Wednesday, July 11, 2012

[Wednesday's Weekly Check-In] Week 12

Weight: Official unknown. Maybe 12-13lbs??  Knowing her, could be more!

Health:     Healthy!  

I did cut dairy again though.  On morning of the 4th she was crazy pukey and poopy and seemed to really be in pain.  I realized the day before I had yogurt parfait and said, we'll that's it!  I had also talked to my neighbor, who's daughter has lactose allergy, and she thought A's diaper rash sounded like an intolerance.

It's been about a week now, and again, I haven't cut dairy completely, just no milk, cheese, ice cream, yogurt, etc.  And I'm just starting to see A's rash get better and while she still spits up like crazy and has needed to be burped a lot.  She doesn't seem to be in much squirmy pain.

Sleep:  Back and forth.  Over the weekend she woke around 2am both nights, but Monday and Tuesday night she slept through 8 hours.  I think it helped I made her swaddle extra tight.

I started reading the No Cry Sleep Solution, since I know we should be moving her to her crib soon (or yesterday) and I thought starting good sleep habits at the same time would make life easiest for everyone.  The book recommends waiting until they are 4 months or 14lbs to implement so I'm using that as my excuse to not go full force with it.   Recently, she's been having a tougher time going down at night.  Especially on nights without baths.  So I figure I'll start our strict bedtime routines now and start trying to get her to learn to fall asleep on her own as opposed to nursing or being held until she falls asleep.  Since her middle of the night wakings are inconsistent, I'll still get up when needed in case she really is hungry. 

Naps have been all over the place too.  Some days she takes mini 30-45 minutes naps randomly throughout the day, and others she'll go for over 3 hours.  Since she's just about to hit 3 months (next week), I haven't been too strict with a schedule.  I'll start getting better about that soon too.  

I hope.

Clothes: 0-3. 

Little girlfriend has become quite the shopping buddy.  I've been trying to get out almost daily, whether it's to the mall, running errands, or enjoying a walk downtown (only to indulge mommy in the Anthro sale and some macarons!)

Today we met up with Auntie Ab, her momma, and a high school friend for lunch and shopping and the sleepyhead napped the whole time.  I realize now is the time to do this stuff, as in a year or two, I'll be chasing her through the clothing racks!

Crying:   Been having some fussy episodes at night.  I guess this is fairly normal from what I read.  It's just a bit  heartbreaking though to see her cry when I try to give her some time with her daddy.  Hopefully once we work out a better sleep and nap schedule this will correct itself.


Almost a giggle.  Last Thursday we were getting a ton of big old goofy grins to my raspberries.  I think we got what should have been a little laugh, but she's still working on it.  Hopefully not too much longer!


  1. Ummm can we talk about those ADORABLE rolls?? She is just too cute for words!! Loving the consistency of your photos each'll have a great progression to show her one day!!

    1. Thanks Natasha! It's funny because I've been looking at Ethan remember those skinny newborn limbs - they'll fill out fast!!

    2. Any tips on your photos? I have a pretty good camera, but maybe I need to get more creative (and I'm an art teacher, so I shoudl be able to do this - hah). For the laying down photos, did you put her on the floor and just hover over? Or get up on a step stool (I hope I don't sound ridiculous)? It gets harder when they get older to take photos, btw!

      I think I'm going to try to do weekly sessions (like you did) for the second! The second ia often neglected from so many things (the excitement from others), but I feel like I learned from things I didn't do / or could do she'll benefit from that!

      You can also reach me at madmaxandfamily (at) gmail.


    3. I'm still such a novice at my camera, so thank you for the
      compliments! I have a Canon Rebel T2i and mainly use my 50mm f/1.8
      lens. I use the kit lens (18-55mm) to do the weekly photos and you
      got it, I just hover over her! When she's bigger I might need a stool
      and a larger blanket haha! It will definitely be harder once she is
      moving around, but I think ones of her rolling or trying to crawl will
      be just as cute and show her progression too.

      I always see other cute things from bloggers that I try to remember
      for our next go round, if we are so lucky!

  2. So cute! She's chunking up quite nicely ;)

  3. Cute pics of little one! What camera do you have? Looking to upgrade and your camera takes nice pics. Also what are your thoughts on the shutter lag? Thanks!

    1. I have a Canon Rebel T2i and generally use the 50mm f/1.8 lens. Honestly, I still feel like such a beginner so I'm only guessing about shutter lag. I usually shoot in Manual and Av, so as long as I increase my shutter speed and make the other adjustments, I can get a crisp picture. I think a telephoto lens would prob be best though for fast moving objects.... am I way off with your Q??

