Wednesday, May 30, 2012

[Wednesday's Weekly Check-In] Week 6

Weight: Since she was 7lb 10oz on Monday, May 21st, I'm guessing she's most likely in the 8lb ballpark now.

Medical Issues:  After watching her more closely and doing some symptom research, it seems our little Pip has Silent Reflux.  The back arching and grunting has been going on for as long as we can remember.  We originally just thought it was baby stuff and growing pains.  Then two weeks ago, she starting getting really fussy after waking up and again right before she was going to eat.  I thought it was a let-down issue (which it could still be), but now after a weekend of more spitting up, shrill cries and needing to be burped, frequent hiccups (also from day 1), it seems she fits the bill.   

On Friday, I thought she was starting a growth spurt - again she may be - but after the weekend of the symptoms getting progressively worse and a baby that needed to snuggle 24/7, I've called the pediatrician.  She agreed it sounds like reflux and suggested I make a few changes.  I've cut out caffeine ::tear:: and dairy ::full out sobs::.  

I'm hoping to see some changes by the end of the week. 

Sleep:  Mostly good.  On average, she'll get a four and half hour stretch.  However, on Friday night she slept from 10:30pm to 6am!  It's just too bad that I wake up every hour or two.

Clothes: Newborn. Mainly onesies and summer pieces.  It's been too hot for long sleeve sleeper pjs.

Visitors:  Auntie Abby (my BF) came over on Friday.  It was so nice to have some adult interaction while the Husband was at work.  Sometimes I think I might go crazy from singing, and subsequently making up my own words to, nursery rhymes.

Crying: Our little happy sleepy baby has become a bit of a crier.  However, she doesn't really have a colicky cry as she does just a loud one when needing to be burped or uncomfortable from the reflux bothering her.  It doesn't last long, but it sure breaks my heart to see her pain.  Overall, I'd just classify her as fussy.


We finally started Tummy Time for real this week.  Up until now, we've been doing it while she lays on our chest and she works on lifting her head.  I finally broke out the playmat and starting giving her a little time each day on her belly for her to hold her head up and even scoot along a bit by pushing with her legs.  Some days she lasts longer than others, averaging about five minutes before she's had enough.  


  1. Love these weekly check-ins! Good luck with the silent reflux and the giving up of dairy/caffeine! I'm sobbing for you ;)

  2. She is so precious! I can only imagine how hard it would be to give up dairy and caffeine. Sometimes, when you're sleep deprived, you need your fixes!

  3. I'm a new reader - I think I found your blog through Schue Love.
    I'm so glad you posted about the Moby wrap, I have been debating putting it on my registry but I think I will!

    She is just adorable, I hope her reflux goes away dairy, caffeine or meat? I don't know what I'd eat! :-)

  4. Gosh, cutting dairy would be tough, but I've heard that it really does help! And congrats on being back to pre-pregnancy weight! That is AWESOME! Go girl! Love that you love the Moby Wrap...we have one too! :)

  5. She's adorable! I thought of you and your bunting when I saw this on Etsy.

  6. She's beautiful! Congrats!
    I don't know much about babies, but I know a lot about not eating dairy. I love it, but have had adverse reactions to it for years now. I find that butter isn't so bad. The worst are ice cream, milk, cheese. Try almond milk in your cereal. There's no dairy or soy and tastes really yummy in some honey bunches of oats lol! Good luck!

  7. Chelsea - Thanks Girl!

    Leslie - I think that's why I miss coffee the most, it's def the best pick me up

    Francis - Thanks!

    Ashley - Welcome to my nook of the internet! I eat lots of veggies and lots of carbs (pasta/rice)... I'm just used to my veggies and carbs being smoothered in cheese!

    Natasha - the Moby wrap has been great, partially because she's still so light, but it doesn't strain my back and I feel like she's secure in it.

    Kberry - cute! Thanks for sharing!

    Frances - Good tips! I'm hoping to slowly add it back in here and there and it not have too bad an impact (if it is indeed the culprit), good to know which the worst offenders are :)

  8. She is beautiful! Sorry about the reflux, we went through that as well. Try the refrigerated Almond milk instead of the shelf stabilized, I will drink either but think the refrigerated tastes better. I am sure you have a swing but it definitely helps reflux babies for some reason. Good luck!


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