Monday, April 23, 2012

[Babycakes] 8th Month Run Down

Well, I almost made it to the end of the 8th month - just 5 days shy!  Looks like I can put away What to Expect When You're Expecting for that 9th month and Labor and Delivery chapters now...

(no 9th month to begin!)

I figured I'd still recap this last month of my pregnancy, though having a baby in my belly and not in my arms seems like ages ago!

1 - Sleep. I moved out.  I started sleeping in the guest room after waking up one night to use the bathroom and when coming back into bed realized the Husband stole my body pillow and the dogs left me all but a quarter of the bed - no wonder I was so sore all the time!!  I made a mountain of pillows in the guest room and stretched my sleep from 2-3 hour spans to 4-5!  Amazing, though it was a bit lonely.

2 - Weight gain. According to the doctor's office, at my 34 week appointment I was up 20lbs. According to me, I'm up 25. Right about the gain I was hoping for, let's see how quickly I can get it off!

3 - Cravings. My biggest pregnancy cravings were pretty strange, and none were of the variety where I had to have them right then and there.

Chicken Cheese Steaks (remember now, I don't eat meat!)

4 - Wedding Rings. Still on! Once again, They were only tight the one day that it got up to the high 80s when I went to take them off that night.

5 - Shopping.  I bought two extra Gap Maternity Body V-Necks.  They are by far my favorite maternity shirt and I had a feeling I'd be living in them come month 9.  Oh well!

6 - Belly Button. It's still out, but made it stretch mark free!

7 - Worries. The usual.  Lots of growing aches and pains.  During my 34th week I literally felt my hips separating.  I also had a "is that my water breaking" type scare and many increasing instances of Braxton Hicks, like on Friday the 13th at the Phillies Game when they were coming every 5 minutes for about an hour.  Eek!

8 - Size of Baby. According to Babycenter for a 35 week baby, she doesn't have much room to maneuver now that she's over 18 inches long and tips the scales at 5 1/4 pounds.  In reality, Ashlynn was smaller clocking in at 17 1/4" and just a smidge over 5 pounds.

9 - Favorite Moment of the 8th Month - Meeting our baby girl at 35 weeks and 2 days gestation!  My proudest moment in life was having her placed in my arms and her taking a big ol' crying breath for air.


  1. Love this!! Best wishes again with Ashlynn in your home!!!

    ♥ Ashley

  2. She is so tiny! I love the little story about your husband and dogs taking up all the space. I could see that happening with my husband!


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