Wednesday, June 13, 2012

[Wednesday's Weekly Check-In] Week 8

Weight: 2 Month Check Up is on Monday.  I'm going with the estimated guess of 9lb 12oz.  An ounce a day would have put her at 9lb 8oz.  I'm guessing she's gaining more than that again, playing catch up!

Medical Issues:   Still has some congestion, comes and goes.  Same with reflux.  Some feedings she'll fall asleep and not even so much burp herself, let alone spit up, grunt, arch her back, hiccup, choke, etc.  Of course, then there are the others.  I think the feedings when she's stuffy are the worst.  I think she takes in too much air because her breathing pattern is off.  She also chokes a lot these feedings and it's terrifying.  I should probably relax, but I'm a spaz when I choke on water, I can only image the same feeling for her. 

She also started to get a heat rash or baby acne.  Going to ask the pedi about it on Monday.  It's not blotchy, just little bumps that flare up on her cheeks and the back of neck mainly when she's hot.  After she cools down, they seem to fade away a bit.

Sleep:  Sleep at night is pretty good.  Falling into a routine of sleeping from 7 or 8 to 11 and then again from 12 to 4 or 5.  Of course this isn't concrete, it's just the baseline. 

Now the real issue is the naps.  They are becoming few and far between.  She wakes really easily and prefers the cozy location of my shoulder.  Once I get her out, I try to put her down and she wakes.  On Monday she didn't nap at all.  Seriously.  She was up from 930am, a few shoulder cat naps, and then finally asleep around 10pm and didn't wake until 530am!  And then she ate and went back to bed until 8am!  (can you say "growth spurt"?)

Clothes: 0-3!  Well, still mainly newborn, but some are getting a little tight and some of the 0-3 is beginning to fit, this is where dressing her is going to get really fun!

(big ol' holler to woah, baby! for the adorable outfit)

Visitors:  No visitors here, but I did co-host a brunch "Sprinkle" for one our neighbors who is expecting this past Sunday.  Ashlynn came with and got to meet some of the girls.

Diet: All milk, all the time.... and only from the source.  I tried to give her a bottle while at brunch (at the Sprinkle) and she wouldn't have it.   It's okay though, I kinda like being super needed and it's a great excuse to put off babysitting services continually pressured upon us by the in laws.  I'm just not ready to leave her (for an extended period of time) yet!

Baby Gear Love:

Fisher Price Animal Crackers Bath Tub -  Bath time has been a struggle.  At first with A being so little we used the little plastic container the hospital sent us home with.  Pete would just hold her as I washed.  I received a soft bath pillow thing before she was born, since that I thought I'd prefer that to a plastic tub that I thought would be uncomfortable her and also for my back.  Well, the cushion is too big for the bathroom sink (and too small for the kitchen) and while she was little enough to use it for a week or two, it's now a tight squeeze and I still am unable to wash her by myself.  So I bit the bullet and picked up this tub on Saturday.  Wow, aside from it killing my back (I used it in our bathtub), bathing her alone was a breeze - and she LOVED it!  The sling was super comfy for her and helped calmed my nerves on her being able to wiggle and slip in the water while soaping her up.  Win!

Boppy - Fact.  I've barely used the Boppy to aid in feeding sessions.  I actually use it to sit against to prop me up, not her.  Just this week, I finally started sitting her in it and it's great.  Usually she's either attached to me or in her Rock N Play.  It's nice to sit her in the Boppy on the couch next to me so she can stare at the fan (she loves contrast) while I check emails and attempt to write a blog post.

Soothies - The pacifier preference of the moment, and thank goodness, because sometimes it's the only thing that will stop her crying and calm her down so I can actually eat something.

Crying:  She's still not a "cry-ee" baby.  Only crying when she needs something - burps, feeding, pacifier, changing.  Of course she screams when I try to clear her nose, but I'd cry if someone was trying to suck snot of out of my nose too.  Putting her on my shoulder and snuggling is usually the easiest way to get her happy.  Well, that and my boob.

Postpartum - 

Said awesome bathtub above threw out my back.  We spent all day Tuesday in bed. It was a nasty rainy day too, that made it so much better. 


First 0-3 month onesie and outfit!


  1. So fun to read her progress! You're quickly becoming an expert! I am at the stage that it seems so daunting to take care of baby when he first gets here. But it's reassuring to see how you're doing things...I'll definitely be referencing this a ton! ;)

    1. You'll do great, it's amazing how your maternal instincts kick in!

  2. I had some exorcist, projectile type spitting up with both girls and it eventually went away completely without having to do reflux medicine. Keep up the good work! Those vomit sessions can be scary....and hard to clean up....and stink like no other.

    She looks so cute in every picture and so different all of the sudden, like a big girl! Can't wait to meet her!

    1. Oh yeah, we totally get the exorcist style pukes here too, though overall her reflux is silent. She probably spits up as much as a "normal" baby, but has all the acidy symptoms... poor thing.

      And she's like a chubby infant baby in a newborn's frame. (since she weighs so little)

  3. 8 weeks already?? I love her and she looks SO big now! Way to go, mama. And I would die without my Boppy used as a seat for baby girl. That is the best part of the contraption, in my opinion!

    1. It really is great and now she can look at other things other than the ceiling and the sides of her Rock N Play. Though the ceiling/fan is her favorite!

  4. She is too adorable! I am loving your weekly updates, so much useful info- thanks :)!

  5. A is so so adorable!!! I love reading about your experiences with her as they are very similar to my own with B! And a huge thank you forties the book you sent B! Oh my gosh that was so thoughtful of you! And the crazy thighs is that I used to LOVE reading that with my dad. We would always search for "lowly worm" which is what we called him. Such good memories that I can't wait to share with B. thank you! We need your address now. I forgot to save it. Are we facebook friends?

    1. Of course, looking for Lowly Worm was the best! I hope B enjoys the book like we did when she gets older. I'll send you an email!

  6. Hey! You should check out the blooming bath for bath time:

    We have one for our little baby girl (who was a preemie as well). It works great and doesn't kill your back :)


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