Tuesday, April 3, 2012

[Real Deal and Awesome Steal] Inspired Diaper Bag Edition

I'm not sure if going on a shopping bender can qualify as "nesting", but if it can, count me in for building a nest for an ostrich.

This past weekend, I finally grabbed my diaper bag.  The Nest (heh) Hudson Diaper Bag was (and still is!) 20% Off at ebags.com.  On top of that, all orders over $99 got free shipping and eBates was offering 5% cash back, making my $280 bag only $210.56... not too shabby for a bag that will no doubt become home to spilled breast milk, poopy diapers, and soggy burp cloths.  I'll take any discount off that original sticker price that I can!

Nest 'Hudson' Diaper Bag - $280 (usual retail)

Since I'm not a fan of the Petunia Picklebottom or other printed diaper bags, I'm glad that this bag looks like one of my regular bags and doesn't scream "Baby on Board" like a the back of a Ford Windstar (my apologies to mini-van driving moms!).  

The funny thing is, I didn't realize how much it looked like one of my coveted bags - the Linea Pelle Dylan Medium Tote!

I don't actually own this bag, but it's been on my wishlist of favorite bags for a long time (along with the Foley & Corinna Mid-City Tote).  I'm surprised I didn't notice the similarities faster, but I guess I can blame that on baby brain.  

What do you think?  Is the Nest diaper bag inspired by the Linea Pelle tote??


  1. Super cute diaper bag!! I'm actually use a lululemon bag for my diaper bag! :)

  2. That is the best diaper bag option I've seen, I would totally get that one if I should ever need one again! :) lol

  3. Natasha - oh good call with LuluLemon! I was actually wondering if I could get some of the Pranayama Bras and use them as pseudo nursing bras. They seem similar to the cross over style nursing bras, but at least I'd be left with a cute sports bra after I'm done whipping them out for baby ;) I'll have to try one and see if its a realistic option (I may be trying too hard, ha)

    Andi - Thanks! It should be here by the weekend, I can't wait to see what it looks like in person. I love that after I'm done with it for diapers, it'll just be a nice option as a weekender or travel bag too!

  4. Ooh I've been eyeing that bag too!! Please post some pics when you get it if you can!!

  5. That bag is on my future wishlist! Can you report back on how heavy it is?

  6. Your diaper bag is so cute! I'm glad that it is so close to a bag that you were already coveting!

  7. PS you did notice that if you pre-order your LP bag before the weekend, you get a free matching wallet, right?! Check out the LP facebook page for info :-)

  8. LifeBegins@Thirty - I'll definitely post pics when it comes! And I did see that about LP, I actually got an email from them that the bag was back in stock and that's when I had my "holy sht" moment of realizing how similar it looks to the diaper bag. Go figure.

    Karebear - I definitely will post pics and do a review. I'm hoping it's fairly light since it's made of a faux leather.

    Leslie - Thanks!

  9. Is it not real leather? The description just says pebbled leather?

    1. It says pebbled leather in the bullets, but "High quality faux leather gives the luxe feel of real leather without the weight" in the last sentence of the description blurb. (which is great for a bag that will definitely go through it all!)

  10. Good for you for getting that bag. One of my regrets is not getting a good quality diaper bag. I have gone through several and by baby is no longer a baby and soon I won't need a diaper bag :( I never realized how invaluable they really are though.

  11. It came!

    I haven't had a chance to take pics, plan on it tomorrow morning and hopefully getting a post up soon after.

    One word? LOVE!


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