Friday, April 27, 2012

[Wednesday's Weekly Check-In] Week 1

The first week flew by (as I'm sure so will all the rest!).  I'm late this week with my Weekly Wednesday Update, but hopefully will start to get back on track with the milestone tracking!  The Birth Story will hopefully be coming soon as well!

Weight:  At birth 5lb 1oz, at discharge 4lb 12oz. Maintained 4lb 12oz at 1st and 2nd Pediatrician appointments at 3 and 5 days old. 

Medical Issues:  Biggest concerns at birth were keeping her temperature up and blood sugar levels.  We were unable to give her a bath until midnight the night of her birth because we needed 3 blood sugar readings over 40.  She had dropped to 27 after the first feeding, but then went back into the 70s for the next three readings. We also have to keep A double swaddled to stay warm so she doesn't have to work, and expend calories, trying to keep herself warm.  Instead, we need all the calories to go to her teeny tiny booty!

On Monday she was tested for jaundice (which she had) and was brought over a Bili Blanket.  Unlike myself, who was admitted to the hospital for 10 days after birth to be treated, we were able to stick the UV light contraption up the back of onesie with some swaddles and treat her from home.  It was awkward to feed and change her, since we tried to keep her on it 24/7, but it was so nice to have her at home!  I can't imagine her having to stay at the hospital for it.  The worst part was getting tested and having the blood drawn. 

Sleep: All the time!  20+ hours a day - Grow baby girl!

Clothes: Preemie, but doesn't have any yet.  Swimming in newborn until the Preemie order I placed is delivered.  Yep, I was online shopping hours after giving birth.... does this really surprise anyone?

Visitors:  Pop Pop and Nana, Bopo, Auntie Abby, and Mimi!

Diet:  Colostrum and formula at the hospital switching to milk once home and available.  Via combination of nursing attempts, pumping sessions, and daddy bottle feeds.  Ashlynn is so sleepy that waking for feeds is difficult and she sleeps through a lot of them.  Nursing uses a lot of energy, and she doesn't have much!

Crying:  Almost non-existent.  Some fussing during diaper changes, baths, and clothing changes (aka, when naked and cold!) 


Coming home from the hospital together as a family 2 days after birth! ...and belly button fell off at 5 days old.  

It was the most amazing week of my life!  We got to finally 'meet' the love of our lives, yet it feels like we've known her forever. I can't wait to see what the first year has in store, and the rest of our lives!


  1. She is beautiful Erinn!! I am truly overjoyed for you!!! As we have mentioned to each other before...we both lost our first pregnancies around the same time in 2010. You have made some mentions to fertility issues on here. I was wondering if you would be intersted in sharing those difficulties with me and any lifestyle changes you made post miscarriage that may have resulted in getting pregnant again with little A??

    ♥ Ashley

    ashleyAparsons at comcast dot net

  2. Thank you so much, Ashley. We are just as overjoyed, she is truly amazing!

    I'll send you an email!

  3. awwww, puffy hearts everywhere. The onesies she has, those are the Carter ones right? My baby had those exact ones!! They will last forever! The good thing about the Carter brands are they are stretchy, so your gal will be able to wear them for months on end. They hold up well in the wash too. So happy for you and your hubby. "Gloworm" --- loveeee.

  4. She is absolutely beautiful! Congrats to you and your husband! I am so glad all is well and you guys are loving life with your new baby girl. It really is an amazing experience, lack of sleep and all ;)

  5. Thank you Cheryl and Nicole!

    Wendy - yup, those carter onesies were 1 of very few "newborn" sized items I had. I'm stocked up now and she's going to be out of her preemie clothes soon!

  6. She is so precious and gorgeous. I am so glad everything went well and that now, you and your hubby have this beautiful little girl at home. What did the dogs think about her? I'm sure they are going to love her too.

  7. She absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations again! So terribly excited for you guys!!

  8. She is so gorgeous! Glad you are all home and settling in to life as a family of 3!


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