Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mommy Clothes

every day.

...and when I'm looking to get real fancy, I throw on a belt, some bracelets, and maybe even some make up so I don't look like a ghost.  Thank you oh holy creator of bronzer!


  1. OMG you look awesome! LOVE this look and it really is stylish {though I know function is topping the list these days!}.

    1. Thanks! I feel like this is least appropriate enough to leave the house in where it looks like more effort than pajamas or gym clothes, but it's still just as easy.

      I should have mentioned I wear bra top camis non-stop (sans bra)... again easy nursing and it's gotten me out of investing in a nursing bra so far.

  2. You look great, way better then I look! I've only done my hair twice in 5weeks since I've had my baby, not sure how I'm going to look when I have to go back to work ha!

  3. I really love the mommy outifts :D

    btw, I have a Romwe dress giveaway on my blog, if you want to join :



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