Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hang With Me....

I'm learning something new this week.

My shiny somewhat planned, yet unexpected, purchase was made immediate when I realized my work computer's (on loan as part of my grace period) password was expiring in 90 minutes.  Since my company converted to a new network that my VPN token wouldn't connect to, I threw everything on my external hard drive and hauled ass to Apple.  94 Minutes later I was home and luckily not locked out.

Working on getting my documents converted and trying to figure out where things go from here... hang with me while I get adjusted!


  1. It's a nice little story and everything...but let's talk about the bedspread that the shiny thing is lying on. It's gorgeous!

    1. I love you.

      and it's pottery barn, it's on sale (or was earlier this month). thought it was a nice change since the room used to be monochromatic

  2. Gorgeous computer and I am loving the bedspread too!

  3. Always so fun to get a new computer, especially a Mac! Hope you get everything figured out with the least amount of stress and frustration. :)

    p.s. - Love the PB bedspread, too!!!

  4. Ohhhhhhh Welcome!! Once you go MAC, you never go back :)



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