Wednesday, July 18, 2012

[Wednesday's Weekly Check-In] Week 13

Ashlynn is 3 Months Old today!  I can't believe she's fully an "infant" and her newborn days are long gone.  She's really starting to develop some personality and is just so much fun to play with now that she isn't sleeping 20+ hours like I she was during her first few weeks.

Weight:  Guessing 13 or so odd pounds.  Just a guess.

Health: Good.  Her diaper rash, the little red bumps, finally went away!  I'm now convinced it's related to the dairy.  It came back a day or two ago lightly, so I watched my diet the last two days and it's clearing up. 


(I die when her bottom lip puckers like that!)
Sunday I tried to start the No Cry Sleep Solution.  I did a 3 minute check and a 5 minute check and then quit and picked her up.  I know I should just get some balls and take a week and DO IT, but she sleeps relatively well through the night - once asleep.  If I can get her to sleep in 5 minutes on my shoulder in the living room where I can play on the laptop, watch tv, and spend time with the Husband or in 2 hours rocking in the dark... right now the former is winning.

(lip pucker AND arm rolls??... :::melting:::)
Outside of that, her sleep has been a little messed up.  That same night she didn't go down until midnight.  The next two days she took crazy long afternoon naps and went down later.  I'm chalking it up to a 3 month growth spurt.  Who knows.  It'll get back to normal.  Not too worried about it.

Clothes: 0-3 Months.  I can tell she's growing as some onesies are starting to get more snug.

Social:  Didn't really do anything newsworthy outside of errands.  We were supposed to visit friends in NJ and meet their 4 month old, but it was the day I had a fever (see 'postpartum' below) and I stayed back with A to recover.

Diet:  Milk!

Baby Gear Love:  

Love is You and Me -  I received this book as part of a Book Exchange and it's been my favorite to read before bed.  Nice big pictures, short and rhymes.  It's also a board book which will be great as a gets a little bigger.

O-Ball - I've been working on getting A to grasp objects.  This ball is bit a no-fail no-brainer.  She doesn't really have to work on grasping it the way she would something thicker, but holding on to it does require a little skill.  And, being a tomboy myself, it's cute watching her have it rest under her arm like a little basketball.


A's becoming a bit fussy at night.  It breaks my heart a little since every time her daddy tries to get in some QT after he gets home from work, she just melts down.  I don't believe it's separation anxiety just yet, just a combo of crankiness and not having her needs met (feeding, burping, etc).  She gets pretty hysterical quickly and I think it shakes his confidence in trying to soothe her, so I take her back. I hope this stage doesn't last too long, because when they are snuggly together there is nothing cuter.

After a few nights last week sleeping 8hrs +, our feeding scheduling was a bit off (read: engorgement).  By Saturday morning I had some extreme tenderness, like couldn't hold her on my right side shoulder without cringing, and I had a fever, chills, headache, and body aches.  I was convinced I had Mastitis.  I called the on call doc, but after taking some Tylenol and and playing phone tag, I started feeling better.  By Sunday, I felt great, just a lump remained so I'm still working on getting the clogged duct free.  I called the nurse yesterday and she said if it doesn't clear after another day to call back.  


I taught a to blow raspberries yesterday!  She smiles so big when I do them, so I spent some time  trying to get her to mimic me and it worked!

Not necessarily new, but she loves standing and will put her weight on her legs.  She especially likes standing on my stomach and will hold her weight for a while before collapsing down.

During tummy time she now has no problem lifting right away and will sometimes even stretch her arms up (she usually rests on her elbows - like plank position).  She is a huge kicker too and will do leg lifts, it's hysterical.  She also reached from this position to grab a toy.  It's like she wants to crawl so bad.   Slow down child!!! 

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  1. omg that outfit. and headband. and shoes. just stop it.

    also: the first 2-3 nights are the worst! when you're ready, just stick with it. go sit outside with a beer or something until checks. or icecream.

    1. being that I'm now dairy free, I'll go with beer ;)

      ... and yeah, I'm a little obsessed with the outfit. I want a mommy verion... oh new post idea!

  2. She is simply adorable! I am due with my first baby (also a girl!) in 5 weeks, and this just got me so excited! I am your newest follower, hope you'll visit my blog & follow back if you enjoy it as well!


    1. Congrats to you! Wonderful news, it really is such an amazing experience. Enjoy these last few wks of your pregnancy!

  3. We had the same issues with nighttime crankiness and daddy time. Liam worked his way out of it, but it was a rough go of it for a month or so. She absolutely amazing :)


    1. Glad to know we aren't alone! It's so heartbreaking though, just want to see her give him the big goofy smiles I get earlier in the day!

  4. You are totally doing the right thing with the crying it out stuff. I waited a certain amount of time with Cee and Jules and had to do different stuff with each. Every baby is different so go with your gut. Ps...1st pic in the 2nd row of 6....totes disco inferno.

    1. so disco inferno! And there was another just as funny that was like a 'pony ride' dance, lol!

      Sometimes I feel like we are way behind with not having her in the crib or on a schedule, but I guess me staying home also makes things different than compared to if I was a working mom who would have to have a schedule. It really doesn't seem to complicate our lives, but I don't want to start bad habits either.

  5. I had mastitis twice while nursing Layla. So awful, but the good thing was the flu feeling only lasted about 24 hrs.

    I can't believe how fast time is flying. It seems like you has her not too long ago.

    1. Ohh interesting the symptoms only lasted 24 hours because mine did too! I thought maybe it wasn't mastitis since they didn't linger. Looks like I'll be calling the nurse back! Thanks for commenting!!

  6. Aww, where did you get that dress and adorable shoes in her last pic?? I starting to get girl clothes for my lil one on the way. I love your series photos too. Does it take much time to add txt to the photos? I bought Adobe a while ago, but I haven't had / made time to play around with it yet.

    We did Babywise / Baby Whisperer...and then my doc pretty much recommended something similiar to what you said - at 2 weeks (his days and nights were flipped) I sleeped "trained." 5 min, 10 min, 15 min. It pretty much worked the first night w/ consistency. I think he just wanted us to leave him alone - hah! He never got close to 10 min. Every baby is diff though!

    I am hoping my next one is a good sleeper.


    1. The dress is Baby Gap, I got it back in January after I found we were having a girl. Could still be floating on some sale racks maybe?? And the shoes are Target!! Aren't they soo cute. They are newborn size and still fit with room. She has the tiniest feet!

      I think when I'm fully ready to have her sleep in the crib, and not in the PNP bassinet in our room, I'll sleep train, until then I feel like I have too many excuses! haha :)

  7. Puffy hearts on the picture of her pointing! OMG, she's so adorable! She is very photogenic. Even when she is crying she's cute. Ok, I'll stop the cutesiness now, but I can't help it! lol :)

  8. Way to go, A---what great head control you have!!

    And I still say you shouldn't worry too much about putting her to bed in the 'proper' way just yet. she is still so little and this time is fleeting---enjoy the snuggles while you can!

  9. I'm dying over that outfit!!!! A is so so cute. As far as night time sleep goes, once you bite the bullet it's not so bad. B now goes to bed every night at eight and either doesn't cry at all or we let her cry for five minutes then soothe her then let her cry for ten and usually that's all it takes. I know how you feel though... It's just so hard to hear them upset! Good luck!


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