Tuesday, April 10, 2012

[Review] Nest Hudson Diaper Bag

Just a short bag review!

As scheduled, the diaper bag arrived from eBags on Saturday afternoon.  The bag is definitely BIG, but I think it'll be great for toting around everything and anything and not feeling like I need a purse for my belongings and a second bag for Ashlynn's.

The faux pebbled leather is gorgeous.  I held it next to my Marc by Marc Jacobs Hillier Hobo and they look almost identical, it's only when you touch you can tell the difference in the weight (not the texture).

The bag is lined with a pretty aqua blue waterproof lining, has six individual elastic pockets great for wipes, bibs, bottles, wallets, cameras, pacifiers, snacks, you name it and has a zippered pocket inside and outside too.  There is also a quick flap pocket outside with a magnetic closure.

I currently stuffed in there my Skip Hop Changing Station, a Aden + Anais swaddler, a burp cloth, multiple packets of wipes (diaper, pacifiers, and handy), a nasal aspirator, a foaming hand sanitizer, a wet bag and probably a few other things that I wanted to organize as 'travel' accessories.   The best part, there is still LOADS of room for my personal items and anything else that will be needed like diapers, bottles, teethers, etc.

Lastly, it's actual size.

This bag would be fantastic as an overnight bag or as a carry on for a flight.  I'm pretty short and fairly petite clocking in at 5'2", so this bag might not dwarf ladies with some actual inches.  Being that it's a diaper bag and not a purse, I don't really mind.  I'll take downsizing to one bag over needing multiple.   And so far, without my wallet, camera, or things like bottles of milk, it's still nice and light.

Score:  Solid "A".


  1. LOVE the size actually...it's got a great look to it and the interior color is super fun! You'll definitely get lots of use out of it with baby and post diaper bag days as well! ;)

  2. It looks great! Yay for a lovely diaper bag. :)

  3. I love it!! Looks fantastic :-)

    And FYI - I talked to someone at Little Dudes and Divas yesterday about another bag (the Collins) and she confirmed that both the Collins and the Hudson are indeed, real leather. So an even better deal you got there!!

    Do you find it heavy?

  4. I didn't realize it had aqua lining - that excites me! I also didn't realize it was faux leather though - a bummer, but does it make it lighter?? That would be a plus!

  5. Thanks Girls!

    LifeBegins@Thirty - Interesting to know! I wonder why the Posh Tots site says faux and the rest say it is real. It definitely feels real aside from the weight. Guess I did get a good deal since it's so big!!

    Karebear - Looks like it might just be real! And it is very light, which is a huge plus!

  6. Oh, I missed that comment. That's awesome!

  7. Great review. I need a new bag. I overstuffed mine and broke the zipper. Yay me. You are looking beautiful.


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