Saturday, June 9, 2012

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I recently received the Sunshine Award from my (in real life) friend Nicole over at Flavors by Four.   A while back, I gave up on the spreading the award love because the questions were  a bit repetitive and I felt like I was playing favorites with some of the blogs I was passing the 'awards' onto sine my reading list was muchsmaller back then.  However, that was a long time ago!

I have so many new readers, I thought it'd be fun to share the little tidbits about me!

Favorite Color – Blue
Favorite Animal - Elephants (but in reality, my two dogs - Baxter and Penny)
Favorite Number - 9 
Favorite Drink – Mimosas... or anything with champagne and fruit juice
Facebook or Twitter – Facebook 
Good Book or a Good Movie - hmm, tough one.  If it's truly a good book, I'll devour it in a day or two.  We never go to the movies, but we are crazy over netflix.
Passion - Being a mommy!
Giving or Getting Presents - Let's be honest, getting!
Favorite Day – Usually Thanksgiving and St. Patrick's Day, but I think Ashlynn's Birthday will now beat out both of those!
Favorite Flowers - Hydrangeas and Daisies

Instead of passing the award on officially, I just thought I'd highlight some of the blogs I love to checkout daily - whether oldies but goodies or new favs.  Enjoy!

and of course...  Suri's Burn Book


  1. Suri's Burn Book is hilarious. I retweet those all the time because it's greatness. I love when she talks about her mom and dad. hahahaah!

    1. Seriously! I also love when she rips apart Violet Affleck, but only because I think the Affleck bunch is A-DOR-ABLE. Crocs and all. She's so cute.

  2. I love when bloggers share there "favorites", its always fun to get to know more about the blogs you read

    1. I tried to pick a bunch of different 'types' to share too! Mommy blogs, Lifestyle Blogs, Style Blogs, snarky 6 year old celebrity bashing blogs... you name it! ;)

  3. Oh yay!! Thanks for the shout out and it looks like I have some new blogs to check out! XO

  4. Aw, thanks for mentioning me, E!

    I love finding those books that are so good that you want to spend all your free time consuming them, then it's sad when they're over!


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