Wednesday, April 11, 2012

[Little Room] Almost there!

The Little Room is almost complete!  Actually, it might be as complete as it's going to be prior her arrival.  I know the room will continue to evolve as she grows and there are still a few things I'd swap or add, but it's fully functioning and pretty damn cute if I may say so myself!

Still working on functional storage for the closet, I know if I start over organizing now I'm only going to change my mind 5 more times when she arrives to what really works best, so I'm trying to be lax and just letting things find homes as we go.  The bins at the bottom of the shelf have, from left to right, swaddlers and sleep sacks, miscellaneous toys, and extra sheets, waterproof pads, and changing pad covers.  The cleaning supplies may eventually get moved to the hall bathroom linen closet once her toys and belongings take over.

(the slowly growing shoe collection, look at those little Toms! - gifted by one of my generous neighbors, so cute!)

You may remember Mr. Pig.  His dingy and dinged up pink was in need a new color.  I was afraid to commit to something too bright, so I just used some taupe spray paint we had laying around in the garage.  It does match the bedding and changing pad nicely, but I don't think there is a enough contrast against the dark wall.  At some point, he'll be getting another spruce up.  

I'm also still looking for the right basket for next to the changing pad.  I have one that fits, but not sure I want to use it there.  Would love a place to corral the wipes, lotions, and other diapering needs.

And naturally, I have an itch to hang a pennant banner over the frames and pig... well see!

This wall still seems unfinished to me, but anything I think of adding I feel overcrowds it.  I'd love to get the metal A hung and eventually some pictures when she is here.  Any suggestions on a gallery wall to the right of the mirror, too much??

I also would love to get a new lamp shade for the floor lamp.  The shade was actually a gift from a friend after my wedding.  It was at my Florist's shop, of all places, and I had commented how cute I thought it was.    She went back and grabbed it for me and I haven't had a place for it since!  The lamp is the perfect height for sitting in the chair and will be nice to have for the middle of the night feedings or winding down with story time before bed. It does color coordinate with the bedding, but still seems out of place.

Lastly, I need new frames for the Husband and my baby pictures.  Most likely I'll be removing them entirely, or getting them printed in smaller sizes for the potential gallery wall. I just stuck them there for now.

Now time to start some laundry!!

Nursery Items Rundown!

Paint Color - Benjamin Moore Ashland Slate
Crib - Babyletto Modo 3 in 1 Crib
Chair - Best Chairs Storytime Benji Chair
Dresser - Ikea Hemnes 3 Drawer
Knobs - Anthropologie (coral and glass)
Bookcase - Ikea Expedit
Diaper Pail/Trash Can - Munchkin Arm and Hammer Diaper Pail
Curtains - Etsy, RockyTopDesigns
Crib Bedding - Land of Nod, Khaki in the Mix
Changing Pad Cover - Land of Nod, Khaki in the Mix
Blanket - Land of Nod, Organic Cotton Blanket (sold out)
Crib Pillow - Honey Pie Designs "Smile"
Chair Pillow - Serena and Lily Buddy Pillow in Curry
"LOVE" Print - MadebyGirl
Wall Prints - Etsy, Amanda Catherine Designs
All Frames - Ikea Ribba
Book Ledges - Ikea Ribba
Blue Baskets (bookcase) - A.C. Moore
Mirror - Ikea Ung Drill
Closet Cubbies - Target, ClosetMaid Organizer (and bins)

"A" Toy Crate - Handmade by Auntie KK
Pig Shelf - Handmade by Me
Cradle - Handmade by my Bopo

....Feel free to ask if you see something I didn't list!


  1. The nursery looks amaaaazing Erinn! Really love all the sweet touches...the curtains look amazing with the dark walls. I think the piggy would look great in the bright coral color! He fits perfectly above the changing table. And the little bookshelf is super cute. Planning to do something similar in our nursery! OH and the Buddy pillow is TOTALLY earned it, ten times over actually. Great job! xo

  2. Your nursery looks gorgeous! I adore everything about it, from the wall color to the curtains and the little details. It is made for a child but isn't too sweet or frilly. Oh your little one is so lucky!

  3. This is perfect girl! I love all the cute little clothes in the closet. I am super excited!

  4. I have gotten all caught up on your blog! Your nursery is so beautiful and it is great inspiration. It is making me excited for our adoption stuff to get finalized so that we can start getting our nursery put together and to bring a baby home! I would love to hear more about your Green Purchases! and where did you find all your information/research on eco-cribs?

    ♥ Ashley

  5. wow, I absolutely love it! little A is going to be one lucky girl to have this space as her own.

  6. It is gorgeous!!! I love the colour combo and that it looks done without being over-done you know?

    Fantastic job!

  7. Thanks everyone, your comments are all so sweet!!

    Ashley - Here's my crib post ( I sourced a lot of my research in there, just did a lot of google searching, and also used the book Baby Bargains (highly suggest it, was a life saver). I'm going to do a few more green focused posts, just trying to space them out a little.

  8. What an awesome nursery! The room color is so perfect, especially with the addition of the white and yellow.

  9. Great work, lady!! I love it all and I know baby girl will, too.

  10. The nursery is looking so good! I love it1

  11. It looks amazing! I am totally stealing that mirror. I have been looking for something just like it for our bathroom downstairs. Love that it's from IKEA too. Nice work. Ps..the diaper bag is MAJOR.

  12. This looks phenomenal - it has really come together! Thank you for listing the paint color. We're moving this Summer and I definitely want to use it in one of the bedrooms :)


  13. Impeccable. I can feel the love you put into it. These are exciting times! I hope you're feeling good.

  14. Thanks again everyone!

    Natty - the mirror only comes in black, we (well, P) had to do about 4 coats of glossy white spray paint to get it covered because of all the nooks and crannies. I think it'd be awesome in a bright color too.

  15. Oh I love her room! You did a fabulous job - I love that it's not the obvious pink, girly room. Very cute!

  16. Ohmygoodness!! It is perfect!! Fantastic job!!!

  17. I ADORE these photos!! I'm here for the first time and I'm about to browse through some more posts... LOVE the look and feel of your blog! Have a fabulous weekend, sugar! xo

  18. Congratulation about your little girl. We are expecting a little boy for soon. How do you like your glider ? What is the color?

    1. I really love our chair. It glides, swivels, and reclines - which is awesome! I love that I can spin around to the window and look outside while nursing (and use the windowsill to push me back and forth, ha). It's beige basketweave microfiber. I wanted something neutral that will easily transition to a future nursery or any room it may end up in...


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