Friday, June 15, 2012

[Crafty Lady] Fast Favors

I mentioned in A's weekly update that I co-hosted a 'sprinkle' for one of my neighbors this past weekend.  It's become tradition that the last Mom-To-Be honored hosts the next shower.  Since my sprinkle was a dually with another May baby momma (who was also born in April), we were up.  That's right, the two chicks with their hands full with newborns planning a shower.  Comical.

We exchanged some middle of the night emails with grand ideas for themed decor, cake, and favors.  And then time got away from us.  My co-host offered to pick up the cake, so I went to pick up some supplies for decorations.

In my plans was a pennant banner of course, some cake plates, napkins, and I was even going to order these little bags for the favors on etsy.  Again, time flew by and I never placed the order (I also didn't have a strong headcount until the final week - excuses, excuses).  Well, the day I went to Michael's to pick up some scrapbook paper and other items, Ashlynn was in need of a changing.  Since the store is about 2 miles from my house I figured I'd just checkout and go home, instead of changing her in the car and going back into the store.  So in my rush to get home, I just grabbed the pre-made coordinating baby shower items - felt banner, cake plates, napkins, etc.  So much for my creative crafty ladylikeness.

We started to fail for ideas for favors, so I suggested little a potted plant.  You know the little ones with the colored foil around the base that they sell at the grocery store?  Cheap, easy, done.  Well, only the day before the shower my grocery store wasn't selling any.   But you know what they were selling - succulents!

So easy and they were a complete hit!  I was able to get in my crafty touch - win!

Happy Friday!


  1. how cute! love this idea!
    happy friday!

  2. I LOVE the succulents {natch!}...I think these turned out better than if you had planned for something else!! ;)

    1. they came out better than the cheap last minute items I had in mind! And I agree, even if I thought of something cute, these are probably better!


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