Thursday, May 10, 2012

[Wednesday's Weekly Check-In] Week 3

Weight: Ashlynn had her 4th pediatrician appointment on Thursday. She's a total beast and gained 6oz in 6 days, she's up to 5lbs 7oz!  I actually wouldn't be surprised if she's closer to pushing 6lbs today since she's been eating more than usual this week.

Medical Issues: At Thursday's doctor appt, our pediatrician wanted us to get her bilirubin tested again to make sure it's coming down from the 13 range we last tested it at a week before when we stopped using the Bili Blanket.  We had blood drawn for 4th time and it came back at 14.  The doctor didn't care that it had gone up, but she was upset it hadn't gone down in a week's time.  She suggested doing a 48 hour period of formula to help flush it out from her liver.  Apparently, breast milk doesn't do as good a job eliminating it.

We did the formula flush over the weekend.  I was a bit hesitant as we just saw a lactation consultant and were starting to make a little progress with nursing, I didn't want to be set back.  I tried to nurse one feeding on Saturday before giving the bottle of formula and boy that was a mistake.  Poor girlfriend had her first projectile puking session - Happy Cinco de Mayo!  We stuck to the formula only the rest of the weekend.  

On Monday (5th time pricked in the foot!) her levels were dropping, clocking in at 10.4. We are back on track with breastfeeding, she's doing a fab job and eating a lot more this week between the nursing and the bottles we still give her. Hopefully those are all good signs the jaundice is gone.

Sleep:  Not quite as great this week.  Starting to get pretty fussy if put down before she's truly out, so there has been lots of cuddling.  The last 3 days I think she started a growth spurt, instead of us waking her to eat every 3 hours, she's been ready closer to every 2.  Hopefully, she grows a bit and falls back into her old habits of sleeping from 1am-5am.  I'd love to start getting more than 2 or 3 consecutive hours.

Clothes: Newborn!  Yup, I put away the preemie clothes.  The onesies were snug and the neck openings were tight on anything going over the head.  The newborn clothes are still big in width, but she's starting to get closer to filling them in length.  I'm pretty excited about this as now we have options for 'getting dressed'.

Visitors: Nana and Pop-Pop, and some more neighbors with delicious meals.

Crying: Someone's been a bit fussy this week.  I think she's hitting a growth spurt, but she's been a bit clingy and just wants to be held... or fed!

Milestones:  Starting to successfully nurse!


  1. She's a doll - you can tell she favors her mama :)

    What swaddle blanket is she laying on? Such a cute print!

  2. Sounds like she is waking up a little more and letting her voice be heard. Ah, those first few weeks when they just sleep and sleep and sleep around the clock are wonderful. :) You are doing a great job, mama. Keep it up!

  3. She is absolutely gorgeous! I'm glad you're feeling better and were able to take care of yourself on Sunday. Also, amazing that you can already fit back into your pre-pregnancy jeans!

  4. She is absolutely precious! I cannot get over those cheeks. So happy that things are going well for you guys - sounds like you guys are doing a fantastic job. Hang in there, you are almost through the first month - which in my experience was the most difficult!

  5. Kristen - she only favors me when she's hungry ;) the blanket is an Aden + Anais swaddler

    Julia - she is definitely finding her voice!

    Leslie/Chelsea - thank you!

  6. What type of camera do you use? Your pictures are adorable!

  7. SO fun to learn of her progress! Your photos of her are gorgeous...really stunning actually. She's such a cute little snuggle bug!

  8. Amanda - it's a Canon Rebel T2i (dlsr) with the kit 18-55mm zoom lens

    Natasha - thank you! I feel like I'm still learning my way around the camera. I shoot in Manual in the nursery in the morning (best light).

    I do love editing photos in picasa afterwards. I can make even my point & shoot pics look 10x better with some simple editing :)


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