Wednesday, May 16, 2012

[Wednesday's Weekly Check-In] Week 4

Weight: No doctor appointments this week, but she has her 1 month check up next Monday.  We are hoping to see her around 6lbs 8oz by then.  That way she'll be continuing to gain roughly an ounce a day.  Considering how much bigger she looks in her car seat and that newborn clothes are fitting her without any problems, we definitely think the weight is going in the right direction.

Medical Issues: None (known)

Sleep:  (see diet).  Due to the change in eating habits, sleep has changed as well.  Sunday and Monday were rough where the Pip just wanted to go all nocturnal and stay up from 2-5am (my usual 3 hour stretch of sleep!).  

Clothes: Newborn.

Visitors:  Nana came over on Friday to help me clean the house before our little family photo shoot on Saturday. So appreciated.

Crying: I'm starting to learn the difference between the hunger cries, 'I need to burp' cries, 'I'm messing my diapee cries, and the 'somebody please snuggle me' cries. 

We finally introduced the pacifier on Monday.  I was hesitant to start using one until she showed strong signs of having breast feeding under control.  After a few fussy nights where she just wanted to be held or prolonged nursing sessions with some comfort nursing, we figured I'd stop being the human pacifier and we'd give her a real one so I could sleep.  She took it right away, and seems to be a big fan, soothing herself quickly.  Still looking for that extra sleep though...

Milestones:  So many firsts!

First Photo Shoot
First Stroller Ride
First Cluster Feeding Session
First Blow Out
First Pacifier
First Time Peeing all over Mommy immediately after a bath, thanks sweetie!

... and she finally found her thumb.  She's been trying to suck her thumb since birth, but always had a hard time getting it to face the right direction to actually get in her mouth.  She finally got it!


  1. Your daughter is absolutely adorable! Random question also- what camera/lens do you use? Amazing photos! I need to get a new camera and just wondered :)

    Enter my giveaway for a Nordstrom and Starbucks gift card!

    The Pretty Pinhead

  2. Awww she is so adorable! I love her little headband!

  3. She is so beautiful. It looks like everything is progressing just fine in your world. :)

  4. She is absolutely precious!

  5. So much great progress and good to know about the bouncer! We have both as well...I never thought that only one would be necessary. Curious where she's sleeping at night!

  6. Pretty Pinhead - I use a Canon Rebel T2i with a kit 18-55mm lens. I'm dying to get my hands on the 50mm lens.

    Schnelle, Leslie, Erin - Thank you girls!

    Natasha - I think most people prefer swings over bouncers. We hadn't opened the swing since she was still too small for it, but our ILs brought the bouncer over already set up (made the decision to keep it easier). It might be nice to have both, one upstairs/downstairs? We have the Rock N Play in the Living Room and she loves that.

    She sleeps in the Pack N Play next to our bed in the "newborn napper" attachment.

  7. I'm loving your blog lately! So good to know others are going through the same thing as me! Keep up the good attitude and work mama! I can't wait till I look back on not getting sleep and laugh...


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