Wednesday, July 4, 2012

[Wednesday's Weekly Check-In] Week 11

Weight: Official unknown.  Estimated around 12lbs??

Health:     Dare I say nothing major?  Cradle cap is basically gone, I just put a little coconut oil on her face when it's looking extra dry and after baths.

I'm also thinking she may have an allergy to elastic.  I had sleep in a onesie and some baby legs for the first time last Saturday and when she woke up she had a terrible ring around her leg.  I thought originally it was just an indent from her diaper, but after an hour and some naked time to help the rash that came back that day, I realized it wasn't from the diaper, nor was it an indentation.  It looked more like a burn.  There is still the tiniest mark left from it too and it's now Wednesday.  Also, yesterday I had her in a romper with uncovered elastic at the  leg and wherever it would touch her it was leaving a mark.  Looks like I need to look for clothes with covered elastic from now on.

Sleep:  Aside from last night (oy!), she's in a pretty good routine, it's just not always the same time.  6 hour stretch, feed, nap for 90 min, feed, nap for 60 min, awake feed play and nap again.  And of course a few more during the day.  Usually a long one from 11-1 and another short one in the late afternoon.

We also took the newborn napper out of the pack n play and now she's sleeping in the bassinet portion.

Clothes: 0-3. 


On Friday, I had to return to work to end my maternity leave and start my grace period. Unfortunately/Fortunately, my company decided last fall to close our entire office location and ship our Boston.  This was going to be a slow process and the timing couldn't have worked out better for me.  I was scheduled to start my grace period June 30, so having been due with the baby in May lined up a short maternity leave before the grace period was to begin.  I'll be unofficially unemployed on September 30th even though I'm a full time Stay at Home Mom now.  I plan to continue to stay home for A's first year and then we'll take a look at our options and we'll see how and when I'll reenter the work force.

Anyway, A came with and we actually got to hang out with another baby who was born just two week after her.  I cleaned out my cubicle and said my good byes to the few employees who are left. 

On Sunday morning, PopPop and Nana came over for brunch.  I made Nana's Baked French Toast and we all made slobs of ourselves, I could seriously eat that every day - especially with organic Jersey blueberries!  A showed off her new tricks, like smiling and playing on her mat. 

Tuesday, A and I beat the heat by going to the mall.  I made a bunch of returns and only came home with a few things.  I'll post about them later in the week.  A slept the whole time and every store associate stopped to comment on her cute chubby cheeks.  Best little shopping partner.

Same old.  Mainly cries when hungry or overtired.


First day of work (came to visit with Mommy)


  1. She's a beauty!! I'm jealous of you getting to stay home for a year - what a wonderful gift for your little one!

  2. Anxious to see if you cut your hair. I have been growing mine to donate and could do it now but would be about shoulder length....hhhmmmm. I have had short hair off and on but right now am PG and have a bit fuller face than normal so I think I am going to wait until after the babe comes.

    1. I know, the thought of cutting it gives me so much anxiety!

  3. E, she's beyond words precious! So happy to see that everything is going well. And good luck with the hair decisions! I donated 10 inches to Locks of Love when I was in college and I'm so happy that I did. Good news is that if you are still taking prenatals, your hair should grow back pretty quickly!

  4. Good luck on the hair! I couldn't do it. I love my long hair too much and would probably look 15 if I cut it short. I'm sure you'll love staying home. One of the best decisions I've ever made.

    1. I'm going to see how short it'd be before I do it. As long as I can throw it up, I'm good... especially since that's how I usually wear it now. I barely wear it down.

  5. She is precious! Just found your blog and I'm so glad I did, I'm due in 6 weeks with a girl and can't wait. Looking forward to reading more.

    1. Welcome! Congrats to you, I hope these last weeks fly for you and you can beat the heat and meet your little one!


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