals, so she's been pretty rash free.

We did it.  Little A had her first night (and second, third, and fourth) in the crib!  Granted, I didn't follow any sleep training rules and I do try to get her asleep ON ME first through nursing and rocking in the chair, but once out and swaddled she'll sleep in the crib until 2 or 2:30 before stirring.   So she gets about 6 hours in the crib which is on the lower end of how she was doing in the PnP, but works for me.  

And last night she got 8 hours.  Improving all the time!

I get her when she wakes and feed her in our room then put her in the PnP (the bassinet portion) instead of going back to her room.  

It's been sooo much harder on me, but I'm doing better with each night and checking the monitor less and less.  I think the first night I was glued to it almost non-stop seeing if her chest was rising and falling.  The few times she woke early she was able to put herself back to sleep within 5 minutes or so.  I hope with the continued routine of bath, lotion, jammies, and milk that she'll just get the hang of it and get used to be put in the crib and going to bed.  Eventually not needing me to rock her or hold her until she's sleeping.  Maybe not, but I'll give it a few weeks before getting all strict about it.

0-3 Months.  Thinking about starting to use some 3-6 month outfits.  I have a few 'summer outfits' in that size and with the cloth diapers they might be close to fitting.  Might as well try to use them before Fall.

Friday night we all headed over to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, quality family time at its finest!

Sunday, A and I went to a friend's bridal shower.  She slept through most and then woke and ate (from a bottle!) near the end.  Everyone loved her chubby face and she even made a buddy with a 10 year girl named Ashlyn Erin (too funny!).

The nighttime fussiness isn't as bad as last week.  I'm trying to pay attention to her naps during the day and seeing if we need to start bedtime routine earlier, as not to make her over tired (which might have been our problem).  Otherwise she's been such a happy happy baby.  Tons of smiles, coos, and attempts to mimic me with raspberries, sticking out her tongue and making noises.


Ashlynn is trying her hardest to mimic me - raspberries, sticking out my tongue, jetson noise lip flappies  (you are totally making noises right now trying to figure that one out... you got it!).  Anyway, she loves watching my mouth and just is such a happy baby.

She also is holding on to toys.  I do still have to put them in her hands, she won't grab them herself, but she immediately tries to put them in her mouth.  Looks like that phase isn't too far away!


  1. oh my goodness she is so so so presh. congrats x

  2. she is so pretty! Love her chub and thanks for reminding me that I should probably get out the Bumbo seat sometime:)

    1. The bumbo is getting more and more use each week. I think it'll be better once she gets a few more inches, she's such a shorti!

  3. What cute chub!!! I'm glad her sleeping is better. I'm jealous of your new computer. I have a Mac, but it's old in computer years and now slow (I should probably transfer / delete files)...Maybe I can get a new one for the holidays (although with baby #2 and not getting paid for my entire maternity leave that is probably not ideal - hah!)..


    1. I'm so happy we got a Mac. I haven't had "my own" computer since 2004, and the husband does have one, we both always used our work laptops. It's nice to finally have a real personal use computer, we figured we'd do it up.

  4. I loved reading your blog today, thanks to Natasha for having you post! Your little girl is adorable and I love her name! I'm excited about getting the Bumbo seat myself because it looks like she really enjoys it. Can't wait to see my new one's little face!

    1. Hi Ashley! Thanks for stopping by! The bumbo is definitely starting to get more use and she's getting stronger with core and neck control so that really helps. I can't wait until she's into toys a bit more and I can get her occupied in while I shower or do the dishes - LOL, the little things!

  5. Just found your blog via Schue Love! Your little girl is precious!! I have a little guy that is just a little older than her.. 18 weeks. I was scrolling down and looking at your other posts and totally saw your daughter's nursery that was featured on Project Nursery and realized that we were both on the July Finalist nursery picks!! LOVE IT! Just wanted to say Hi and I love your nursery!!! Happy Tuesday!!

    1. So glad you stopped over and too funny about project nursery - I LOVED your room, probably more than my own!


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