Wednesday, June 20, 2012

[Wednesday's Weekly Check-In] Week 9

Weight: After I posted last week's update I changed my guess from 9lb 12oz to 10lb 2oz because I thought it'd funny if she doubled her birth weight, 5lb 1oz.  Well, little miss chubby cheekers raised me another... girlfriend weighed in at 11lbs even.

11 pounds!

She also grew from 19 1/4" to 21".  

Medical Issues:    Turns out the rash on her face is actually two.  It's a combination of cradle cap (or what I keep saying Freudian slip style - cradle crap) which thankfully looks nothing like the shots on google images.  Instead it's just a bunch of teeny tiny raised colorless bumps on her face, that are starting to diminish now.  The second rash is a heat rash, which is only evident, well, in the heat!

At her 2 Month Check Up she received a round of vaccinations (at noon on Monday).  She slept the entire rest of the day!  She fed twice and barely ate, I had to pump.  Finally she woke every 3 hours during the night and finally had some wet diapers by morning.  

Sleep:  Dare I say she's sleeping through the night??  According to "STTN" consists of 6 or 7 straight hours, which aside from my sometime interference she definitely gets.  

Clothes: 0-3!  Strangely enough went from a 0-3 Onesie (GAP) on Wednesday that was loose in the body and big at the legs, to barely having another brands fit on Friday (it was really 'long and lean' - which she is not).  On Saturday, I got her in a little Gymboree romper and it fit like a glove.  Newborn clothes are getting packed, I'm not sure how much longer the 0-3 will make it and that's the bulk of her closet!

Social: (formerly, Visitors... this makes more sense, since she's now a little 'out and about' lady who lunches)

On Friday we visited friends who live near by.  Their 16 month old daughter loved blowing kisses at "the bay-bay"  and we enjoyed some cold brews and pizza outside on a gorgeous night.

Saturday, baby girl and I went Mommy and Me shopping to the local outlet mall, it was GORGEOUS outside!  Ashlynn slept the whole time and I was able to resist buying anything for myself and only keeping A's purchases to an adorable 6 month sized dress from Ralph Lauren (she has plenty of cute 0-3 month clothes) and some 0-3M onesies from carters for sleeping.  It's too warm for sleepers, so onesies do best at night.  I also prefer the cheaper ones at night in case she does sleep for 8 hours and has a bit a leak or blowout.  We picked up some presents for Daddy (naturally a tie for Father's Day), gifts for our nieces, and some stuff for upcoming baby showers. 

Sunday we took daddy to brunch for Father's Day.  Afterwards, we gave him his present, which he loved!  Before Ashlynn was born he sent me a link to check out the DNA portraits and said we should get some made when we move to our next home, for some "real art".  About a week after A was born I started thinking of what we could do for Father's Day and I remembered the art.  I placed an order and got my "dna sample swab kit" and took a swab of Ashlynn's cheek.  I mailed it back and voila, her personalized DNA on canvas!  We hope to some day add to the collection and make a little family gallery.

After presents, we headed to Nana and Pop Pop's for a family BBQ.  Ashlynn got to meet her cousins and Aunts and Uncles.


Same old.  Not really a crier unless something is wrong.  

She did have a spell of heart breaking screaming cries after I rudely woke her from napping after her shots by hitting the Rock N Play with my knee.  I took forever to console her and finally after crying through nursing she passed back out. 


First Trip to Grandparents - got to meet her cousins Emma and Lily
First Cloth Diaper 
Sleeping through the night with a tad more consistency
Starting to notice toys, swatted the rhino on the bouncer's mobile, and grabbing for things like blankets and toys.


  1. Oh my, she is so cute! I love your baby posts. I am having a baby girl in October after having had a miscarriage and have connected so much with your blog. You are so helpful and informative. Hope I am as comfortable being a mom as you look!

    1. So sorry to hear of your loss, but a HUGE congrats on your little girl! I'm really glad you found me and like the content too, I don't really mind writing to cyberspace, but it's great when I can connect with others and feel like I may be serving some purpose too!

      And you'll do great, it's amazing how your instincts kick in!

  2. She is so so sweet! You have the cutest outfits for her too!

    1. Thanks! I was spoiled by friends and family!

  3. ahhhh, I say CRADLE CRAP TOO!!! hahaha. Mine still has a touch of it at 2 years old. Although now I guess we should just call it what it is...dandruff. lol. Your baby is just adorable. You are so lucky she is good at outings.

    1. She has dandruff too, started out really bad, and now is just a tad flakey. The bumps on her face make me sad though. I know they aren't bothering her, but they just look bad. I hope they fade soon!... Oh and I'm taking what I can get with the outings, who knows how long it will before she's running around pulling everything off the racks!

  4. Awww she is just doing beautifully!! Love seeing how she's progressing and hearing all is well! :)

    1. Thanks Natasha, soon it will be your turn!!!

  5. Those chubby arms are too much! So glad you guys are doing so well!



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