  4. oh my gosh, she is just a bundle of joy. she's waaaaay too cute. i just want to pinch her little rolls and kiss her chubby cheeks. LOL.

    Win a $50 giftcard to Shappy Apple! Come and join. :]


  5. I was looking forward to this update all day yesterday! I cannot get over how big she is - those rolls effing kill me. I want to munch on them! she is such a beautiful baby.

  6. I love her chunk!
    And do not worry about moving her to a crib yet if you aren't ready---she is still so young! It's going to take awhile to get a real routine down for day and night, and just when you figure something out she will change it on you:) I read that No Cry book with Truman and remember really liking it---but don't remember anything about it now. Funny how that happens:)

    1. Thanks so much Julia for make me feel okay about crib and sleeping. I feel like I read so many other mommy blogs where babies are sleep trained in the crib at 6 wks. I feel behind! However, if she was waking every 1-2 hours it'd be so different. For the most part, she'll sleep from 8 or 9pm to 430-530, so I can't complain.

      And I just love being able to peek up and make sure she hasn't rolled over or gotten tangled in her swaddle.

  7. She is such a doll!!! You must be so in love! It always exciting when they start to giggle and smile :)

    1. I am! I just love getting her to smile and can't wait until laughs really start coming along with them!

  8. So adorable! And great photos!!! I try to get out almost daily w my 18 month old son. It's so harder to be at home with a tot (I'm off for the summer).

    Have you tried other non-dairy options for yourself? Soy milk, etc. My husband and son are vegan (I'd say I'm "mostly" vegan) ...

    Have you read Baby Wise or Baby Whisperer? I found those really helpful with sleeping and scheduling (EASY method). Although we all have our different opinions on this! My doc also gave us sleeping tips at 2 weeks, and that helped so much!

    Love your blog.

    1. Thank you! I absolutely have non-dairy subs! I try to stay away from too much soy since it's hidden in so many things and has been linked to photoestrogens and hormone disruption (something I already have other issues with). I've been drinking almond or coconut milk and products. It's been pretty tough to give up because I LOVE dairy products so much (I'm one of those people who drinks a glass of milk at dinner), but knowing that it's only temporary and that it helps her motivates me to stick with it. I don't think I could ever go vegan for the long term, super impressed with your dedication!

      I haven't read either of those yet, but have good things about them. Especially babywise. If we have trouble when we move her to the crib, I'll definitely pick them up!

    2. Very true about soy. I've heard those things. We also drink almond and rice milk. I'm not vegan, so don't be impressed with my dedication. :) My husband is and so is my son though. I still eat fish and some dairy products (mostly when I go out somewhere). I figure in moderation, it can't be too bad?! I LOVE sweets, and I love cheese. Although I'd probably give up cheese before sweets!

      Yes, I found both of those books super helpful (and talking to friends), but every situation and baby is different. Much luck! Enjoy every moment.

      PS - I think I had more trouble moving Max to his crib then he had (which is probably true at every transition... it was hard for me to see him growing up so fast!)


  9. My son is 13 weeks old and from two to three months we had MAJOR sleep regression (going from 7+ hour stretches to 3 max, and then waking up to comfort nurse every hour). AHH. He sleeps in our room (in a bassinet sort of thing most of the time, but sometimes bed sharing). Finally, I decided that his bad night sleep was due to not having a proper sleep schedule during the day. I've seen a difference since I make sure he gets solid naps. We're trying the crib tonight for the first time too. (Lots of tears, but only from me haha!) Every baby is different. Don't feel guilty/pressured about when to make transitions, though I definitely would recommend some sort of routine sooner rather than later. (It's the one thing I'd do differently for baby #2... so far, ha.)

    1. Ahh hi Kelsey! Soo thrilled to hear you have a 13 weeker too, congrats!!

      I'm definitely going to try a better "schedule" this week. It's hard because she isn't really a bad sleeper at all. Even on "bad" nights she'll still sleep from 9pm to 3am. It's just that usually she'll make it to 430-530, which helps me since I don't go to sleep until 11 usually. The napping schedule is all over the place, sometimes taking a long one in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon. I'd love to make that more regimented, but at the same time it's nice being able to come and go and not worry about having her back for naps, especially since she'll nap while out without any problems. Glad your little boy got the hang of it!


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