Wednesday, May 23, 2012

[Wednesday's Weekly Check-In] Week 5

Weight: Ashlynn was born weighing 5lb 1oz, she was discharged from the hospital at 4lb 12oz and got back to her birth weight at 10 days old.  Six days later, she gained six ounces.  So at just over 2 weeks she was 5lb 7oz.

On Monday, we had our 1 Month Check Up.  We had high hopes she continued to gain an ounce a day which would have brought her to 6lb 9oz.   The Husband went all Price is Right and guessed 6lb 7oz and I was aggressive with 6lb 12oz.

7lb 10oz!!  We both stared at the scale in disbelief, in 30 days she nearly gained a whole 3lbs!  What a little beast!  Guess I can stop worrying about how breastfeeding is going... We are so so so proud of our little slob growing so big.  She also grew two full inches and is now 19 1/4" long.

Medical Issues:  While it's hard to be 100% sure, due to the shrill cries we get during and after eating I think we are battling some gas issues.  Trying harder to take more breaks for burping before the pressure builds up and causes her to cry out.  

Doctor seems pleased with her color, no more jaundice testing!

Sleep:  The doctor said we no long have to wake her for feedings and we can let her dictate her own meals.  While she sleeps a bit longer, I've been getting about 3-4 hour stretches.  12 or 1am to 3 or 4am and then again until 6am.  I'm actually being woken up by the pressure of my milk supply more so than a hungry baby.

(just a little sneak peek at our in-home photo shoot)

Clothes: Newborn.  Some footless one-pieces are even looking a little short!

Visitors:  Our friends, JC and NC, came down from NJ to hang out with A (and us) for the afternoon on Saturday.  NC even brought us some fancy (and DELICIOUS) arugula pesto mac and cheese, salad, and lemon ricotta cookies.  I love friends visiting.  I really love friends visiting who also bring yummy food.

Diet: Milk.  I actually can't remember the last bottle.  I think the husband tried to give one a few mornings ago and she refused it, waiting instead to feed with me.  That's my girl!

Baby Gear Love:
Newborn Prefold DiapersI bought a dozen of these to possibly use during the newborn stage and to later use as doublers in the pocket diapers for extra absorbency.  Instead I've been using them as burp cloths and I actually refuse to grab any of my others.  
Bumpkin Bibs - Again, these are actually absorbent compared to the little cotton drool bibs. The terry cloth soaks up all the milk dribble and cleans up any spit up easily, as well as keeps her clothes dry.

Moby Wrap - I tried out the Moby Wrap about a week ago, but was so nervous that she was still too small.  Now that I know she's pushing 8lbs and gives some solid attempts at holding up that noggin, I broke it back out yesterday.  I was able to get so much done around the house, while she stayed snug and content in her favorite place (on my chest).  I still worry that she may get too hot or that I may have the wrap too snug or too loose, but I guess that's normal for a rookie baby wearer.

Crying: As I mentioned above, we've been battling more cries recently.  I think most of them have to do with gas as she stops as soon as a burp or other gas passes.  She also loves laying snuggled on our chests, which is another option to help calming her.  Lastly, I finally watched the Happiest Baby on the Block dvd my neighbor lent me and the 5 S's do work, and fast!  (swaddle, side/stomach, shush, swing, and suck)

Post Partum - Some things I haven't mentioned....

Remember my killer back pain?  Where my rib was sitting on a nerve and I could barely sit at my desk or sleep longer than an hour without having to move to relieve the pain?  Gone.  I haven't felt a thing since Ashlynn joined us. Hallelujah!

Heartburn.  I never experienced acid reflux until I hit my 3rd Tri, while I'm sure it has something to do with my baby's full head of hair, it also kindly disappeared after birth.  Thank you!

Middle of the night bathroom trips to pee, gone. Now, only waking in the middle of the night to feed the baby.
Things I relished in during the 1st month post partum -  sleeping on my stomach, goat cheese, Sam Adams Summer Ale, sashimi and sushi, bleu cheese dressing, dippy eggs (over easy), and mimosas!


Ashlynn turned 1 Month Old on Friday!

We also had our first outing, 'Mommy and Me' style.  Since I rented a hospital grade pump from the hospital (she was so early I never had a chance to buy my own), it was due to be returned over the weekend.  Thursday, I got showered and dressed and made our way down to Babies R Us.  We made a return, picked out some clothes, grabbed a new pump, and checked out.  We even threw in a stop at the post office for good measure.

With the new confidence under our belts, we went out Friday to return the rented pump and swing by my office (right down the road from the hospital) to meet my boss and coworkers.

While getting out of the house is a bit of a chore (schedule looks like: feeding, shower/dress, feeding, change baby, pack up what is coming with us, eat something, feeding, get to the car and go!... be gone long enough to be home for, you guessed it, a feeding!), it is SO nice to get out of the house and feel like a functioning human again.  Today we are going back to the post office and maybe we'll even swing by Starbucks or so to treat ourselves (er... myself).


  1. Erinn she has so much hair! Beautiful!

  2. That last picture is to die for! So cute! She seems like a happy little girl :)

  3. Loving the updates! So if she had gone full-term, you technically would be just welcoming her into the world, right? Isn't that crazy to think about? She's doing so so well and looks super happy and healthy! You're doing an amazing job Mama E! :)

  4. how lovely!! Sounds like motherhood is suiting you very well!!

    ♥ Ashley

  5. awww Erin, I'm just so happy for you!

  6. If it's possible, she gets more gorgeous by the day! Congrats on your first outting-that is huge. I am so happy that things are going so well for you!


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