Wednesday, March 21, 2012

[Party Planning] Baby Shower Decor Details

A quick scroll through my Party Time pinterest board would give anyone a quick insight into what I'm drawn to - bold prints, soft colors, vintage touches like twine and handmade details, and of course, pennants!

After sending the link and discussing some options with my hosts of what I would like for my shower, they were able to run with ideas.  However, I couldn't help myself to add in a few things too since I just can't resist when it comes to crafting.

Since the restaurant was providing the hors d'oeuvres, I asked if we could do a dessert buffet as well for the guests to snack on throughout and also bag up and take home to their families as part of their 'favor'.  And, who can resist an excuse for a pretty and themed tablescape!

I made the three pennant banners since I now got it down to a fine art and can get them done quickly.  For each banner, I used 3 different sheets of scrap book paper (coral, mat yellow, and shiny yellow) and cut the flags into 3 rows for 4" flags (using the same method here, just smaller flags).  I hole punched the corners and wove the jute twine through.  My hosts hung them for me to the table cloths using safety pins.

In addition to the food, we had some cocktails offered as well.  Bellinis and flavored hard lemonades.  My stepmother in law, took it to the next level by making sure the bar staff rimmed the glasses in yellow sugar and used paper straws!

One of my girlfriends picked up the flowers, cheery Gerber daisies, and placed them in large mason jars and wrapped raffia around the top.  They were scattered through the room as centerpieces on the tables and on all the buffet tables as well.  I now have a few throughout my house and they just make me smile. 

Set up in the entrance to our private room, was the guest book table - complete with our own baby pictures!  The husband is on the left and I'm on the right.

Next to the guest book table were the shower favors, spiced nuts homemade by my stepmother in law.  She usually gives these as part of her Christmas Cookie collection and we actually prefer these to the cookies, they are so good!  She used mason jars with polka dot labels and wrapped them with raffia bows for packaging, so cute!

Finally, instead of the usual baby shower games, we asked the guests to "Decorate a Onesie".  I cut out paper onesies (again, using a variety of scrapbook paper) and we supplied scrapbook embellishments, glitter pens, stick-on pearls, stickers, and more.  We asked the guests to leave a message for Ashlynn on the back on the onesie and I plan on putting them together to make a little guest book keepsake for A's memory box.

Stay tuned for all the details on the desserts tomorrow!


  1. What love and care your friends put towards the shower! All of the little details are so lovely. :)

  2. I love all of the details! The raffia, mason jars, paper straws and vintage details especially. What a beautiful party!


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