Wednesday, June 27, 2012

[Wednesday's Weekly Check-In] Week 10

Weight: Official unknown.  Estimated 11+  

Medical Issues:    The rash, cradle cap, is fading on her face.  Leaving some dry skin behind, but at least the bumps are disappearing.

Reflux seems to be diminishing too.  Sure, she spits up and sometimes full on vomits, but what baby doesn't?  The signs of being in pain and discomfort have subsided.  The arching, grunting, crying,  Still gets the hiccups at least once daily and chokes every now and then while feeding, but I'm pretty sure that's a let-down issue, not a reflux one.

Sleep:  Definitely getting into a routine.  It's not like clockwork, but for the most part she sleep from sometime between 8-10pm to 4-5am.  Nurse.  Back to sleep until 7ish.  Nurse.  Back to sleep until 9.

Works for me!

Now, regarding nap time, that's even better!  I finally hooked up her monitor and let her take her first nap in her crib last Thursday.  She didn't really fall asleep, but stayed calm just kicking and looking about the darkened room.  When I finally went up to get her, I got the biggest smile! Oh my god, my heart melted.  And they didn't stop there, the reciprocating smiles are starting to kick in where her whole face will light up.  She's smiled plenty before, but knowing she is smiling at me (or her daddy) on purpose. Ahhhh!  Love it!

(as I type, she's napping peacefully in her crib as I sit outside in the sun for the first time this year.. I may not be a ghost all summer after all!!)

Clothes: 0-3.  Trying to get as many outfits in as possible because I have a feeling this size will be short lived.  I'm hoping we can make it until the end of July. 1- because this size is the majority of her closet and 2-  it's all adorable summer clothes!


On Friday, we got a visit from Bopo (my dad).  Although A slept almost the whole day, Bopo got some snuggles in and then we all went out to (belated Father's Day) dinner when the Husband got home from work.  A slept through dinner, so we pushed it a bit further and stopped for milkshakes on the way home.  Sweet girl.

Saturday we left early in the morning to get on the road to Long Island.  Usually this trip is met with horrendous traffic- every.single.time., but amazingly, we hit none!  Ashlynn and I attended a friend's Baby Shower, while the boys/husbands (all college friends) all hung out in the sun all day.  After the shower we headed over to the guest of honor's house and spent the night.  A slept in the Rock N Play and did great the whole day, everyone just adored her (and how could you not?).  No meltdowns and despite being a bit over stimulated by her new surroundings, didn't fuss.

Baby Gear Love:

Skip Hop Activity Mat - I know this was my favorite item last week, but it's back again.  Ashlynn is really starting to become a smiley baby.  She LOVES playing with the birdies and owls and will even hold on to the ring if I place it in her hand.  And for tummy time, she's able to hold herself up on propped elbows and look around.


Same old.  Mainly cries when hungry.

Postpartum - 

I'm finally feeling confident enough to leave the house whenever necessary.  I've been getting in a lot of errands - target, grocery store, doctor appts, etc all with A being behaved like a seasoned vet.  Granted, she usually just sleeps the whole time, but that's all I can ask for!

I've also started the process of donating my milk to the National Milk Bank.  Since I had such an oversupply the first few weeks and A didn't need as much as I was producing being only 5 pounds or so, our freezer it literally full to the brim with bags of stored milk (save some space for ice cream and frozen fruit).  Frozen milk stored in combination fridge/freezers should only be used up to 3 months (6 months for a deep freezer).since I'll be coming up on the expiration date towards the end of July and I dont foresee a reason to use some of it since she prefers to skip bottles, I thought I'd start breaking down my stash of 80+ bags of milk.  I'm still in the midst of the application process, having passed the initial applications, I'm now waiting to have my blood drawn and sending it my DNA swab.  I'll recap the whole process once I finally donate!

On a lighter note, this past weekend at the baby shower I finally wore heels and a real bra for the first time postpartum.  No joke.  I've been soley living in my Rainbows/Toms and bra top tanks. It felt good to be "normal", well, until I had to nurse A and didn't have the quick access of just pulling down my tank in a moment's notice.


First Nap in Crib
First Reciprocating Smile
First Over Night Stay


  1. I have a 13 week old son (man, the time has flown!) and the card we got from our lactation consultant/hospital actually said frozen breast milk is good in a freezer for up to 6 months, and a deep freezer for up to a year. I double checked on and they also advocated this:

    It is a little different for premature infants, though -

    Just fyi for other readers. Love your little one - she's adorable!

    1. OMG, thanks for catching that, Karen! I was going off the Kellymom preemie rules since that's what I reference when A was born (at 35 wks). I completely forgot that they were preemie specific.

      I actually wonder if it matters now, since she's back to where she should be for her non-adjusted age (was in the 50% for weight for a 2month old at 2mths). I'll have to ask her pedi!

  2. Congrats on donating the milk. I donated some to a mom of adopted twin boys, and it was very rewarding. My daughter rarely takes a bottle, too, so I was happy to pass my milk along to someone who needed it! Way to go!

    1. That's wonderful! I really would have liked to donate locally, but I wasn't able to find a resource in the area. I figured this would be the next best thing... anything that isn't dumping it out - it's liquid gold, for my baby or someone else's, it should at least be put to good use some how!


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