Wednesday, June 6, 2012

[Wednesday's Weekly Check-In] Week 7

Weight: I'm guessing somewhere between 8 to 8 1/2 lbs (hopefully!)

Medical Issues:   It looks like the changes in my diet may have helped with the reflux.  By Friday, she was barely spitting up and seemed content after meals instead of the squirming, arching, grunting, crying, etc.  Assuming the diet changes have helped, I'll be sticking to the dairy and caffeine free lifestyle.

Saturday night I noticed what I initially thought was a rattle in her chest.  Once home, I realized it was the vibration from some phlegm in her throat.  Her nostrils looked clear and nothing came out when suctioned, but she seemed a bit congested and hoarse.  I put a call into the doctor the next morning since I didn't know if I should be alarmed that this was a something that needed to be seen quickly given her 6.5 weeks of age.  The doctor calmed my "First Time Mom" nerves and told me to pick up some saline drops to help loosen it up.  I also had the Husband grab a humidifier while at Target.  Both definitely helped.  While she still seems a bit hoarse in her cry and she seems especially congested in the morning after spending the night on her back, she doesn't seem bothered in the slightest.  Eating, sleeping, wetting diapers, no fever, etc - all on schedule. 

Sleep:  Definitely continuing her usual routine.  Makes me almost consider transitioning her to the crib, but then she does things like rolling to her side super quickly when I place her down it to fold and hang up her clothes.  I don't think she'd make it the whole way over, but way too close for comfort.  

Plus.  I'd miss her too much.

Clothes: Newborn. Gap onesies are being stretched into scoop necks, since she's long and leaner than their short and stocky cut.  Footless sleepers are looking like little crop pants.  0-3 months are all too wide though, maybe another pound or so.

Visitors:  Mimi came to visit this weekend and left today (hence my web absence).  She was such a big help - baking cookies, cooking dinner, folding wash, planting flowers, and of course snuggling little girlfriend!

Diet: All milk, all the time.  

I think I'm almost regulated to her demand too.  Sometimes I'll throw in a pumping session in the middle of the night just to not go too long, since I'm terrified of damaging my supply from going from feeding/pumping each side every 4 hours or less in the early weeks to her only needing one every 2-4 hours. Also, now A can latch without any issues whatsoever - wherever, whenever - so I think things are finally working out and falling into place.

Baby Gear Love:

Little Noses - Saline Spray - Not really gear per se, but definitely something I'm glad we picked up this week (guess I should add the nasal aspirator we borrowed from the hospital).

Crying: Without the reflux acting up, she hasn't been too fussy.  Kudos to my Momma for pointing her 'overtired sleep cry'.
Postpartum - 
I had my own 6 wk postpartum appointment this week, and have lost another pound - must be the lack of cheese and ice cream in my diet!


Smiles!  I'm pretty sure I got my first two voluntary-on-purpose-caused-by-me smiles last Friday.  I got some this morning too.  Now just have to get them more frequently, preferrably with a giggle!

First Social Outing - On Saturday, we went my friend's for a BBQ.  Not only did my friends finally get to meet A, I got to meet and see some of my favorite babies too!  


  1. oh man, she's growing and changing so quickly! it brings a :) and a :( at the same time.

    and I did a literal lol at scoop neck - hilarious!


    1. Seriously, you should see the Gap ones, pulled down, all the lil chest chub hanging out :)

      and definite :) /:( about the growth - it's going to fast!

  2. I love Wednesdays for these posts! she is growing so fast - I am squeeing at her little rolls! so glad you got the reflux issue figured out - keep up the good work, mama! :)

  3. Gosh, can she be any more precious?? That lost picture is just SO sweet! Love! xo

    1. The weekly one with her crying? LOL! I assume you mean the one before that with smile and bubble blowing :) She's just starting to become a drooler, haha

  4. SO sweet.
    And I know you'll think I'm crazy, but look up the NoseFrida on Amazon. You'll love it when she gets her first cold. It is disgusting but it helps them eat and sleep when they are so stuffed up.

    1. Not crazy at all! I actually read reviews about that one specifically. I found a deal on a "knock off" version (on google babysteals) but it sucks - and not like its supposed too ::har har:: Thinking about getting that one for the future!

  5. She's so beautiful! My baby girl will be here on Monday and your blog makes me so excited for her!

    1. Enjoy the weekend! I'm so excited for you, truly is so so amazing!


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