Thursday, May 3, 2012

Birth Story - Part 1: Warning Signs

Looking back at the week leading up to my labor, it's pretty clear that A wanted out!

I like to include these details and symptoms in my story as I should have realized when I joked "she's out of room!" that she very well was feeling the same way!

On Tuesday, April 10th, I was having a lot of my usual middle back pain. The same pain that had bothered me since around Christmas, but had gotten progressively worse as my belly stretched further. I had been seeing a chiropractor almost weekly since the middle of March to help get some relief from the tense muscle in between my ribs that was putting pressure on the nerve. In addition to this pain, which always was at it's worst while sitting at my chair at work, I noticed that it literally felt like my hips were separating down near my sacrum (where your hip bones connect to the lower spine). I realized at 34 weeks and confirmation from the doctor that the baby was head down, this is exactly would could have been happening.

I ended up leaving work early, thankfully I have a understanding boss and flexible "work from home" policy. I ended up swinging by Target on my way home to pick up some things we needed and while waiting in the check out line, I felt it. The inevitable moment of "am I leaking fluid or did I just pee myself?" (Oh yeah, my blog just got real) I had been warned and told many stories from my friends who had these moments late in the pregnancies, but figured I'm not a member of the AARP or Kris Jenner, I won't be needing any "Poise" products. Of course, the woman in front of me had a gazillon things and even more coupons. It happened again. At this moment I thought about just leaving my things and heading home, just in case I was about to have my water break like it does in the movies. Instead, I held out. Paid for my items and got home quickly. I called the doctors office who had me come in for a check. Where I was told - I'm all good, just pregnant.

Boy, this is fun!

On Friday, April 13th, the Husband and I went to our first (and my last) Phillies game for the year. Throughout almost the whole game I was experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions (practice contractions). I had started having BH's around 20 weeks, however, they were always random and never lasted long. They also were usually brought on by dehydration. So I chugged my overpriced bottle of water and yet they still didn't go away. I began timing them because I was becoming alarmed that we were in the city, about 40 minutes away from our hospital - before factoring in the crazy game day traffic. They were coming every 5 minutes and lasting close to a minute. They were painless, so I tried to stay calm. They eventually went away once we got home that evening. I figured it was possibly from walking around the stadium, dehydration, or the warmer temperatures we'd been having. Since they went away, I never called the doctor and just figured it was normal and my body slowly preparing for the big day.

Sunday, April 15th, I went to the guest room - where I had begun to sleep a few weeks before - to go to bed and I just could not get comfortable. I was up almost the entire night with back pain. At one point, I even went into the nursery to attempt to sleep in the recliner. By the time the sun was starting to come up, my body was in terrible pain. Achy joints (knees, hips, and spine), tired muscles (legs and back), a headache, and just generally exhausted from not sleeping. I finally got myself out of bed and took a hot shower. Most mornings the hot shower helps the stiff joints, and I come out feeling refreshed. That morning, I came out feeling nauseous. It was going to be a long day. I even asked a friend of mine who gave birth in March if these were "normal" almost 9 month pregnancy pains, as they all sounded textbook. She said, most likely it was just that I was carrying a 5lb human around and my body was taking it's toll. You can even see me beginning to whine in my Bump-date post from that Monday.

That morning, I took my sweet time heading into work. Around 10:30, my boss asked how I was hanging in there - since at this point I was standing at my desk since sitting was too uncomfortable. I'm pretty sure I rolled my eyes, and said, "I'm hanging alright". He told me to feel free to head home, and by lunch I took his advice. I attempted to take nap and started having on/off chills and hot flashes. Considering we had a record breaking high temp of 90 degree this was sort of alarming. I took my temperature, 100.3. I decided to call the nurse in case any of these symptoms combined were reason for concern. She also believed most of them were pregnancy, allergy, or possibly bug related. I was told to take 2 Tylenol and call back if the fever didn't drop. After 2 hours and some bags of frozen corn across my forehead later, it went down.

Tuesday, April 17th I decided to work from home. In case I was trying to fight something off, I thought resting from my couch would be best. Around 2pm, exhaustion hit and I took a nap in which Penny joined me. I woke up at 3 and headed downstairs to watch Ellen, eat a banana, and online shop for the baby things I still hadn't gotten. Baxter was sitting in front of me crying. Considering I usually let them out around 4 before feeding them, I thought he was just getting anxious. I shushed him, and there it was. Another leak. I ran to the bathroom, and realized this wasn't just any ol' leak. 

...My water was breaking. 


  1. Ahhh the suspense!! Can't wait to read the next part. And soo very interesting about your symptoms leading up to the big day! Thanks for posting/sharing! :)

  2. Oh my goodness. Talk about some very crazy symptoms!! Can't wait to hear what happens next!!!

    ♥ Ashley

  3. awwww, so exciting. Can't wait for part 2.

  4. Oohh I can't wait to read the rest!


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